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India is developing country and not a poor country. Also it has one of the most promising and resilient economy. One of the main reasons why India is a developing country and not a developed country is because of British colonization which stole many of India's precious resources such as diamonds and gold which India used to have in massive amounts.

However, few hindrances which stops India from becoming a developed country are :-

1) Overpopulation leads to too many demands on limited resources.

2) Corrupt politicians. Rich and educated do not care.

3) Indiscipline. Everyone wants all types of rights without responsibility.


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India is neither a poor, nor a rich Country. It is a fast growing developing country with a strong stable economy.

People say that India is poor... Well, some parts are and some parts aren't

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it is not a poor country now. Now only some of the people are poor( only 13 %) it is a rich country.

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Though India is developing it is still a LEDC (Less economically developed Country) and is considered a comparatively poor country.

Indians are not poor. They are very rich. India is the fourth richest country in the world. it is richer than the European union. They are soon going to beat Japan. Anyone who thinks India is poor country is a moron.

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Yes, but is not so poor it is developed very much now. Now 80/100 in India live happily but 20/100 are unhappy and poor because India is a overpopulated country. Some parts of India is poor

india is a very poor country and many people are homeless

Answer: India is a very rich country its richer than Israel and richer than European union

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Her first home for the dying poor was in Calcutta, India.

India is the 57th poorest country in the world.Poverty is widespread in India, with the nation estimated to have a third of the world's poor

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once upon a time, India was the richest country in the world. as the people around the world came to know about its richness and wealth, they come and invaded the country. as the people and kings of India were so generous, they allowed everyone to enter their country. they purchased and took all the richness from India to their countries. this was how India became poor.

ever farmer in India is poor.

today India is a very poor country with little resources and is divided by how the people live and how much of an income they make

When she joined the Sisters of Loreto they sent her to India to teach in their schools in that country.

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