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Will a 2003 gsxr 750 right rear set fit on a 2003 gsxr 1000?

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Answered 2008-08-25 19:26:29

Yes it will and is fully operational but it looks slightly differant.

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What size is the rear axle nut on a 2001 gsxr 1000?


Horsepower of 03 gsxr 1000 at the wheel?

the 2003 gsxr 1000 has 157 to rear wheels at 10,850 rpm but what is so likeable about the 03 is add a pipe and filter and your already hoverinng 165 170 wheel h.p. trust me i have one pushing 187 rearwheel horse

Will rims off a 2004 suzuki gsxr 1000 fit a 2005 suzuki hayabusa 1300?

No, not just bolt on and go, get the rear spacer from the gsxr wheel and install rear wheel with that spacer and remove te stock one that's on the Busa, then mill .125 off the rear brake caliper hanger so it tightens to the wheel.. as for the front you'll need the gsxr 1000 rotors too, as well as spacers from the gsxr for them to fit a Busa.

What is the best tire for a 2003 suzuki gsxr 1000?

michelin pilot power 2ct or race front tire 120-70zr 17 rear tire 180-55zr 17

How much horsepower does an 04 gsxr 1000 have?

Stock between 145-155 rear wheel HP.

Where is the oil dip stick on an older kawasaki mule?

if you have a 1000 there is no dipstich. only a sight glass to the rear of the right rear axle

What is the torque spec for 2005 gsxr 750 rear axel nut?

100 ft/lbs

Where is the battery in the 2003 BMW 525i?

in trunk, right side of rear panel.

Location of rear Expansion Valve 2003 Dodge Durango?

It is on the evaporator, inside the vehicle, under the trim on the right rear.

Where is the jack in a 2003 jeep liberty sport 4x4?

Jeep JackUnder the right rear seat. how do i get under the seat

What is the sprocket size on stock 2004 gsxr 600?

16 teeth in the front 45 teeth in the rear

Where is the oil drain plug for the gsxr 600?

The oil drain plug for a GSXR 600 is on the bottom of the motor, usually near the rear of the bike. You will need to remove the fairing to get to it, and it will be the largest "bolt" on the bottom of the bike.

How do you check the oil in a Kawasaki mule 1000?

There is a site glass on the right rear of the transaxle below the muffler.

Will a 2003 gsxr 750 rear seat fit on a 2005 gsxr 750?

nah 00-03 fits, 04-05 fits and 06-07 03 wont fit 05. nah 00-03 fits, 04-05 fits and 06-07 03 wont fit 05.

Where is the oil plug on a 2003 softail?

There is a tube on the right rear of the bike. right in front of the swing arm. It is a hex head bolt.

What size is the front sprocket on a suzuki gsxr 1000 K8?

I have a Rizla k8 and by looking at the service manual online for K8s it says 17T. I have a 16T up front though. Rear is 43T. Stock chain is DID530 VA9, 112 Links.

What is the torque spec for 2007 gsxr 600 rear axle nut?

72.5+tighten to align cotter pin hole

Where is the PCV valve on a 2003 Lexus es300?

It is near the rear spark plug bank the right side

Where is the computer module on 2003 mercury mountaineer?

The computer module in a 2003 Mercury Mountaineer is located behind the rear right panel in the truck space. The rear right seat belt panel must be removed and then the lower panel. The module is located beneath a green plug.

How do you replace rear shocks 2003 altima?

How do you replace rear shocks on a 2003 altima?

How do you change batterys in E320?

what year??? 1998 - 2002 its under the rear seat on the passengers side 2003 - current it is in the right rear of the trunk, good luck

Where is the radio antenna on a 1999-2003 Ford Windstar?

Inside the right rear window - it's the wiring molded into it.The Windstar radio antenna is molded into the right rear window glassits simple really look on the right rear vent window it looks like a defroster but it is not it is a built in antennaNever mind, just found it. It's in the right rear vent window.

Where is the egr valve on your 2003 ford ranger 4.0?

right rear corner of the intake manifold near the firewall

What is the clicking noise coming from the right rear panel of a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer EXT?

heat/ac actuator

Where is the speedometer sensor on a 2003 harley Davidson road king?

top right side of the transmission, toward the rear.