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They didn't dress up. This is part of the fable. The Boston Tea Party was a protest of the lowering of the cost of the British tea by the government and the East India tea company who had gotten a bail out from the crown in 1773. The smugglers in the colonies found the Dutch tea that they sold was higher in price than the British tea, so they staged the Boston Tea Party and others in harbors in the colonies ( Hamilton was one of the largest smugglers in the colonies and a founding member of the Son's of Liberty). The cost of tea also went as far back as the Navigation Acts and the restricting of trade to and from the colonies passed from 1650-1733. Tea was also taxed in 1767 in the Townsend Acts.

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Q: Why did the patriots dress up as Mohawks during the Boston Tea Party?
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What did the patriots do in the Boston tea party?

At the Boston Tea party the patriots pored crates of tea into the Boston Harbor

How did the patriots feel about Boston tea party?


How did the patriots respond to the Boston Tea Party?

they made a blockcade in the boston harbor

What year did the Boston Tea Party happen?

The Boston Tea Party happened in 1773, when patriots dumped tea into the Boston Harbor.

Who were the stakeholders of the Boston tea party?

One of the stake holders in the Boston Tea Party were the patriots and another stake holder in the Boston Tea Party were the loyalists.

Who encouraged the Boston Tea Party?

Patriots.. Samuel Adams

What went on during the Boston Tea Party?

this happened because king George had placed the tea act .some people were asleep during the Boston tea party . The Boston tea party was named after what happened . Patriots dressed as Mohawk Indians , went into ships ,got the tea and dumped it into the sea .After this King George got mad so the patriots had to pay for all of the tea they had dumped.

What Happened during Boston Tea Party?

There was an dispute during the Boston tea party oh

Who was part of the Boston tea party?

The Sons of Liberty were part of the Boston Tea Party. The Loyalists. The Patriots dressed as Indians and dumped the tea.

Why did the British go to portsmith new Hampshire during the Boston tea party?

They did not want the patriots to take over the portsmith In New Hampshire

Who was on the ship during The Boston Tea Party?

The sons of liberty were on the ships during the Boston tea party.

The Patriots who held Boston Tea Party disguised themselves as?

native Americans

Why did the patriots dump the tea in the ocean?

See 'Boston Tea Party', 1773.

What was one of the famous patriots who participated in the Boston tea party?

Samuel Adams

What where the results of the Boston tea party?

After the Boston tea party, British parliament passed the Coercive Acts or as the patriots would say the Intolerable Acts.

What did the patriots disguise themselves as at the Boston Tea Party?

The Patriots disguised themselves by dressing up as local Native Americans

What did Sam Adams during the Boston Tea Party?

Samuel Adams dumped tea in The Boston Harbor during The Boston Tea Party.

Who was killed in the Boston Tea Party?

Nobody died during the Boston Tea Party

What caused patriots to be spurred to stage Boston Tea Party?

this answer is to be unknown for all time

What did the patriots want from the Boston Tea Party?

The Patriots were hoping to protest about the height taxes on tea and other items by dumping them into the Boston Harbor. They wanted The King of England to lower the prices:)

Which came first the Boston tea party or when Parliament passed the coercive acts?

The Coercive Acts, called the Intolerable Acts by the Patriots, came after the Boston Tea Party.

Where did they throw the tea during the boston tea party?

Into Boston Harbor.

How do you put Boston Tea Party into a sentence?

The Boston Tea Party occurred in Boston. Many crates of tea were dumped into the Boston Harbor during the Boston Tea Party. that's all i can think of

Who were the leaders of the Boston tea party?

Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and many other patriots led the Boston tea party

What happened during the Boston Tea Party?

they dumped the tea into the Boston Harbor