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One possibility is, on multi-light tail light assemblies, is a burned out bulb. Some cars have separate light bulbs for tail, brake, turn, and backup lights

The other possibility is an electrical short in the wiring. Somewhere in the miles of wires, two wires have crossed or the insulation has worn off and is shorting to the chassis. The only cure is to trace out each individual wire with a voltage meter.

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Q: Why does one brake light work and the other brake light does not work?
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Why do only one brake light work?

Is/Are the other bulb(s) burnt out?

Why do the tail lights work but the left brake light is out on a 1999 Toyota RAV 4?

Two filaments in the light bulb. One is the tail light, the other is the brake light.

Brake light does not work?

If it is just one brake light, the chances are good that it is the bulb. Bulbs are cheap.

One brake light doesn't work?

Start with replacing the bulb.

Why would the tailight on a 2000 Cherokee not work when the brake light that uses same bulb does?

because there is two filiments in the bulb one for brake and signal light and one for running light

The driver side brake and signal light is not working on my 98 Chevy 1500?

most likely a bulb b/c if it was the fuse your other brake and signal light wouldn't work... most vehicles the brake and signal light are all in one bulb... try replacing the light bulb

Why left side brake light doesn't work when I step on the brake but works when the head light is on?

tail light bulbs has two filaments inside. One for regular lights and a second for brake lights. One filament is burnt out. Change the bulb.

Would the brake switch be two buttons that are released when the brake is pushed on a 1994 GMC jimmy?

Yes. One switch is for the left and right brake light assemblies; and, the other is for the 'third' brake light.

Why might the third brake light not work if the others do?

Check the switch. It has a different one than the regular brake lights. the light bulb could possibly be blown

Why would brake light fuse keep blowing after stepping on the brakes a few times on a 1991 corvette?

It is possible that one of the bulbs is shorting out. Try replacing the brake light bulbs, if that doesn't work, troubleshoot the brake light switch.

Why does your center brake lamp above the rear hatch work but neither of the rear brake lights work on my 2001 ford explorer xlt?

check your rear light bulbs. it is a two filament light and one is burned out.

What is the problem if you have tail lights but only one brake light?

The tail light/brake light bulb has two filaments. If one of the filaments is broken, you will get either only tail lights, or brake lights. If a new bulb doesn't work, then you have a broken wire or bad connection in your plug-in.

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