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Your oil pressure gauge remains at 80 all the time?


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If your oil pressure is remaining that high, I suggest having it checked with a manual pressure guage to see if the reading is accurate. It sounds to me as if you might have a bad oil sending unit. After checking it manually you may be pleasantly surprised to find that a new oil pressure sending unit will solve your problem. good luck.


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It means the filter needs replacement

Gauge pressure is what you get when you take the reading from your tire pressure gauge. Absolute pressure is the pressure inside your tires plus the atmospheric pressure, which is roughly; 14.7 psi, 101.3 kPa (kilo-Pascals), or one atmosphere. Absolute pressure measures all of the pressure on your tires, inside and out, whereas gauge simply measures the pressure inside the tire.

boost pressure, as you call it, will not show on gauge,if you have one, while engine is at idle the turbo pressure does not boost but runs all the time according to the revs of engine

The very first thing you should see is the oil pressure gauge start to indicate pressure. (This is assuming you have an oil pressure gauge, but all large trucks have them.) If you don't have any pressure within five seconds, turn the engine off.

Omega is a great company for all of your pressure gauge needs! They have been selling gauges for decades, and I'm sure you can find everything you need there!

weak oil pump, worn crank shaft bearing, or a bad oil pressure gauge all these can be contributing factors. Best place to start is with the pressure gauge.

Oil pressure shouldn't register at all until the engine starts and builds up pressure.


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Have to remove oil gauge sending unit and check pressure with a master gauge. Sender or gauge could be faulty. I would not suspect the pump unless you see signs. First of all, does the gauge have pressure when the oil is cold? If it does and the pressure drops off when the oil gets hot, then you cold have a pump or relief valve problem. Removing the pump and inspecting should be your last resort.

Take the wire loose from the oil sending unit and then turn the key on and ground the wire to the engine somewhere and the gauge in the truck should go all the way past the highest point. If it don't then the gauge in the dash is bad are the wire going to it ( The 1 you grounded ) is broken. If the gauge is reading low oil pressure, Then unscreew the oil sending unit on the engine just behind the distributor, were you took the wire loose from. Then install a OIL PRESSURE GAUGE into it's place. Then start the engine and read the pressure, Now compare the reading on the dash gauge to what you are reading on the oil gauge.

Sounds like a new pressure gauge sender is in order. That actual pressure would be virtually unattainable under normal working operation in your motor (10 psi per 1000 rpm is a good rule of thumb for proper oil pressure, a greater ratio at lower rpm is fine, the opposite, not so much), so it is definitely an improper reading of the gauge. If it is the factory dash gauge you are obtaining these readings from, it is also possible that the needle itself on the gauge cluster has simply loosened slightly, not enough to fall off, but just enough to swing into the improper location. If it is an aftermarket gauge, again, re-check the pressure sender.

Most likely the oil pressure sending unit is defective, replace.

A potential bad gauge or sender unit in the tank would cause it to read full all the time.

Install a gauge in the plumbing. Usually 1/4" pipe thread. Or you can use a tire gauge and check the pressures on the Schrader valve on the tank. With the Pump on, you will be reading system pressure. With the pump off and all water pressure released from the system, you are reading tank pressure.

Try and disconnect the wire on the pressure switch located on the top rear side of engine near were transmission hooks up and see does pressure go down if so it's a bad switcg

Cluster means all the gauges and warning lights on a vehicle i.e. fuel gauge,temp gauge speedometer, odometer, oil pressure warning lights etc.

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You may need a new pressure gauge. They are inexpensive and can be found at any place that sells pool products. OR That may be all that you are going to get out of the system you have.

I'm not sure if this is your issue but the "oil pressure" gauge should max out (about 5 Bar) when the engine is cold and first started. Porsches use fairly reliable VDO gauges! As your oil warms up the pressure should settle halfway (2.5 bar on one of my Porsches and 3 bar on the other). If the pressure gauge is stuck at 5 bar all the time, then chances are the sender unit needs replacement or cleaning.

AnswerWhat do you mean by haywire? Without more information, all I can tell you to do right now is to replace the filter you are using with an AC/Delco filter. The oil pressure sending unit may be defective if you are getting erratic readings. I mean that the water temp gauge needle goes way past the point to where it bottoms out and so does the battery volt gauge needle and the oil pressure gauge needle and the tach needle works when it wants to.

All tanks lose pressure over time.

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