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The second fuel pump is a high pressure pump and it sounds like the pressure is not high enough. Don't know why they set it up like that but the first pump delivers gas to the second pump and the second pump gives you the pressure.Hope that helps

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โˆ™ 2005-10-18 02:01:54
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Q: You have a 1988 ford ranger 23 long bed it has two fuel pumps just replaced the one in the tank you can spray starter fluid in the intake and she starts right up checked fuel pump relay its good also?
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Why wont the starter on a 1992 Ford Ranger disengage?

Your starter has gone bad and will need to be replaced unless you can take the starter to an automotive electrician and he may be able to fix it.

Why wont the new starter you replaced on your 93 ford ranger 4 cylinder disengage after starting engine?

Check and or replace your starter solenoid.

Where is the starter located on a 2004 Ford ranger?

The 2004 Ford Ranger starter is located on the right hand side of the engine. The starter will be at the back of the engine.

1993 Ford Ranger 3.0L when you turn ignition there is a click and about a second delay then the engine starts it only does this when cold not warm already replaced starter solenoid so what now?

resistance somewhere in starter circuit

How much would it Cost to replace starter in 1994 Ford Ranger?

I had mine replaced today and they also replaced the oil and air filters and the total cost was $370 with tax. I live in Baton Rouge, LA.

Where is the oil separator on a 1994 ford ranger?

underneth the intake underneth the intake

Where is the starter solenoid for a 1989 ford ranger 4 Cly?

Yes I just replaced the solenoid for my Ranger and it is located on the passenger side right side panel under the hood right in eyes veiw. Hope this helps. Val

Why would a newly installed starter on a 88-89 Ford Ranger 4x4 try to start as soon as the battery is connected?

or, you need a new starter celiniod* i dont see how you could of switched sides of the celiniod when u only replaced the starter *spelling error, i know

Where is the starter in a Ford Ranger 1999?

In my 2002 ranger, the starter is bolted to the bell housing on the driver's side of the transmission. there are two 15mm bolts holding it in.

Have a 1990 Ford Ranger that wont start or turn over?

There are several reasons why a 1990 Ford Ranger won't start or turn over. The truck may need plugs, the starter may need replaced, or the battery may be dead.

What are the intake manifold torque specs for a 1999 Ford Ranger pickup 3.0L V6?

What are the torque specs for 99 ford ranger 3.0L intake manifold?

I have replaced the alternator starter and the solenoid on my 1991 Ford Ranger and when you disconnect the battery cable it kills the engine. What else can be wrong?

Never disconnect a battery while an engine is running!

What were the power rangers in 1994?

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1984 ford ranger just had the clutch replaced when you got it back the starter sounds like they left a tool in there you have battled with the repair shop since you have been through 3 starters since?

it may be that your flywheel is loose, and the starter is jumping the teeth,

Where is the Intake Air Temperature sensor located on a 1993 ford ranger?

on the intake manifold on the driverside.

Where is the starter solenoid on 97 ford ranger?

it is located on the side of the stater it will come when you remove the starter

Where is the starter at on a 89 Ford Ranger?

attached to your transmission

97 Ford Ranger ignition clicks when trying to start it Starts after key is turned on many times-up to 100 Starter battery neutral safety switch are replaced Terminals grounds check What next?

first thing i wouldn't try to start the motor more than a few times, and then let the starter cool down, then try again. the starter solenoid may have bad brushes and need rebuilt, or the starter relay may be defective and need replaced.

Where is the EGR valve on a 2002 2.3L Ford Ranger Does the intake manifold have to be removed to replace it?

no its out side of the intake

Why wont my 2000 ford ranger start I checked the gas filter and line both are fine Ive never changed the spark plugs but I thought it might be the distributor cap Any suggestions?

check out the starter......

Is there a ground wire that goes from the starter to the frame of a ford ranger?

To my knowledge, there is no cable that grounds the starter to the frame. The starter is grounded when is bolted to the flywheel housing.

Where is starter solenoid located on a 93 Ford Ranger?

on your starter which should be next to the oil pan on the underside of your truck

What ammo replaced the black talon?

Ranger SXT.

Can a oil pump be replaced on 1994 Ford Ranger 4.0 without pulling motor?

Can the oil pump be replaced on 1994 Ford Ranger 4.0 without pulling motor?

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