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The reason for the constant running of the ABS Pump is that the Acumulator (round black ball) that sits a top of the ABS pump is shot. It has a charge of nitrogen and maintains pressure in the brake system. I would bet tahat as soon as you depress the brake peddle the abs motor turns on. The acumulator should be replaced asap. The abs motor constantly cycling could cause the motor to burn out. To replace it is big bucks. To replace the accumulator you can purchase it from Jaguar for $350.00 or you can purchase one from a Chevrolet or Buick dealership. Its the same part for around $120.00. The AC Delco part number is 18038506.Mike OConnor

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Q: Why does the ABS pump still turn on and off every 20 seconds even after replacing the relay for XJS V12 1989?
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check fuse or relay in underhood fuse box,

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After replacing the fuel filter and checking the fuel pump fuse and relay it still does not work, replace it.

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Assuming you have spark, when you turn the ignition key on do you hear the fuel pump run for a couple seconds? If not check the fuses, fuel pump relay and wiring. If you do hear the pump run check the fuel pump pressure, it may have a fuel pressure regulator problem.

1999 Grand Am SE engine does not start Clicking noise Relay switch also clicks Relay replaced Still clicks?

Check wiring at starter Check battery cables for looseness or corrosion "Rap" starter with a hammer to see if brushes are stuck and need replacing Engine seized?

97 Ford Taurus wagon-window relay clicks and driver's side window won't work Replaced fuse still nothing Can the relay be bad and still click?

The relay could be bad, but more than likely the motor has died. The relay would still click, but nothing would happen.

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I had this exact problem on my 99 Corolla, and it cost me $715 to fix. Both the driving light relay and the interface relay were burnt out. After replacing them both, the problem resurfaced less than 2 weeks later. The driving light relay was burnt out again. Dealer ran new ground wires for both the interface relay and the driving light relay, then replaced the driving light relay. Fortunately this was done under warranty. Several weeks have passed and everything is still working. Suggestion would be, run new grounds for both relays before replacing any parts. Both the drivers light relay and the interface relay can be found online for less than 1/2 of what Toyota charged me. I would not replace either part without running new ground wires.

What could be the cause of short circuit in glow plugs starting system of 106 1.5 diesel All relays have been changed check engine light on and battery continually drains diagnostic test inconclusive?

very possibly it is the glow plug relay, try dissconecting the relay for a day or two and see if the battery still goes flat, another test is to connect a multimeter or 12 volt test lamp to one of the glow plug terminals, if it stays lit all the time it is the relay if it goes out after about 30 seconds of turning the ignition on the relay would seem to be ok very possibly it is the glow plug relay, try dissconecting the relay for a day or two and see if the battery still goes flat, another test is to connect a multimeter or 12 volt test lamp to one of the glow plug terminals, if it stays lit all the time it is the relay if it goes out after about 30 seconds of turning the ignition on the relay would seem to be ok

If the fuel pump is not working when you turn the key on will the relay still click?

Yes the relay will still click you could have blown a fuse that is for the pump, the relay on some models of engine is to only heat the fuel quickly for faster starting

How do you test fuel pump Relay on a 1988 gmc 1500?

Type your answer here... you don't... there is no way to test a faulty relay. Just buy a new relay and install it. If the problem is fixed, then the old relay was bad. If the problem still exists with the new relay installed, then the old relay is still good. Most auto parts stores are good for returning products, even electrical parts.

If fuel pump relay is bad will fuel pump still work?

If the relay is bad, then the fuel pump will not work.

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What would be the next step after replacing fuel pump if engine is still not engaging on a 1989 F-250 5.0 engine?

Change the fuel pump relay switch, located on the left front wheelwell just behind the coolant resevoir.

After putting a new blinker switch in replacing bulbs and fuse why do my blinkers still not work on a 1999 jeep Cherokee is their a relay somewhere I need to replace and where is it please?

Could be a bad turn signal flasher - perhaps located in or near fuse box

Can you cherge the battery on relay van still on the van?


Jetta 3 1996 fuel pump relay does not always click in causing a non start condition what causes this and where is this relay situated as this does not happen every time and could the relay be faulty?

Relay sounds faulty. Also, is your relay accuated when you open the door? If this is the case, a switch could also be the culprit, but relay is still the most likely problem. I don't know about your year model, but the relays are most likely located in the engine compartment within a plastic compartment with a lid, like a big fuse box. Pump relay is above the fuses below the dash, to the left of the steering wheel. Relay has 167 printed on it.