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Number one: The air bladders may not need air. Number two: The fuse is blown. Number three: The compressor is 'burnt' out. Number four: Loose wire. Number five: As stated previously, if the car has been 'lifted', you may be able to fix the problem by turning off the key, opening the truck, placing the air suspension switch in the 'off' position and then after starting the car turn the switch to the 'on' position. Could be simple. If car was recently towed,jacked up or put up on a lift the switch inside the panel on left side of trunk should have been turned to "off". Hope that's it.

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โˆ™ 2006-10-29 21:13:41
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Q: Why would the compressor for the air suspension not be turning on if the car is running?
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How do you replace the check valve for the air suspension on a mark 8?

The Mark 8 does not have a check-valve in the air suspension system. Each air spring has a solenoid valve, which controls fill and vent of the spring. There is a fifth in the suspension compressor itself, which controls venting the system. I discovered that the seat for vent valve was corroded in my compressor, which would then leak when the system was trying to fill. This resulted in the compressor running, but the car lowering. I was able to clean the seat up for a temporary repair, but ultimately replaced the compressor.

Why would the AC not work when the compressor is turning on 1995 s10?

Most commonly would be lack of freon.

Don't think AC compressor is turning on?

My first guess would be you are low on freon.

What would stop the ac compressor from turning on in a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire?

low freon, bad pressure switch, bad compressor clutch.

How do you turn a compressor from a fridge into an air compressor?

Can't do it. The lubricant is mixed in with the refrigerant. Converted to air it would be running dry.

Why would a 1997 Chrysler LHS car make a whirring noise when I accelerate while the Ac is running.?

A/C compressor? A/C compressor?

What would cause the air suspension on a 2003 Lincoln navigator not to work?

there are several causes to the air pump. the first and most obvious is the air pump (compressor) itself. if you do not hear the compressor pumping air or if you do not feel the slight vibration of the compressor when you put your car into drive, then it's probably the compressor that has gone bad. if the compressor is coming on and you do not hear any air leaking, then your problem could be the height adjuster, located on the suspension bags themselves. Bronconvict: another possibility includes the compressor relay switch. This switch controlls the power to the air bag suspension compressor. This switch is known for burning out when the suspension compressor is working too hard. This can also be caused by a bad/corroded GEM module (due to notorious winshield leak). i had to replace "height sensor" on driver side . part was $200.

Why does the compressor run after turning off 1994 SSE Bonneville?

I would like the answer to this question also. AnswerWhen you say "after turning off 1994...", I'm assuming you mean turning off the A/C. The clutch on the compressor might be stuck, or the relay that controls it may be sticking. Try pulling the fuse or unplugging the compressor connector and seeing what it does. If it still runs, you've got a bad clutch on the compressor. IF YOU PULL THE CONNECTOR AT THE COMPRESSOR, MAKE SURE THE ENGINE IS OFF BEFORE YOU DO. Don't blame me if you get hung up in the belt.

Why would air compressor stop turning half way making clunking noise on 95 Thunder Bird?

Most likely you have a damaged - locking a/c compressor internally.............

How do you disable the air suspension compressor on a 1995 Lincoln Town Car?

I'm not sure why you would want to disable this.. There is an on and off switch in the trunk on the passenger side. In the off position the air compressor will not operate.

Would rear sensor to air suspension compressor make the motor not work 99 expedition?

No, a bad rear sensor to an air suspension compression would not directly make a motor not work. It can cause a battery to drain which would cause starting issues.Ê

How would the compressor housing feel when a unit has an overcharge of refrigerant?

A refrigerant compressor will be hot when running whether or not the charge is too high or too low. If the charge is too low, the compressor will cycle on and off. If too high the compressor may not run at all.

1995 Lincoln Continental air suspension compressor will not come on?

It sounds like your compressor was killed. What more than likely happend is that your airbag got a hole or crack in it causing the compressor to work overtime. I would recommend a conversion kit. This is a permanent fix to suspension problems. Try that is where I did my conversion about 5 years ago and have been very happy ever since. Good Luck

How do you locate and test the air compressor for air bags on a 1999 Lincoln navigator?

Not sure how you would test it, but it is located in between your battery and hood latch. I guess to make sure that it is turning on is have someone get in and start it up and put it in drive while you are standing there with the hood up. When mine is put in drive, the air compressor starts running to level it out... You should be able to hear it and put your hand on it and feel the compressor working...

Why does your ac stop blowing when you accelerate?

it shouldn't stop blowing, but the compressor will shut off momentarily while you accelerate to get slightly more horsepower than it would with the compressor running

Can I replace rear air suspension with standard shocks on 2001 aurora?

Yes, and you might want to do that if you air compressor is not working anymore. If the compressor is working, I would suggest continuing to use the air-shocks since you get the benefit of a load adjusted ride. I have used both Monroe and OEM AC Delco shocks, and they both work well. If you go with non-air shocks, make sure you disable the air compressor by pulling the fuse, etc. Otherwise the compressor may just keep running.

Do 24 in. rims fit on a 2002 eldorado?

Not without raising the suspension it would reduce your turning ability and would rub the wheel well.

If you take out the fuse for the air suspension compressor in the 1993 Lincoln town car but don't shut it off in the trunk can you damage the system if you have the vehicle towed?

No. Removing the fuse shuts off the power supply the same as turning the switch to the "OFF" position. I would recommend using the switch in the trunk.

Where is the air ride suspension compressor for a 1998 expedition located?

Under the hood on the passenger side front corner. If you are having trouble with you suspension and would like to get some answers please go check out Strutmasters they are really great and will be glad to help you with any of your suspension parts and shocks and struts.

Can a running track be made square?

no because the runners would have a hard time turning the corners.

What would cause the AC compressor to stop turning on in your 1997 Blazer?

Check the clutch and see if it needs replaced; more then likely the compressor came apart on the inside and you'll have to replace it, flush the lines, and replace the orfice.

What would cause the AC compressor and blower fan to not turn on even with good fuses on a 1997 Isuzu Rodeo?

You may need to replace the heater\ac control switch, it may be stuck in the off position which would prevent the blower and the ac compressor from turning on.

What would cause a knocking sound under the hood only when the air conditioner is running?

sounds like you ac compressor is about to crap out.

What is the noise you can hear buzzing 20 sec before turning the ignition on on a Lincoln Town Car?

i believe that would be your fuel pump it comes on when you turn the key to acc so you have adequite pressure when you start edit. it could be your air compressor for suspension.. mine comes on when i turn my key. runs for a minute and cuts off

Only one side of the suspension will air up on your 89 mark 7 does that mean something needs to be replaced?

Could be any number of things like a height sensor problem, bad airsprings on one side . bad wiring, especially under the battery tray where it gets eaten away by battery acid , bad suspension computer. Try turning the suspension switch off and on again with car running see if that works . Hope this helps Mark VII Heaven Markviiheaven is correct, Im going to add, try this, turn key to on position, you should be able to hear the compressor under the hood. Go to the side that is down, listen for air escaping (hissing) that way, you could narrow it down that way. If you find out it is a bag,I would suggest at least replacing them in pairs with a new dryer on the compressor. hope this helps