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Car Heater Not Blowing AirHere are answers from FAQ Farmers:
  • The duct fan is bad. Replace it. Beware though: it's a pain the butt.
  • After you replace the blower motor and it still doesn't work, take it to a shop for testing if you can't do it. Other possiblities are a switch, relay, resistor, fuse, wiring. You can eliminate the fuse by swapping it with another of the same. You can try the "tap test" by rapping on the dash sometimes over the glove or on the blower motor itself, somteimes a weak motor may temporarily start working. Oh yeah, all blower motors aren't bad to change.
  • If it's blowing air, but only COLD air, check that your engine coolant isn't very low.
  • Sounds electrical, check the blower motor relay, although it may be switch or motor.
  • This happened in my car! After replacing the blower motor (it wasn't broken afterall), found that it wasn't getting power due to a faulty ground. This was right behind the a/c heater radio console.
  • With the fan only blowing at the 4 setting indicates the resistor need to be replaced. The resistor controls the flow of electricity to the motor, w/ the 4 setting not limiting the current at all, which is why you the fan works at that speed. I'm in the middle of trying to fix my blower too, but so far no luck. I've replaced the motor, but nothing's changed. The volt tester shows power to and from the motor, but no movement. I'm not sure what else I can check at this point.
  • Is the fan actually running or not? Can you hear it...but no air seams to be moving? If yes, then one of the duct-work doors may be stuck. (There are little electric or sometimes vacuum operated door inside your duct work) A wire or tiny hose to one of these may be loose or fallen off. If you cannot hear the fan running at all, even on it's highest setting...then consider looking at fuses, loose electical connectors (sometimes they get kicked off by a passenger). It's actually rare to have a fan motor die...although it can happen.
  • This is a really easy fix, it's likely that your thermostat is stuck. This has happened to me on numerous occasions when I had rusty water in my radiator. The thermostat was stuck, so I replaced it and tada! You've got heat. Usually less than 10 bucks to fix.

what is the make and model and can you hear the blower motor running

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Q: Why would the car heater not blow any air?
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How do you fix a heater that quit on a 1999 Chevy Tracker?

When you have the heater on, does it just blow any air at all? or no air?

How do you fix a heater that wont blow air in a 94 Nissan Sentra?

first of all i hate to say an obvious answer but does the heater motor even turn. Does it blow air at all. The first thing i would check is if the fan motor is blowing any air at all. If not u need to put in a new heater fan motor. first of all i hate to say an obvious answer but does the heater motor even turn. Does it blow air at all. The first thing i would check is if the fan motor is blowing any air at all. If not u need to put in a new heater fan motor.

Why does the heater for my 2003 Honda Pilot not blow hot air out of any vents in the front but the rear vents blow hot air?

Your front blower motor has gone out. There is a front and a rear blower motor.

What would cause a 98 dodge 1500 4x4 heater to blow luke warm air?

Any heater that only blows luke warm air isn't getting warm or hot water to the coil. This sounds like a problem with the thermostat not closing, and allowing the engine to heat the water properly for the heater.

Why would a 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis only blow warm air on the low speed setting and not on any of the other speeds?

your heater core hoses could be plugged up and not letting much hot anti-freeze into the heater core then when you try to blow alot of air through it it cools the warm air off too much and you get not so warm air. try a cooling sytem flush

Why would your vent sometimes blow air and sometimes blow nothing at all no circulation of any sort This happens with heat ac or just vent?

that heppend to my car i had to finaly replace the heater blower so it could be the same thing

What could the problem be on 1988 Ford Aerostar when AC blows air out dash vents and floor but heater and defrost do not blow any air at all?

A vacuum leak, or one of the doors is sticking/bad vacuum motor in the heater box.

Why does your 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan only blow cold air on the passenger side It will not blow warm air for the pasenger but does for the driver It does have a duel climate control?

You need to first check that you do not have any vacuum leaks and then check the a/c / heater door operations, if all are working then its possible that you have a slightly clogged heater core.........

Why would a central air conditioning unit not blow any air in the house?

indoor air fan is not functioning. for that, there are many possibilities.

Would a bad fuse be the only reason your air conditioner and heater will not blow any air at all?

No. It can be a blown fuse, bad fan motor switch, bad fan motor, bad fan motor resistor pack, or a loose or disconnected wire.

What would cause air to only blow from the defrost and floor vents and not blow out of the panel vents even when the switches are turned to the panel vents in a 2002 Ford Explorer?

Any of the following can cause this......... 1. Bad a/c - heater controller.. 2. Bad a/c - heater controller inside door operation.. 3. Bad, broken or cracked vacuum line/lines..

When you turn on your heater on your 1976 buick electra it does not blow any air at all nor does the ac blow any air what could be the problem?

First find out if the blower works. To do this disconnect the hot wire from the blower and use a jumper wire from the positive of the battery and connect it to where that hot wire was. if it does not go;;; then check that the blower motor is grounded.

You have replaced the water pump thermostat and bled the system on your 2000 Chevy venture it still blows cold to luke warm air any ideas thanks?

The heater core is plugged. Blow it out with a compressor. If that does not work replace the heater core.

What would make your heat in your 99 cummins not blow hot air The heater core is hot to touch and the door that opens and closes from cold to hot is working Any suggestions on what this could be?

try check the blower fan itself. although everything is working you will something to move the air.

The defroster in 1980 Malibu works and shoots out hot air but the regular heater vents don't shoot any air out and why is that?

If it is in defrost mode it will only blow air out onto your windshield, but if it is the mode to blow air out the console towards the personnel inside and it still don't work, then it could very well be that the linkage controlling the plate movement may have become disconnected in the dash.

Why does the heater on my 1995 tracer blow cold air instead of hot?

Check your antifreeze/coolant level in your radiator. If it is "low", there will not be enough coolant to "flow" through the heater core, to produce any heat. If it is low, refill your system with the proper mixture of coolant and also check for any coolant leaks.

Why would the fan control on any speed not blow air The heater blower motor is ok for a Honda Civic?

If you know the fan motor is good but it will not work, first check the fuse. If the fuse is good, then it is either the fan motor switch or the resistor pack that is defective.

Why would the heater core warm up but not blow any warm air through the vents or defroster in a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer?

The mixing door isn't working. Take it to the garage as it porbably is the controler. First make sure there is vacuum getting inside the cab from the engine.

On your 2001 Chevy blazer it takes 10 minutes driving before the defrost or heater blows hot air then when slowing down it starts to blow cold air and when taking off again it blows hot Any suggestion?

thermostat is stuck open.

Why will a car not blow hot air when sitting still only when driving?

On some cars this is because of the heater circuit design, in that if there is air in the cooling system it can gather in the heater core when at idle, and allow substantially less, if any, heat exchange. When the engine RPM goes up, as when driving, the air gets forced out of the heater core by the fast moving coolant and you have heat again. If this is your problem the solution is to bleed the cooling system on that vehicle, per manufacturer's instructions.

How do you unstop a heater core on 87 supra?

have you tried any radiator flush kits? Try this , drain the radiator below the heater core lines and disconnect both line, take compressed air (air compressor) with a rag and a blower, stick in one end and release the pressure, watch out it will blow some junk at you. put back together and refill

When we blow any burning candle its puts out why?

because of the chemicals inthe air

Your 2003 Galant will blow air but no heat why?

I would suspect that the heater core is either clogged or the heater temperature control valve is defective. Have you ever serviced the cooling system? It is also possible that the thermostat is stuck open. I would drain and flush the cooling system. Install a new thermostat, install a fresh 50/50 mix of the correct antifreeze and distilled water. See what you have before proceeding any farther.

Your air condition unit does not blow any air at all hot or cold what is the problem?

Possible blown fuse

1999 ford expedition heater blows cold used to be able to get it to work by turning the fan switch back and forth several times not any more blow cold air?

The selector switch needs to be fixed or replaced.