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I have a 98 Windstar (3.8L)and the Vehicle Speed Sensor (code p1538) is located just above the transaxle passenger (right) side and is accessible from the passenger side (right) front wheel well. Although it is simple to remove and replace (one bolt and one electrical connector), it is not simple to get to unless you have a hoist. You have to lift up all four wheels and disable the auto-levelling suspension first. Then you have to remove the right front wheel and the rear wheel well panel to get to the part. Because I did not have a hoist (or four jack stands) I had pep boys do the work (about $50.00 labor). The part at auto stores runs about $15.00 if you have electronic (digital read-out) odometer, or about $28.00 if you have manual (or analog) odometer. However, mine turned out to be different alltogether and I had to buy the dealer part (none other would fit) for about $48.00. Turn Key at Pep Boys was about $100.00 Finally, make certain the new part has a new O-ring to prevent leakage. If not you might be have more problems down the road. All the ones I looked at (AutoZone and Pep Boys) came with the O-ring.

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Q: You have a 1999 ford windstar and trying to locate were the speed sensor is can anyone help?
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