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Because the weather is better.

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Q: Why do Scottish people move to Australia?
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Who was the first British group to move to Australia?

The first British people to move to Australia were the convicts, marines and officers of the First Fleet.

Why did goats move to Australia?

Goats did not move to Australia as Australia is an island and goats are not very good swimmers. People bought goats to Australia either by boat or plane to breed them for their meat, milk and fibre.

Where are Scottish people from?

Scottish people are from Scotland

When did the Scottish people come to Australia?

The history of the Scottish in Australia began with Captain John Hunter, who came with Captain Arthur Phillip in 1788, and succeeded Phillip as Governor of New South Wales seven years later. There were a number of other Scottish officers in the early years, and of course, a minority of Scottish convicts. The first recorded free Scottish families arrived in the new colony on 18 May 1798.

Why do people move from Australia?

Families like to move to Australia for money, to start a small family business, for freedom, for rights, for safety and other stuff.

What does Scotland and Australia translate when scottish Gaelic?

Scotland is Alba; Australia is Astràilia.

Why did the Scottish people come to Australia?

They came to Australia because they wanted to see a new country and they thought it would be a difference in weather..... and it was, it is much warmer than Scotland

What are the different cultures that make up australia?

There are several types of cultures and demographics that make up Australia, including Scottish and Italians. Greeks, Dutch, Chinese, Germans, and Irish people also live in Australia.

What is the nickname for the Scottish people?

Scots or Scotties are the nicknames for Scottish people.

Did people move to Australia in 1788 and 1850 against their will?

Yes, at this time Australia was a British penal colony. Britain shipped convicts/criminals to Australia.

When did the Scottish come to Australia?

No doubt there were some convicts from Scotland in the first years of Australia's penal history. The authorities in Scotland were known to still be hostile to the concept of emigration to Australia in 1818. The first free Scottish settlers were known to be in Australia before 1820, but they were few. Scottish immigration increased dramatically after 1820, followed by another wave after 1832.

Where did Scottish people emigrate to?

All over the world. But mainly Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, England and the U.S.A.

Why do people choose to migrate to Australia?

People choose to move to Australia for a number of reasons. They may be moving for a new job, or for the scenery, or for the challenge of living in the Outback.

Why are Scottish people not Welsh?

Scottish people live in Scotland. Welsh people live in Wales.

Where do most Chinese people move to?

Australia,North America,Canada and Africa.

How do people goods and ideas move from place to place in Australia?

by ship or by plane

How far is it from Scottish Highlands to Melbourne Australia?

Approximately 16,800km

Is bon Scott Canadian?

No, he was Scottish born and raised in Australia.

What are Scottish people called?

They are called Scots or Scottish.

Why did people from Sri Lanka moved to Australia?

Sri Lankans are used to move into Australia in order to involving in professions and higher education.

Do Belgian people like Scottish people?

well i am scottish and i like belgian people so yes

What kind of homes do Scottish people live in?

scottish people live in straw houses

Why do Scottish people not like polish people?

Scottish people don't like anyone, especially other Scotts...

Why do people immigrate from Asia to Australia?

they move from Asia to Australia because of the harsh place they live in and Australia is like heaven to them also for search of better earnings

Is Mary Mackillop Australian?

Yes, her parents were Scottish immigrants to Australia.

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