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My guess would be the window motor about $60 +/-

AnswerTry the window switch. Swap one from a door that works and see if that doesn't fix it. Lots cheaper than buying a motor to start with and much more likely. AnswerI don't know much abouit cars but had this problem and fixed it 2 minutes before I wrote this. Before you go out buying a new motor or getting a new switch try dumping Alchohol down the swith so it gets all inside then work the switch back and forth for a bit to clean the contact. Worked for me first try. If this doesn't work the switch may just be broken. But the window going down suggests the motor is working. That's all I got hope it works. It did for me and I think a trip to the medicine cabinet to fix my car beats a dealer junkyard or parts store anyday, especially with a 40% chance of rain on the way, :) AnswerI had the same exact problem with my passenger side window (Honda Accord). I was waiting for Monday to see a mechanic but saw this "Alchohol" method first (Sunday). I tried it, BINGO!!! the window can now go up! 16 FL Oz Alchohol = $1.79, WikiAnswers = PRICELESS!!! Answer

This worked for me too. I had the whole door apart - and was just about to take it in to a repair shop. A bit of alchohol and the window came up!

Holy Crap. It worked. I didnt want to believe it but i tried it and Bam the window came up. I was pessimistic at first but I was desperate so i gave it a try. Thank you to the guy that came up with this.

My son's 1992 Volvo has same window problem. I tried the alcohol but no go. I was about to take the door panel off when I decided to just pop the switch panel off instead. It came right out. From there I simply switched the wires with a working switch and got the window back up. The switch is still broke but hey, the window was up in 5 minutes time.


The alcohol trick above just worked on my 1986 BMW 325i. I'm amazed -- repairs of this sort should be difficult, expensive, and humiliating. Thanks, first author!


From a Rover 800 owner (these cars are similar to the 1998 Honda Legend)

There must be some VERY LUCKY people out there who have very basic window controllers. The slightly more luxurious cars have complicated locking and alarm control boxes. With these if you lock-up the car with the windows and sunroof open everything closes by itself (or it should do if the system works properly) Nowadays the window motors have tacho-generators built into them. This tells the "brain" how fast the window is going. If the window is not closing fast enough the "brain" assumes something must be trapped so it reverses the motor. This is excellent for babies who always seem to be getting stuck in the windows! (some babies have been killed by car electric windows which did not have adequate safety features) What is another problem is that the windows have to be "calibrated" if the car battery has gone flat or has been changed. The windows will not work properly until they have been fully calibrated and one-touch-up or one-touch-down will not be available until after calibration. Incidentally this window palaver can be so stressful that it might be handy to have a couple of 100 gram bars of chocolate or a few beers handy. (Also remove all ropes from the work area in case the owner feels like hanging himself) On old cars the "brain" can "think" that something is trapped in the window if the grease in the mechanism has dried-out and this can prevent the windows going up. On this window palaver the battery should be be beyond reproach and fully charged (A bad battery was the cause of an interminable problem on a friends Porsche 924 that would crank very well indeed but would rarely start - YUK!)

I regret to say that on my spare car all four windows will go down but not up! It is hardly likely that FOUR motors or SEVEN switches have suddenly gone wrong so it must be something else. Often dry-joints in the fuse-box can be a problem but the soldering on this one looks perfect. Some cars have two fuses for the window motors as "UP" needs more current than "DOWN". Some cars have thermal trips in the power lines and if all four motors are operated together, the current trip may function. On the old Audi 100 the reset buttons are above the front passengers feet. It is worth knowing this as if one drives to a city and cannot close the windows the car is likely to get burgled.

It would be a good idea for car makers to provide an access-point to the window winders so that the windows could be wound by hand or with a power drill as these faults can be enough to drive a strong man to drink.

Burned switch contacts are easy to find but on a modern system there will usually be a lot more too it than that.

Good luck!

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Q: Why would power windows go down but not up?
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What would cause all the windows on my 2002 Envoy to not go down I replaced the drivers side master power switch and they still don't go down The locks work but all the windows just make a click sound?

If the windows on your 2002 Envoy will not go down, and you have replaced the driver's side master power switch, you should make sure that the window hasn't come off track. This would prevent the windows from going down and it would make a clicking sound.

Why do windows go down on their own?

You may have a short in the power window switch.

What would cause all the windows on a 2002 Envoy to not go down replaced the drivers side master power switch and they still don't go down The locks work but the windows just make a click sound?

Check to make sure that the windows haven't popped off the track. This would cause the windows in your 2002 Envoy to become stuck and not go down. If you replaced the driver's side master power switch and the locks work but the windows just make a clicking sound, this could help.

How can you get the rear windows to go all the way down on a 1993 Pontiac Bonneville with power windows?

If the windows don't go all the way down, it is likely they are designed that way because of the shape of the door and can not be fixed.

What will cause the power windows in your 95 jeep Cherokee not go up or down when the fuses are good?

if all windows stopped working, i would first check the master window switch

Your power windows on your convertable sunbird wont go down what might be wrong?

A blown power window fuse is the most common reason for the power windows not to go down. The fuse can be found in the fuse box. The location of the fuse can be found on the inside cover of the fuse box.

Where is the fuse for the power windows located on a 2003 Ford Explorer?

Power windows have circuit breakers. It is a rare case that one would go bad.

What would cause all power windows to only work once in awhile and defroster to go out on 2004 dodge ram?

what would cause all power windows to only work once in awhile and defroster to go out on a 1997 dodge intrepid

What fuse is for the power windows?

2006 Ford Taurus se 4 doors the power windows Will not go up or down and does not make no noise

How would you fix a 1991 Linclon Town Car windows if power window motors work but windows will not go up or down freely or at all?

The plastic pins are worn out inside the motor very cheap to fix very labor intense.

Why might electric windows not go up or down?

Your window might not go up and down because the motor in it is bad. First check the swithches then if they have power you will need a new motor. I would run 12 volts directly into the motor to check it before I would buy a new one or replace it.

Why do the all the windows go down automatically in your 1999 BMW?

could be the setting you have it on (some keys, when pressed twice, makes windows go down

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