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Why does heater core make gurgling sound in a 2003 Chevy Impala?


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You may be low on coolant or there is an air pocket trapped in the system, also be sure the radiator cap is good.


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Your heater core is going bad, or there is air in the system. Happened to me had to replace heater core. I did it myself and it was a little bit of a pain. Took four hours.

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It sounds like it might be in your coolant system. heater core maybe? Or maybe a sticking thermostat.

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Check the coolant system to make sure you are not low. An air bubble going through the heater core can make an odd sound.

It is not smoke. It is steam. Moisture is making the gurgling sound and moisture coming in contact with a warmer surface (the coil) is evaporating making steam.

A bad valve can cause this sort of sound.

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A cooling system is supposed to be drained not just to rid the gurgling sound. It also helps the plumbers to clean and unclog any accumulated residue.

The gurgling sound is caused by pressure in the engine coolant system(antifreeze) slowly releasing into the coolant overflow resevoir. Typically a faulty thermostat causes this sound.

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Sounds Good on my 2000 Chevy impala v-6 so i would imagine it would

Easiest is to plug in the block heater cord with the hood open. Follow the cord to where the block heater is located and you should hear a gurgling sound similar to an electric kettle. If you don't check your power source. If you can reach the block heater unplug the cord from it and check the power at the end that plugs into the heater with a 2 prong tester to make sure it's not the cord causing the problem.

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Unless the engine is overheating, you have air trapped in the system. Park the car on an incline or jack up the front as far as possible. When engine is cold, remove the radiator cap, set heater controls to hot, and start the engine. Make sure the radiator is full and watch for air escaping. Keep the coolant level full and when you see not more air bubbles escaping, you are done. Replace the radiator cap, and see if the sound goes away. If not, take it to a professional.

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its hungry? A couple of "real" possibilities are Water flow restriction in the heater core or. if you have a sun roof you may be hearing the water drains that catch rainfall and direct it out the bottom so your sun roof doesn't leak into the cab.

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