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Hey JC==I would first take BOTH battery cables off and clean BOTH ends. Make sure there is a good ground between the engine and body. Then go to Auto Zone or another parts store and have the battery and starter checked out. Goodluck Joe

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โˆ™ 2004-05-30 14:12:08
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Q: Why would an engine seem to start hard when you first turn it over and then run fine?
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Why wont your car start first thing in the am but is fine all day after the first start?

try to ON or wait the heater first for a few seconds, then start the engine for diesel engine and gasoline engine. specially in cold country.

Why will a 2004 dodge Intrepid not start after driving a short while?

Have a 98 2.7 litre that would do that. Before doing anything else, replace ASD relay in engine compartment fuse block (diy $12). Would start fine cold, but often would not start after shutting off when engine was warm. Had to wait until engine compartement cooled off. Was getting fuel but no spark.

Why would 2000 cavalier 2.2 engine stall while driving and not start on occasion and start fine at other times?

check for clogged fuel filter, or faulty fuel pump

Why is your engine temperature gauge running low?

first i would start by checking the fluid level make sure its were it should be. if that's fine than it's most likely your thermoste. Replace that and you should be good as new.

What would cause 99 express to not start when hot but run fine when cold?

the temp sensor that reads low will cause the engine to run very rich which is fine when it's cold, but will flood it when warm.

Why would an engine sound fine at start up then get louder and when you drive it you feel a pop underneath the pedal?

your lifters may be lose and need tightening

Why engine will turn but wont start It starts fine at first then difficult to start afterwards It has now stalled will turn but not start anymore Fuel pump works batt and charging works?

crank/cam sensor issue maybe?

Why would a 1990 Geo Prizm be very hard to start when the engine is cold but start fine when the engine is hot?

You probably need a new set of plug wires. If the ones on it are original, they are probably breaking down and have a lot of resistance as opposed to a new set.

2004 Ford Explorer was running fine until you turned it off now it will not start but the fuses are all fine and the fuel pump is coming on why won't it start?

Do you mean no crank/no start or crank/no start.... to put it simply, does the engine turn over?

Is it bad not to run a car for 6 months?

I'd give everything a look before you start the engine and after, leave the engine for a few minutes before you start driving but it should be fine.

Which gear should you use to start up on a slippery road?

1st gear is fine but do not overrev the engine

Is it okay to leave the car for two weeks without starting the engine daily?

I would start it once maybe twice to be sure, but the car should be fine for two wees

1995 Dodge Dakota starts fine runs fine and idles fine till the engine gets hot then it stops running will not start if you let the engine cool-off then it will start would like to know if?

check head gasket, and, or intake gasket, most likely its one or the other. of couse there are other things to check, like fuel pump, fuel fiter,coil, coil wire. hope you find the problem

Why would a Honda Accord when first starting to drive it starts fine and runs fine for a while but then the tach starts to bounce and then the engine shuts off?

I suspect a bad distributor. Honda distributors have been known to fail.

What if your 2002 Chevy Cavalier is hard to start after sitting over night It runs and starts fine the rest of the day after the first start up?

Check the air filter, fuel filter, and the choke to start with. It sounds like the engine is starving air until it warms up.

What is 1397CC?

Engine capacity. It would be classed as 1.4ltr. Fine for a small or medium car.

Why does my 2000 Impala 3.4 liter engine shift fine when cold but once warmed up seems to start in 2nd gear from stand still?

I can't tell why but "I" would start by changing the Transaxle fluid & filter and then see what happens.....

Why 2001 Mazda miata suddenly will not start?

It might be the ignition coil pack. Mine went bad. The sympton was like a dead battery. I could roll start the car and it would start fine. The problem I have now (2 yrs later) is that when it is hot, the car doesn't want to start. The engine turns over fine, but it won't start. If that's your problem, then I don't know yet. Probably something with the fuel line.

Why 95 Oldsmobile Silhouette start right up then after a few minutes it shuts off and won't start for a couple of hours the engine turns fine but will not start?

Crankshaft position sensor has failed.... it works fine when cold but as soon as the engine and wiring warms up... it fails to signal properly and kills the motor.... 16-40 bucks at the parts store

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Why would a vehicle start fine then promptly shut back off?

This could be for any reason. Such as things like water in the engine. Or perhaps there is a problem with the battery and it over heats. This is usually the reason.

Dodge stealth won't start?

I have a 1993 Dodge Stealth that was running fine then with 5 minutes engine oil blew out under neath the car. their is no oil in the radiator but the car would not start. what happened. If a head gasket blew would n't the oil look milkie color.

What could cause your 2002 Ford F-250 with a 7.3 diesel engine to just stop running and when you turn the key it will start right back up?

I have had the same problem and it was a crank sensor. The truck would be fine and then all of a sudden it would die, and it would start back up no problem.

Why does your 2001 Corolla engine start fine but not move forward when you press on the gas?

May be you didn't change your gear. Hahaha :))

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