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You may have a loose rod or loose roller rocker

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Q: Why would a 94 Susuki make a knocking sound when you turn on the car that will go away after a little while?
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What would cause a knocking sound when you turn left while you are driving?

check CV joints

What causes a knocking when your car drops in a whole while driving?

It's really hard to understand what you're asking here."What causes a knocking sound when your car drops into a hole while driving?"If that's your question, I imagine that it would be the sound of your car dropping into a hole.

If your little brothers won't stop walking into your room without knocking how do you get them to stop?

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What would cause a knocking sound in a 1992 Cavalier while its running?

it might be a bent piton rod if you or water or somthing into the engine

A knock or clonking sound but stops when you press on the brakes?

A knocking sound while your car is moving is probably coming from the engine. A certified mechanic will be able to perform diagnostic testing.

Why 5 speed manual transmission has knocking sound when gear engaged Knocking accelerates with vehicle When you rev the engine while clutched no sound When you clutch and coast no sound?

it sounds like a bad throw out bearing or clutch plate. not a major deal it just starts to get louder but eventually you going to have to replace it when you do your next clutch job. chris

What would be making a knocking sound underneath a 1997 Chevrolet Silverado while going down the road?

Usually, most knocking is from the muffler or exhaust pipe vibrating or bumping on the frame or something. Look for a damaged or broken strap.

What is causing engine knocking noise on supercharged Hummer H2 after running a little while?

The Hummer H2 is a 2005 SUT with the 6.0L Vortec and a Magna Charger supercharger. It runs great with plenty of power, but I'm concerned about some noise I'm getting out of it. When I first start it up, everything sounds fine. After running a mile or so, I start to get a knocking sound. I only notice the sound when idling, not when running.

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Wheels knocking while im driving?

you could have a wire broke in the tire

How long can v8 engine last while knocking?

if your engine is knocking that means you need oil. go get an oil change or add a quart asap or the engine will burn out

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