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Racist favor their own *ancestry*. A racist of one European descent can hate another European descent. It has less to do with skin color as much as it has to do with over-zealous pride in ancestry. Asians can be racists towards other Asian nations. Africans born in Africa can be racist towards Africans born in other countries. ALL races have racists. Racism is generated by individuals, not skin color or descent. Pick a town where the majority of the people are of one descent. Then drop someone of another descent in the middle of the town. Do you think that person will have a good day? Particularly if the heritage of that individual is obvious by skin color alone? Why does it seem like racism favors white people? It's open to opinion. In my opinion, there are more "white" countries in power than there are non-white countries. Nazis and the KKK don't help the situation much, either. Most world racism is actually in favor of the "majority" of that area. For example, on of my "white" friends moved to a "black" neighborhood, they ended up killing her dog. :( The terms "race" and "racist" have never been satisfactorily defined. To discuss this issue, one must first arrive at a clear and accepted definition. Many have tried. Few have succeded. For example, if you define race as skin color, then you have to decide where someone of a particular skin color, tone and lightness and darkness belongs. If you choose to define where one's genetic roots originate from, then it could be argued (if you go far enough back in history) that everyone is of African decent. What most people define as race is a combination of skin color, ethnicity and culture. In America, almost all the African Americans were born in the US and therefore are Americans first and Africans second. What separates Americans, for example is really skin color and culture, not where they were born. This is a difficult issue to discuss let alone solve. If we cannot freely discus it, reach an understanding of the issues and decide on a solution, the problem is far from being solved.

To make an additional example here's one to contemplate. In a book written the half brother of US President Barack Obama, the half brother speaks about the time he spent in China. There he found a racist attitude towards people of African heritage, among just a few other groups. This is important to know considering the huge Chinese population there is in the world.

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Q: Why is so much of the world racist in favor of white people?
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What does white slave favor mean?

The white slaves refers to the enslavement of the people in the Arab world who are white in color.

Are people still racist in the west?

Certainly. People are racist all over the world.

How many racist people live in the us?

The United States has about 300 million people, of whom approximately 200 million, or 2/3, are classified as white. Almost everybody is racist, at least in the US, so it depends to what degree of racism you're talking about. Assuming a moderate level of racism, maybe 15% of non-whites are racist and 85% of whites are racist. White Americans are probably the most racist people in the world. Anyway, this means that about 2/3 of the total population, or 200 million, racist people live in the United States.

Why are white people racist?

White people are no more racist than most people. Also, keep in mind that not all things that are called racism really are. Often, what people object to is not race, but behaviors and ways of interacting with the world. The above said, there are specific reasons why people become racist. Often, that is how they were raised and what they were exposed to. A few people become racists after one or more serious incidents involving people outside of their own race.

Why were black people and white people kept apart?

50-60 years ago white people were very racist, until recent times times have changed; sadly this still proceeds in certain areas of the world.

Are most people in the world racist?

To a degree, yes.

How many people in the world are racist?

Everyone from 12 and up.

Who is the most racist person in the world?

I don't think there is a particular racist in the world.

What word means the opposite of racist?

Anti-racist: a person who does not agree that there ought to be differences in people, and would prefer a world with only one race of people.

Why can black people be racist but not white people?

Everyone can be racist, regardless of race. Thinking one side can't be would only be ignorance of the world around us. And if it's assumed that blacks are allowed to be racist more than whites, then that's untrue. Black racists are looked down upon just as much as white racists, but white racists, with the aim of further dividing people, will have people believe that blacks always get a pass, and black racists, with the same aim, will have people believing that they deserve a pass. Following what racists say or think only makes for even more racism; it shouldn't be done.

How can people stop being racist and are you born racist?

People decide if they won't to stop being racist. Now, if it's uncontrollable, then that person needs to see a mental doctor. Either that. or that's how they were raised; to be racist. And if your asking me if I'm racist... no! You shouldn't ask questions like that to the world. Your not just asking me, your asking everybody. And your not going to get a solid answer, because some people are racist. So that was a stpuid question. Am I racist, wow. Stop wasting time.

Why did Michael Jackson explain his condition to the world?

There were comments made about him like he was racist and when he released "black or white" hypocrit was one of them sadly. But a lot of people still didnt believe him.

Why does everyone on here assume that white people are racist towards black people?

Everyone on or even throughout the world does not assume white people in general are racist towards all black people.One may run into questions asking generalized statements but that does not represent the whole of a community no more than questions asking why black people are animals or why Jewish people are greedy.That there are racist people who ask these questions does not mean everyone agrees with them and to think so is only another form of generalization.

Why slavery happened?

Slavery has happened because of controlling and racist people in the world.

Why was Hitler so racist?

Hitler was very racial during the second world war time, but there are people from any country who are very racist and ignorant.

Is there a city in the world without any black people?

youngstown its a great tourist destination for racist people

What did Martin Luther King Jr. acheve?

If you mean achieve. He is the reason you have colored and white friends. And that the world is not racist.

Why do some white people dislike black people?

For the same reason some black people dislike white people. It greatly depends upon the amount (and type) of exposure that a person experienced while growing up from childhood to adulthood. Most people are not inherently racist, even if someone had racist parents growing up, they could still become individuals that despise racism and are not racist themselves. Most white people that are racist are ignorant to the culture and backgrounds that other people have. Typically these white people don't even like other white people for various reasons (example, a Southern White Person hates Northern White people and calls them "Yankees", the Northern White Person hates Southern White people and calls them "Red Necks"). They are scared of new and different things and they feel that makes them superior to black people. Thankfully, most white people don't think this way, unfortunately enough of them do that it makes many black people believe that we are all racist. (I promise WE are not!) Ask yourself (or a white person) this question the next time that anyone makes a racial comment to you or one of your friends/loved ones. Why are you better then me? We are both human beings, and if you are so ignorant that you believe the color of your skin makes you more superior then myself, then why did God create so much diversity on the planet? Every race, culture and civilization on Earth has contributed a tremendous amount of knowledge, wisdom, and innovation to our current way of life. Without all of this diversity, the world be a very boring place.

Why are Irish people racists?

You Can't really say that Irish people are racist because you haven't met all Irish people. Everywhere you go in the world you will met racist people and there's going to be a lot of them that ain't Irish.

Why was Hitler racist?

Because he thought everyone should look the same and have the same culture. Hitler wanted blonde hair and blue eyes (not just white people). His idea was to kill Jews to destroy the Free Masons idea of world Jewish government and world domination. Hitler is considered a racist because he hated Jews.

Why do people choose to be racist?

Poor self esteem, underlying self hatred and a limited view of the world and other people.

Why do some people still think that only whites can be racist?

When people look back at the history of white people all around the world, some base their opinions on those facts. Countries that have been conquered and Natives pushed to the side, Natives brought from their home country to be slaves for whites, white people having majority if not all political power of countries making laws to oppress anyone not white, many stereotypes for other races that are still used today being started by white people; all of this and more has been collectively used by some to base their opinion that white people are notoriously the ultimate oppressors/racists and no one of another race can be racist, and it makes no difference in their minds that it is far from truth.

Are Turkish people racist?

Absolutely not. We don't have any more racists than any other country. I think the questions itself is incorrect for any nations of the world. You cannot generalise and name any people "racist".

Why did josiah strong favor in taking colonies?

He argued it was our duty to help the backwards people of the world

Is Alabama racist?

Alabama is a nice city. There are a lot of white people and some Mexicans too, but Alabama accepts black people there as well. Every place that I go to, white and black people walk, talk and laugh together. Although you will ultimately find, racism of mild sorts, any where you travel in the world.