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Bad connection to low beam circuit.

I had a similar problem on my '95 Cherokee. I traced the short to the wiring harness connector that is directly under the air box. The years and miles of Michigan winter driving had caused a salty crud to infiltrate the harness and short out the low beams. I repaired the damage, and replaced the airbox with a K&N cone filter and air tube. I noticed that my 2001 Cherokee has the wire connection in a different location to avoid this problem.

AnswerThis might sound simple, however my 93 did the same thing. The previous owner (my brother in law) change out the light switch behind the dash 6 months earlier. So when i had this problem I spent alot of time checking the wiring. However I notice the light switch box behind the dash was getting really hot. I purchased a new one around 20 bucks and swapped it out and have never had another problem. Note make sure you are very careful when you reattach the plug back into the new switch box. I think the my brother in law may have bent and loosend one on the copper plugs and that was causing a short when the lights were turned on. also make sure you reattach the ground wire, it is normally separate from the factory plug. .
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What would make all the lights on your dash flicker?

Might be a weak battery

What might cause the dashboard lights to flicker on a Sienna van?

Probably a loose wire or a short in the wiring that powers the dashboard lights. Also check the fuses and the wiring to and from them.

Why would the front and rear parking lights and license plate light not work but the stop lights and turn signals do work on a 1997 Jeep Cherokee?

Check your fuses, there might be one blown.

What would cause the headlights to flicker when switched to high beam?

We might need a little more information. Do the lights flicker every time you switch between low and high? Have you noticed that your turn signal stalk feels gritty or mushy? When you switch to high beams, do they ever flicker later, or just when you switch them? Do they ever go out entirely? I'm thinking that maybe the turn signal switch might be bad, but it's hard to say with no more info. FriPilot

Why does your cluster dash lights flicker on 2000 ford focus?

You might try moving the little adjustment wheel that dims and brightens the dash lights. It is connected to an electrical rheostat that might have become a little corroded over the years. "Exercising" (adjusting) the brightness up and down several times might be enough to re-establish a good, non-corroded, contact. Good luck.

Any idea why my 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee dash lights keep flashing and dimming?

Your 1996 Jeep grand Cherokee dash lights probably keep flashing and dimming because of a loose or corroded ground wire. The ground wire might be getting contact at times and at other times not getting contact.

What do the lights on the 1969 vw beetle dashboard mean?

the lights on the dash are as such, the left light is for the low oil pressure, the right light is low generator/alternator. The red light on the dash is for the cylinder head temp. if it exceeds a temp limit, it will light. when driving, or coming off the freeway, the oil pressure light might flicker, due to the change in pressure quickly. The generator light may flicker when 1st started or if the vehicle is ideling lower than required.

Why might the lights not shut off at all on a 98 Grand Cherokee?

It sounds like you either have a bad headlight switch or the relay the controls your headlights has gone bad by sticking. you, Ray

How do you reduce computer screen flicker?

you might need a new screen or change the power options

Brake lights hazards and blinkers aren't working The bulbs flasher and fuses all seem to be good anyone know why the lights don't seem to be working on your 1996 jeep Cherokee sport 2wd?

might have a short in the wiring to the light socket!! same happen to me...

Where is the fuse located for backup lights on a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Loredo?

TRY LOOKING ON THE END OF THE DASH ON THE PASSENGERS SIDE. ALSO YOU MIGHT WANT TO CHECKOUT THIS SITE C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\jeep\Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ - Expanded index.mht

The parking lights and dash lights are not working fuse bows out?

If parking lights and dash lights are not working and fuse blows out, there might be a problem with battery corrosion. Check the components specific to the circuits of the affected lights. It might be loose.

Your 1993 jeep Cherokee does not turn over but all gauges and lights work starter problems?

This might help you a little bit,I have a 96 Cherokee that dose that, took it to shop still having problem your flywheel may be the problem you starter maybe in a dead spot on your flywheel(Missing a tooth)

Your silverado wont start it just clicks and the lights flicker the starter dose not engage or click it is as if there is no power even getting to it?

Look for a loose or corroded battery cable. The problem may also be a faulty starter solenoid/relay switch - you might want to have it checked out.

What causes the dash-instrument lights in a 1985 Nissan 300 ZX to flicker on and off?

I understand this is a common problem for a 1986 300zx, so maybe it pertains to your car also. There might be weak solder on the power unit pin connector, or it might need repair to the power control unit. This can also affect the odometer.

I have a turn signal problem on my 97 Jeep Cherokee. The drivers side turn signal works but the dash board lights also flash. When the head lights are turned on the right turn signal does not work.?

That sounds like a grounding problem, probably near the right side lights. It might be a rusty or disconnected ground wire.

Will a 2000 Cherokee interchange with a 2002 Grand Cherokee?

The engine might if they are both 4.0's. That would be about it.The engine might if they are both 4.0's. That would be about it.

1994 jeep grand Cherokee lmtd wont start in cold weather and even then must be in neutral to start and ideas?

check the neutral safety switch. Mine does the same thing. also you might not have reverse lights.

The brake lights tail lights and dash lights quit working?

check your ground wires...they might be loose or detached.

Why might a car wont start if the lights stayed on?

you drain your battery when you leave your lights on

What causes the battery light to come on when the car is still running The headlights and inside lights dim and come back on full charge you already had the alternator and battery replaced?

There might be a short somewhere, and it is drawing alot of power. It is like an electric chair...When extra voltage is used, the lights flicker, and when the switch is off,it goes back to normal. trying to find the short could be hard though.

Does a generator produce AC or DC current?

I might be wrong, but I believe the current alternates while the engine processes energy. As the lights will flicker from time to time. A direct current would hold the power steady until the power source fades <<>> The output of a generator produces alternating current.

Who might wear a suit of lights?


How do you replace the head lights of a 2002 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

There is no such thing as a 2002 Jeep Cherokee. The last year was 2001.There is a Torx (Star) bolt on top of the headlight pretty much in the middle of the light. There's only one for each headlight. Remove that bolt, then pull the lights forward. It takes some effort, but they're only held in with clips and they'll pop out. It might help to start by prying at the bottom of the light. Hope this helps.

What might had made movement of the Cherokee terrible?

Snow and bad weather