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Because the Nazi had so much power because of Hiltler and the Germans were scared not to hate the Jews.

Actually ...It wasn't that easy. Most of the German Jews were well integrated into German life till the Nazis came to power. Many Germans had dealings with Jews and found there was a huge gap between what they knew and what official Propaganda claimed. The Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses in April 1933 was a fiasco, and even much later the 'Night of the Broken Glass' (November 1938) wasn't particularly popular.

Having said all this, Nazi propaganda often linked the Jews with the defeat of Germany in 1918 and with Bolshevism. This resonated much more than lurid conspiracy theories.


There was a growing resentment against Jewish refugees. Up until 1933 Poland had more antisemitic laws than Germany and the Polish Catholic clergy were encouraging antisemitism from the pulpit, as a result there were many poorer Jews arriving in Germany. With an already high unemployment it was easy for Hitler and the Nazis to say to the working/unemployed people that it was these refugees that were causing the problems.

When people went along with this they did not think that the Nazis would include those Jews who had been born or lived for a long time in Germany. (In fact Hitler himself wanted to deal with the German Jews after he had won the war).

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Q: Why was it so easy for the Nazis to get the Germans to hate Jews?
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Through the media and leaflets and rallies.

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Through the media and leaflets and rallies.

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Jews primarily hate Hitler and the Nazis because Hitler and the Nazis tried to murder the entire Jewish population.

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No, not all Germans hates the Jews. However, the particular group of Germans that hates the Jews were called the Nazi Germans.

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Actually it was all in Hitlers mind. With his speech powers he spread his thoughts to all the military and Germans as well.

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All Germans did not hate the Jews; but those that did were inspired by Hitler and his doctrine to hate them.

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