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Why was there such a lot of conflict against the Boer and British?

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The Boer's continued incursion into the traditional lands of the

native tribal areas created a potential risk of uprisals by various

African tribal units with the Zulu nation as a particular and

traditional risk. The Boers considered their northern advance into

Africa in much the same way as the Americans considered its Western

expansion as a part of "Manifest Destiny". Nations involved with

thoughts and dreams of expansion, Empire, Freedom , or Manifest

Destiny are conflicted between simple concepts like "Human Rights",

"Individual Rights", "human dignity" and "independence ". Boers and

Huguenots and Zulus and the "Empire" were not "always" in conflict,

simply or just only in conflict.

Now this was the propaganda that was spread by the

British. The real truth are, the Boers wanted freedom from the

British colonizers, therefore they moved north. At that time South

Africa was vast open land with no inhabitants at all, there was one

Zulu nomad village in Natal on the east coast, called Dingaan stad,

where one of the Boer leaders Piet Retief went to negotiate with

Dingaan the Zulu king to buy the northern part of Natal, that was

open land from him, Dingaan agreed and sign a treaty with Retief.

Direct after that Dingaan murdered Retief and his companions. The

treaty was later found in a leather bag on Retief's body on a hill

where Dingaan left Retief and companions, body's for the


After establishment of the two Boer Republics, gold and diamonds

was discovered in Transvaal and that was the motivation for the

British to occupy the Boer Republics. Resulting in the first defeat

for the British Empire ever, in the first Anglo Boer War,

where a hand full of Boer civil soldiers, won the war against the

mighty British Empire. This was a humiliation for Queen Victoria

that she could not except. In 1899 the British tried again to

occupy the Boer Republics and again the Boers declared war, a war

that lasted for three years. If it was not for the British savage

concentration camps where 2400 Boer children and 3000 Boer woman

were killed in the most savage ways, like fine pieces of glass in

their food, the outcome of the war would be in favor of the


Note: This was also the end of the British Empire.

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