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In older cars, where your air filter is, there is a door that is suppose to shut when your car is cold. check the sensor on top of the air filter canister by placing a bag of ice on it and look to see if the door in the intake part closes, with the engine running. Look at rubber hoses to see if any of the vaculum lines are leaking. otherwise check out your fuel, timing and spark. The "door" that was being described as part of the air cleaner is the "heat riser" mechanism that is there to prevent carburetor icing during damp-cold weather. If your vehicle runs ok during cold rainstorms you're probably ok there. But carbureted vehicles do have a choke mechanism that provides a little extra fuel during startup. Check that the choke is operating properly. When the engine is cold, check that the choke is completely closed, you may need to touch the gas pedal to release tension to allow the choke to close. BTW, any time you start a carbureted vehicle you should always push the pedal down once and let it back up so that the choke can "set". Also, any vehicle that has poor compression will have a little extra trouble starting. If the above descriptions haven't helped, have the compression checked at a reputable garage to see if that could possibly be your problem. its possible it is anewer vechicle. and the fuel pressure regulater is bad the quick check is to remove vacumne line and see if any fuel drips out.unless its a vortech engine.then you remove large vac line on upper pluemn. some older carburated vechicals it can be primery choke pulloff. hey, it is a Nissan Sentra 2004 1.8 i hate it it takes at most 5 sec of turnover before it starts but then when i shut it of then turn it back on it starts up right away sounds like the fuel pump is leaking off presure the regulator in most cars only changes presure slightly will the pump should hold all the time check for leaks and the next time it sits overnight turn the key on but dont try to start u will hear the pump buzz for 2 seconds turn the key off and on again and on the 3rd turn it should start like usual this will presurize the system and let u know if the pump is loosing presure

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Q: Why would a car have a long turn over when its cold but after the first start up it starts up right away?
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