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Weak fuel pump Bad fuel filter

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Q: Why does the engine sputter when you try to accelerate?
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Why does your Camaro sputter when i accelerate but not all the time?

My camero doesn't sputter ever, even when you accelerate.

What makes your 305 engine sputter and go dead when you accelerate?

probablly not getting fuel check your fuel filter unless timing is off

Why would a 92 Paseo take a while to accelerate and sputter and want to shut off when you try to accelerate from a complete stop?

sounds like a lack of fuel. 1st I would replace the fuel filter. If this does not help, have the fuel pump checked.

What would cause a 1999 Saturn sl2 to sputter when you accelerate slowly when you punch it it will rev up then kick in and wont sputter but will when you accelerate normally?


Why would your car idle fine but sputter when you accelerate?

There are a number of reasons why a car would idle find but sputter when you accelerate. It could need a new spark plugs. You may also have to replace the filters. It might also be an issue with the air flow.

Why does my 1989 Honda Accord buck and sputter while driving?

Check the 1989 Honda Accords timing. If the engine has jumped time then the engine will buck and sputter.

Why does my engine sputter when revved?

There are many reasons why an engine will sputter when revved. There may not be enough fuel getting to the engine, there may not be enough electricity getting through the car, or the computer could be going out.

Would an engine sputter cause the check engine light to come on?

Yes it can.

What would make the engine sputter on a 1993 Geo prism?

water in the fuel system may need tune up try some dry gas additive

Why does your 2003 F-150 sputter when you accelerate at low rpm?

I recently had that problem with my Ford f150 '07 truck and it was my spark plugs

Oil sputter while engine is running and oil cap open?

Oil sputter is going to be a normal thing if the oil cap is not on while the engine is running. The engine should never be run with the oil cap open. The engine actually has less compression when the oil cap is open, and this could hurt the engine.

Can give you a sentence for accelerate?

Try to accelerate slowly when leaving the stop light.

What happen to engine when fuel is empty?

They start to sputter,stall and stop running.

Would a crack in the air hose make the engine sputter on a 93 ford escort?

The vacuum system on a vehicle serves many purposes. A cracked air hose could most definitely cause an engine sputter.

What would cause an engine to idle but stall when trying to accelerate?

Had a Jeep in the shop here with that problem last week and it turned out to be low fuel pressure. Try running a fuel pressure test. The Jeep would idle ok but when you tried to accelerate the engine would stall.

Why does your 4.6 liter engine shake when you accelerate?

bad engine mounts

How do you use accelerate in a short sentence?

Try to accelerate slowly when leaving the stop light.

What causes a 1995 eagle summit to sputter during acceleration?

Try disconnection your MAF ( mass airflow sensor ) and if it doesn't sputter when you accelarate, it means your sensor is gonzo.

Check engine light is on and the engine shakes when it accelerate?

That's a misfire-ah....

Why does my 2002 dodge neon 2.0L sputter and stalls?

there is a sensor that is called a cam positioning sensor it is attached to the engine block which gets pretty hot try changing it. also there is one for the crank.

Will the transmission cause your 99 ford expedition bog down and sputter when accelerating 4.6liter?

will the transmission causes my 1999 ford expedition to bog down & sputter when accelerating the 4.6liter engine.

Why does your diesel engine whine when you accelerate?

Probably from the turbo.

Why does your 86 K5 Blazer spit sputter and backfire when you accelerate?

There could be condensation in the distributor or possibly a worn camshaft. It is also possible that the carberatuer needs to be cleaned or rebuilt.

Why is your 1998 cavalier sputtering?

A Cavalier can sputter do to a number of things. Cars sputter due to bad spark plugs, bad compression, broken engine mounts, or even a failing catalytic converter.

What causes a 2002 suturn sl1 to spit and sputter while idling?

It could be many things. Try spraying brake cleaner on the back side of the engine where the intake manifold meets the cylinder head. If the gasket is bad the engine will mis fire or stumble.