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Is the pressure in spec? Check for a possible restriction hydrolically if under. It may have nothing to do with the power steering system however. IF you get the front end off the ground, withe the wheels turns easly when you grab one side at the 3 & 9 o'clock position? IF tight, disconnect the tie rod ends and again try turning them to check for ball joint stiffness trouble. If tightness is gone, check back into the rack or tie rods, if you had a car, the strut bearing would be questionable also.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-01 01:31:40
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Q: You have a 99 Dodge Ram 4x4 the power steering started to act up so you replaced the power steering pump twice However it still is hard to turn and pulses can anyone come up with what the problem?
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What is the problem with a berlina commodore when the steering locks at start up the steering is heavy after startup I put in park then rev and theres a click then steering light?

someone said torque converter. mechanic tried replacing high pressure hose but problem still there. I thought power steering pump cos it was replaced December 2012 and problem started soon after. mechanic (bates) said the problem is hard to diagnose. this information was added by the original poster

If a 1991 Legend LS will crank but not turn over what could be the problem?

I had the same problem with my legend and I replaced the main relay: Started right up!

93 Camry with 150k miles. It started to develop a shake that is only during acceleration and only between 50 and 60 mph. Replaced tires replaced right and left front axles. Steering wheel does'n shake?

It might be your transmition...

1985 Nissan 200sx battery was replaced and now the car won't engage to start?

First, why was the battery replaced? If there was a pre-existing problem (like a bad starter, for example), replacing the battery will not solve the problem. If, however, the car started fine before battery replacement, then the problem could be that the battery terminals (clamps) were not sufficiently tightened. Don't laugh, but there have been instances where the plastic cap(s) covering the new battery's positive and negative terminals were not removed (duh!). Remove those plastic caps.

How do you reset the airbag indicator on a 2002 Lincoln LS?

mine just started the same thing. my mechanic says that he replaced a wire within the steering wheel and that did it for another vehicle - same model, year.

What could the squeaking coming from under the front end of your 95 Eddie baurer be also you had the bushings replaced two years ago?

The squeak possibly could be tierods. My '98 Mercury had a bit of a squeak coming from under the front and I figured it to be just old car sounds coming on. The steering started getting a bit tight and shaky, from there I was told the steering trouble was undiagnosable, but the tirods needed replacement and the squeaking was what alerted them to that. I went to a different mechanic to have that fixed and they told me the steering trouble was definitely related to the tierod. After they replaced that the squeak and steering trouble was gone.

The steering wheel on your 98 dodge ram started shaking everytime you turn the wheel also from the engine is a sort of a knocking noise whenever you turn the wheel any ideas?

It sounds like the inner steering shaft. I had the same problem on a 1997 Dodge Ram.

My Jeep Grand Cherokee Larado has no spark to the spark plugs is it a computer problem?

I have a 1993 Jeep GC Larado also. Recently I didn't have spark either. I replaced my coil: didn't fix the problem. Then I started to think that it might be as simple as a fuse. There is a fuse panel under the hood where all the ABS controls are, inside is a 20amp fuse that controls the ignition. Mine was blown, once I replaced it, the vehicle started perfectly.

93 Frontera Horn has started sounding when you turn the wheel How do you disconnect the horn Where is it I have already disconnected the alarm It is definitely the horn?

The problem is the horn ring under the steering wheel, not the horn.

Why is a 1994 Toyota Celica hard to start on cold mornings?

I am trying to find out the same answer...I've replaced the battery and it didn't change anything. I took it to a local Auto Parts store where they tested the starter and said it was fine. I've noticed mine started during cold weather, but from time to time has the same problem whether hot or cold. I also just replaced the power steering pump. Good luck! I love my 94 Celica!!

Why do your wipers and turn signals not work after you changed fuses On my 1990 LeBaron v6 convertible?

If the problem started after you replaced a fuse, you need to check that the fuse is good and installed properly.

How to fix a air ride system on a cadillac?

I had a problem with my 97 deville air ride and the fuse in the trunk labeled RSS was missing so I replaced it and the shocks started working.

I don't have any dash lights or gauges working What do I need to do for a Jeep Comanche?

I had a 1986 cj that had the same problem. Couldn't find the problem until the dimmer switch on the floorboard went out. Replaced the switch and the gauge lights started to work.

Your 1999 Ford Explorer Sport was smoking and lost power steering saw that serpentine belt broke Replaced belt and it started up but now its leaking anti-freeze the check engine light is on help?

Water pump

What replaced the toga in Roman attire?

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1997 Town and Country LXI gauges will not respond and engine will not stay started when key is turned?

I had the same problem and found it was the "Map sensor" I replaced it and the car runs fine now

When you turn on your heater in your 2002 trailblazer it acts like it wants to die you replaced a battery and this is when the problem started?

Sounds like a pulley may be freezing up. Have a mechanic check the pulleys.

Why are your brake lights not working?

I'm not sure this will help but I have 1998 XLT that had the same no brake light issue. When I adjusted the tilt steering the lights started working. The problem I found was in the main light harness coming from the steering column. When the steering was tilted down the wire that controlls the tail lamps would short to ground. I actually had to unwrap the harness and repair the wire to resolve this issue.

How do you oil a squeaky steering wheel on a 2004 GMC Sierra pickup?

I have a 2004 Sierra as well and am experiencing the same problem. Only started happening when it got really hot outside. My leafsprings started squeaking as well. If you find a solution let me know. Good Luck.

What is a loud noise that suddenly started in my mini cooper engine 2003 and wont go away?

Does the pitch of the noise changes as you turn the steering wheel? Then I believe it is your power steering pump and very common problem for first generation Minis. If not, i think it is your cooling fan somehow running very loud.

Can i have a bad battery if i get a jump and it don't stay started?

yes your battery may be duff, however it would be worth getting your charge rate checked by a garage as the problem can also mean an alternator problem

Why does your car idle up and down when started but then it warms up and idle evenly1994 Honda civic ex?

My mechanic (who I trust) replaced my O2 sensor and exhaust manifold and the problem went away.

When was the GATT started?

It began in 1948 and was replaced in 1955 by WTO.

Your 2003 Jeep Liberty just started making a strained-like sound in the mornings This occurs when you turn the steering wheel but doesn't seem to affect how the car handles you check the power steerin?

Yes, check that the power steering fluid is at the correct fill level. This sound is more common in cold climates and in the winter time. It could also indicate that the power steering pump has wear. You can have it checked and possibly replaced if needed.

1993 Chevy pickup battery dies if not started regularly is there something drawing on the battery?

I have a 1993 silverado that was doing the same thing, and the problem turned out to be a bad regulator inside my brand new alternator. Ireplaced it and went ahead and replaced the battery, I haven't had the problem since! Hope this helps. I have a 1993 silverado that was doing the same thing, and the problem turned out to be a bad regulator inside my brand new alternator. Ireplaced it and went ahead and replaced the battery, I haven't had the problem since! Hope this helps.