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Will a 1992 ford aerostar with a 40 engine with a automatic transmission will the transmission fit a 1993 ford aerostar 30 engine?


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2006-01-23 05:49:47
2006-01-23 05:49:47

Its my understanding that the 92 and 93 Tranny is the same for the two years. It might make a difference if one is a electronic 4-wheel drive and the other is not.


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( No ) the 1997 Ford Explorer uses automatic transmissions that are ELECTRONICALLY controlled , where the 1992 model year is not ( P.S. I'm not a mechanic / technician )

The automatic transmission oil temperature sensor on a 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser is in the engine compartment. it is near the inlet/outlet tubes.


No it will not interchange. You need an Accord transmission from a 1990-1993.

You can use any SAE certified automatic transmission fluid in your 1992 Mitsubishi. You should never overfill your automatic transmission fluid.

if it is an automatic it should have a dipstick on the drivers side of the engine towards the rear of the engine and if it is a manual you fill it from a plug on the transmission itself

A518 is the transmission if it is an automatic, and if it is a manual then it is a Getrag 360.

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On a 1992 Ford F-150 the AUTOMATIC transmission fluid dipstick is near the firewall on the right side ( passenger side ) of the engine in the engine compartment The manual transmission does not have a dipstick , the fluid level is checked at the fill plug on the transmission underneath the vehicle

The 1992 Ford Explorer uses an A4LD automatic transmission

No, they are two completely different designs. aerostar is rear wheel drive ,taurus front wheel drive.

You are better taking off the engine with the transmission together, I have a 93' Vigor and changed the transmission and it pretty hard, there many bolts that are hard to get; if you need to changed your engine, it will be much easier taking the transmission off while the engine is off the vehicle..

yes, as long as the 1992 accord is also an automatic

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That would be the 4L80E automatic transmission.

1995 was the first year an electronically controlled automatic transmission was used in the Ford Explorer ( I believe it was called the 4R55E ) In the 1992 Ford Explorer an A4LD automatic transmission was used

The overdrive transmission that a 1992 Chevrolet C3500 would have is a 4L80E. It is a series of automatic transmissions from General Motors.

On a 1992 Ford Explorer : The automatic transmission fluid dipstick is on the right side ( passenger side ) of the engine , near the firewall ( the manual transmission fluid level is checked at the fill plug on the transmission , underneath the vehicle )

On the automatic transmission there are lines from the transmission to the transmission cooler that connect to the radiator

because the transmission is going out, it need rebuilt or replaced

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