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The Nazi leadership consisted of ardent devotees of conspiracy theories that claimed that the Jews had caused Germany's defeat in World War 1 and had caused the Great Depression. Many Germans found this kind of thing hard to believe. ___ Most German Jews were well assimilated. (Germany was the birthplace of the Reform Movement in Judaism). They were loyal, law-abiding Germans, and a disproportionately high number of Jews fell on the frontline in World War 1. Except in Bavaria, where some Jews had been prominent in the revolutions of 1918-1919, the idea that ordinary Germans were seething with hatred against the Jews is inaccurate. The rowdy beerhalls of Bavaria were not typical of Germany, and antisemitism was not the big vote-winner that Hitler thought. He was often urged by close adverisers to tone it down as they thought it was actually losing the Nazis votes. Many German Jews worked in the professions, for example as teachers and doctors. On the whole, those people who came into regular contact with Jews and actually knew them, were not anti-Jewish. Antisemitism tended to be strongest among hardline nationalists and people who fell for antisemitic conspiracy theories. Obviously, once the Nazis were in power they subjected the German population to a barrage of antisemitic Propaganda, with mixed success. There was little enthusiasm among ordinary Germans for the Nazis' anti-Jewish policies. That is one reason why the regime kept the Holocaust secret. Please also see the related questions below.

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Q: Why were the Jews hated in 1930s Germany?
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What was the experience of Jews in Germany in the late 1930s?

In Germany in the 1930s, Jews had to wear badges that identified them as Jews. Many of them were segregated from the rest of society in ghettoes.

Where were the Jews before they came to Germany?

Most of the immigrant Jews in the early 1930s were from Poland.

Why were the Jews so hated by Hitler and the Nazi?

Hitler thought that Jews outsmarted the German and might took over Germany.

Interesting fact of Nazi Party in World War 2?

it was in Germany and they hated Jews

Why did Hitler wanted the Jews dead?

Hitler hated Jews because he believed they caused Germany to lose WW I and were responsible for the terrible economic crisis Germany was in when he took power.

Why did heinrich himmler hate Jews?

It was not just Heinrich Himmler who hated Jews. Most of Austria and Germany hated Jews. They had this false idea that the Jews were the cause of World War 1 and that they controlled the world. Himmler was just an ignorant, insecure man who fell for a madman.

Why did Hitler despise Jews so much?

he hated Jews for many reason, but one his of his own personal reasons was that the 'Jews' did not accept his artwork, however the reason he used to persaude Germany was that back in ww1 the Jews caused the collapse of Germany

Why did Hitler want to Holocaust to happen?

So all the Jews would be vanished... killed.... tortured. He hated Jews. He blamed them for all the problems in Germany!

Why did the Nazi's want young Jews to be hated?

Hitler was crazy, he hated all Jews.

What was Adolf Hitler plan?

Hitlers plan was to get rid off all the Jews and the anti-nazi and to make Germany a non communist country because the Jews was communist and he hated the Jews and everything about them so that is why he wanted Germany to be anti communist.

Why were Germany and the US enemies in world War 1?

U.S.A had a lot of jews at the time and so Hitler hated them

What problems did the Jews make for Hitler?

Nothing Hitler just hated the jews because he blames the jews for the bad things which had hapen to germany such as lost of ww1, the jews are scape goats and they was blamed for the german looses.

Why did Hitler hated Jews and wanted to get rid of them?

Hitler basically hated the Jews because they were the largest non-German ethnic minority in Central Europe at that time. Hitler wanted a pure Germany (and Europe) without any "parasites". -J.A.R.

Who was Leader of the nazi party who gained power in Germany in the early 1930s blaming germanys problems on the Jews?

Adolf Hitler

How and why did Germany make the Jews socialy dead in the 1930s?

I'm pretty sure they weren't socially dead. They were dead dead.

Why do you think Canada and many other nations did so little to help the Jews in Germany in the 1930s?

* The Great Depression * Antisemitism

Were some Germans Jews?

Yes. Jews have lived in Germany for over 1000 years and the Jews of Germany, they spent much of the 1700s and 1800s fighting for integration with Christian Germany. By the 1930s, they considered themselves and were considered to be Germans. When the Nazis took control of the German government, the distinction between Germans and Jews became apparent once again.

Where in Germany were Jews hated the most?

* The beer halls of Bavaria. * Hesse, especially Frankfurt and Kassel. * Parts of Lower Saxony.

How did the Nazis feel about the Jews?

The Nazi's hated the Jews.

What did Jews of the 1930s wear as casual attire or due to religion?

That depends on the countries and on whether the Jews were orthodox or Reform. In Germany, for example, the majority of Jews were NOT orthodox and dressed very inconspicuously - as in many other countries.

Why did Adolf Hitler hate Jews Gypsies and Romanians?

Hitler did not hate Romanians in particular. Gypsies are hated by all other European peoples. Jews were considered as ennemies of Germany.

Why did Hitler begin to hate the Jews?

it is believed that Hitler hated the Jewish race because that they were the reason Germany lost the first world war. He also wanted Germany to be a pure race so that ment no Jews. IM SMART.

In what ways did germany persecute jews in the 1930s?

Germans persecuted Jews in a number of ways throughout the 1930s. Almost as soon as Hitler came to power, the Nazis began boycotting Jewish owned businesses, and they required Jews to mark themselves with a star. In 1938, Jews are openly attacked and Jewish businesses are ransacked. This was the precursor to the roundup of the Jewish people into the camps.

What did Hitler do to Jewish women?

Hitler hated all Jews because Germany was poor and most Jews are rich so he decided to kill all the Jews he saw.He killed the women painfully just as he did to the men.

What year did Hitler hate the Jews and how old was he?

he hated them cos he blamed them for the economic situation in Germany..don't know how old he was...33?