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Why would a 10 amp fuse that controls the blower relay switch on a 2002 Ford Ranger Edge continue to blow on a regular basis?


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2005-01-06 11:18:00
2005-01-06 11:18:00

Bad ground or short. Check to make sure a smaller than required fuse has not been installed. Use to correct fuse, no smaller or larger. Blower motor can also be going bad causing it to blow a fuse.


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On a 1996 Ford Ranger : The blower motor resistor is in the engine compartment It is below and to the drivers side of the blower motor

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It is usually ( at least on a 2000 Ranger) locted on the blower motor housing in the engine compartment.

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The fusebox which controls the blower motor is under the hood up by the firewall.

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The blower is controlled by the blower switch, blower resistor, and relevant power relay.

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If it has separate blower speed controls for the front and rear, it has separate resistors. Blower speed resistors are mounted close to the blower motor it controls for cooling purposes.

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