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If you hear a clicking sound, replace the starter. If you hear nothing, it could be the ignition switch, or starter. If it cranks slowly, replace the starter.

In addition, a corroded battery terminal, bad cable, or loose ground strap to chassis.

Turn over = attempring to start or actually start?

Check the cable that goes to the starter check the main fuse

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No modern vehicle will engage the starter motor unless the neutral switch is engaged. If it isn't turning over at all, this is just one possible reason why. Try moving the gear selector from "P" to "N", if it's an automatic and try it again. If it's a standard transmission, make sure you're pushing the clutch pedal right to the floor and make sure that nothing (floor mat, dead squirrel, junk food packaging, etc.) is getting in the way.

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Q: With a battery system fully charged what would cause a vehicle not to turn over?
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Why is your car not starting and the battery keeps dying?

Possibly a bad alternator. The Alternator charges the battery when the vehicle is running. If the battery is not being charged this could cause the vehicle not to start.

What would cause a good battery to not stay charged on a buick park avenue 86?

ALTERNATOR OR THE BATTERY GROUND WIRE Have you tried checking your Alternator? I know this is why mine on my vehicle would not stay charged..

Why Acura Integra will not start and alternator clicks when turning key?

I seriously doubt that it's the alternator that's doing the clicking. Most likely it's the starter. Check the battery, a discharged battery can cause that problem. Have the battery charged then start the vehicle and drive it to a shop that can check the charging system. Many auto parts retailers will test the charging system for you.

What does it mean if check power light comes on and loss of power.?

The check power light on a vehicle is a warning indicator. A common cause of this is a improperly charged battery.

Could bad battery terminals cause a car to not start?

Yes they could be cleaned and battery charged

What would cause a Chevy s10 blazer not to start sometimes with a charged battery It will jump start?

Have the battery load tested at your local auto parts store, even though you think you have it charged it may be bad. Have the charging system tested also.

Can you charge a 6 volt battery with 12 volt charger?

No. The battery will be charged at a rate which is 2* the normal rate. This will cause the battery to overheat which might cause it to explode.

Can you charge 12 volt battery with 6 volt charger?

No. The battery will be charged at a rate which is 2* the normal rate. This will cause the battery to overheat which might cause it to explode.

Can you charge a 12 volt battery with a 6 volt charger?

No. The battery will be charged at a rate which is 2* the normal rate. This will cause the battery to overheat which might cause it to explode.

What makes a car sputter?

A malfunctioning battery can't provide enough power to your ignition system when the motor is idling can cause sputtering. If there is not enough gas, that can cause your vehicle to sputter. If the spark plugs fail to fire will also cause your vehicle to sputter.

Does a dead battery cause the alternator to not work after it is charged?

A battery is nothing more than a storage device for electric power. The alternator changes the kinetic energy given off by the engine into electrical energy. If the battery can be charged and store energy but the battery keeps discharging after you use the vehicle, check the alternator. If someone accidentally reversed polarity EVEN BRIEFLY while jump-starting the vehicle the diode plate is probably destroyed and you will have to replace or repair the alternator.

How does an alternator work and I have a 93 F150 truck with a new battery and I know the alternator is bad would this cause the truck not to start at all even with a new battery?

Even a new battery cannot start and run the vehicle for long without the charge it needs from the alternator. The battery has a certain amount of reserve power meant to start the vehicle only, then the power supplied by the alternator keeps a constant flow of power going to the battery to keep it charged enough to run the electrical system of the car. The electrical system, especially in late model vehicles pulls a large amount of electricity, so without that constant flow to replace the high draw, the battery is drained of its reserve. If you have driven the vehicle with a malfunctioning alternator, then parked it, chances are there is just not enough power to turn the vehicle over and start it again, as it has been drained completly.If you charged the battery on a charger, it would,(if a bad alternator is your problem)start and run the vehicle again, but just until the battery is drained.

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