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Why might the lowbeams on a Jeep Cherokee flicker on and off a few times then go out when all other lights work?

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2015-07-14 15:05:33
2015-07-14 15:05:33

Bad connection to low beam circuit.

I had a similar problem on my '95 Cherokee. I traced the short to the wiring harness connector that is directly under the air box. The years and miles of Michigan winter driving had caused a salty crud to infiltrate the harness and short out the low beams. I repaired the damage, and replaced the airbox with a K&N cone filter and air tube. I noticed that my 2001 Cherokee has the wire connection in a different location to avoid this problem.

AnswerThis might sound simple, however my 93 did the same thing. The previous owner (my brother in law) change out the light switch behind the dash 6 months earlier. So when i had this problem I spent alot of time checking the wiring. However I notice the light switch box behind the dash was getting really hot. I purchased a new one around 20 bucks and swapped it out and have never had another problem. Note make sure you are very careful when you reattach the plug back into the new switch box. I think the my brother in law may have bent and loosend one on the copper plugs and that was causing a short when the lights were turned on. also make sure you reattach the ground wire, it is normally separate from the factory plug. .

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Probably a loose wire or a short in the wiring that powers the dashboard lights. Also check the fuses and the wiring to and from them.

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We might need a little more information. Do the lights flicker every time you switch between low and high? Have you noticed that your turn signal stalk feels gritty or mushy? When you switch to high beams, do they ever flicker later, or just when you switch them? Do they ever go out entirely? I'm thinking that maybe the turn signal switch might be bad, but it's hard to say with no more info. FriPilot

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You might try moving the little adjustment wheel that dims and brightens the dash lights. It is connected to an electrical rheostat that might have become a little corroded over the years. "Exercising" (adjusting) the brightness up and down several times might be enough to re-establish a good, non-corroded, contact. Good luck.

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