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Why would an engine seem to start hard when you first turn it over and then run fine?


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2004-05-30 14:12:08
2004-05-30 14:12:08

Hey JC==I would first take BOTH battery cables off and clean BOTH ends. Make sure there is a good ground between the engine and body. Then go to Auto Zone or another parts store and have the battery and starter checked out. Goodluck Joe


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try to ON or wait the heater first for a few seconds, then start the engine for diesel engine and gasoline engine. specially in cold country.

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Have a 98 2.7 litre that would do that. Before doing anything else, replace ASD relay in engine compartment fuse block (diy $12). Would start fine cold, but often would not start after shutting off when engine was warm. Had to wait until engine compartement cooled off. Was getting fuel but no spark.

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first i would start by checking the fluid level make sure its were it should be. if that's fine than it's most likely your thermoste. Replace that and you should be good as new.

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the temp sensor that reads low will cause the engine to run very rich which is fine when it's cold, but will flood it when warm.

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