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The shifting linkage gets worn over a period of time. There are many Corvette supply companies that offer rebuild kits for the stock linkage. The other thing that could be causing the trouble is just plain adjustment. Check your manual and adjust accordingly. Also, I solved the problem on my 68 by changing the linkage arms to the "quick-shift" mode, which is a second set of holes for the linkage to fit into. This came stock on my 68 and I would think it would be the same for 69. It solved the problem and reduced the travel of the stock shifter by about 50%. So, if you want to maintain stock parts, the above would be my recommendation. Check it out, it's worth the time. Good Luck! You don't say if it's four speed with a hurst shifter. I had a 68 and with a hurst and the shifter gates were worn to the point that the shifter would move to third but the tranny sayed in second. First I had to park in such a way that I could get under the car. Then I put the shifter in neutral. I then had to crawl under the car with a hammer and force the tranny into neutral. Once I did that, I could shift it again but if I shifted slowly, it would jam in second, again. Finally had to put a new shifter in. Have fun! j

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Q: Why would a 1969 Corvette manual transmission be stuck in 2nd gear?
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