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you need to add a quart of blinker fluid you will find your resevor next to your blinkerMake sure you have the right bulb. And make sure the bulb is in the socket correctly. I believe the bulb is a 2057 (not positive), but anyway the bulb has two offset teats if this is the bulb I think it is. If you put it in backwards, I believe you can have this problem.

this is a common problem with all 4th gen, F-Bodies, the problem is the one of your taillight sockets has shorted out.

Normally the Black wire of the three wires which is the ground wire. Some can be fixed most can't it is inside the socket. Best bet is to find a 93-97 f-body,(camero, firebird) in a junkyard and cut the sockets out, and splice and replace one at a time til you find the bad one.

You can test for a bad one if you have an ohm meter. Inside the socket there are 3 metal strips, 2 in the bottom, 1 around the inside, check to see if the ground(black wire) is 0 ohms from more than 1 of the strips, if 2 strips show 0 ohms, that socket is toast.

Make sure when you cut the wires on the junkyard sockets you have at least 4-5 inches of wire. The more the better.

I am not sure what all of the symptoms are, but if your turn signals work at times, or flash rapidly at times, the problem may be just like the one I had with my 1999 Century. I found after gaining access to the dash thru the removable panel on the driver's side, that the flasher assembly was bouncing around inside the dash compartment. I could recreate the symptoms every time I moved the flasher assembly and attached wires. I secured the flasher to the inside of the panel using a zip-tie, and have not had a problem since. I could not believe how easy it was to fix, after spending hours checking all the bulbs and sockets and wiring.

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Q: Why might a blinker not be working?
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Why is the headlight and blinker not working on a 1997 Nissan altima?

One headlight not working

How do you fix a car blinker that is not working but the hazards are working fine?

Check/change the fuse associated with the blinkers.

Blinker and brake lights quite working on a 1993 ford f150?

A bad ground wire is the most common cause of turn signals and brake lights not working. The ground wire connection might be corroded.

What if your right turn blinker on 1999 Tahoe is not working and it is not the bulbs?

You might have a short. You would need to take you car in to a shop to find they short. They can be very difficult to locate.

How do you fix a left blinker not working on a 2004 ford explorer?

check your bulbs

Can you legally sale a car with no working brake or blinker?

Yes, but the buyer must be informed.

Chevrolet S10 only driver side front blinker not working?

Replace the bulb.

Why is your left blinker not working Bulbfuses have been changed?

Try and replace the blinker switch. Iits a round thing under the dashboard on the fuse panel. It should be clearly marked.

Why might your blinker turn on but not blink in a 1990 Chevy Cavalier?

your blinker will turn on but not blink if a bulb has gone bad on that side or if your relay or fuse has gone bad

How do you fix a Mazda 121 blinker?

If the blinker is not working on a Mazda 121, check the turn signal flasher. If the bulb needs to be replaced, remove the lens cover and insert a new bulb.

Why did the blinker in my dash panel stop blinking when my front blinker went out on my 2002 ford explorer sport trac?

The dash indicator goes out to let you know one of the external lamps are not working

Why is my left rear blinker not working on my 1998 gmc sierra?

the light burnt out and you need a new one?

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