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Why would the piston second from the right not fire on a 92 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS?


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2011-09-13 17:24:02
2011-09-13 17:24:02

Check for fire and injector function. Check compression.

AnswerI have a 90 eclipse 1.8 sohc gs and my piston second from the right works one day but not the other. I told a mechanic this and checked it out and was baffled also. Potential problems where: piston ring broke, valve not opening all the way or closing all the way for no compression, fuel line, and somthing with the intake manifold to put a spray in it. I tried the spray and wasn't it, the piston ring is ok because the cylinder is working today. Mechanic held a sparkplug in it with a wrench and i started it up, it pushed the spark plug out so it had compression. The only thing was maybe fuel line, but i put those get gunk out bottles a couple times and problem still exhists. So the valve can be it, maybe it has too much carbon deposits for the exhaust one or camshaft is not opening it right. AnswerThis happened to my 1999 Mitsubishi eclipse and I think it is probably the same on your's. Advanced auto parts told me that cylinder 2 was misfiring. Spark plug was really burnt when I looked at it. Changed spark plug. Still misfired. Changed spark plug wires - PRESTO!.
  • The service engine light was still on, but I fixed that simply by unplugging the battery cable.

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The 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse OBD 2 port is on lower right edge of dash; next to kick panel

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Here's a few ways: The eclipse was scheduled for midnight. I own a Mitsubishi Eclipse. The right tackle eclipsed the fan he was speaking to.

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It depends. if you have a eclipse that was made by chrystler then it is the one box deep behind the radio mounted on the floor board. it looks like an ecu but chrystler put that under the hood. If its a Mitsubishi made eclipse then the ecu is right beside the tcu behind your radio. the tcu in the Mitsubishi made car is to the right on the pasengers side.

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Yes, "A" 1994 mitsubishi eclipse transmission will fit a 1992 mitsubishi eclipse, IF and only IF it's the right one 6 bolt fits 6 bolt and a 7 bolt fits a 7 bolt. Make sure you know Fwd and Awd and if it's 5 speed =)

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