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Yes. A person cannot become President of the U.S. unless they are a natural born citizen (like President Obama, for example):

Section 1 of Article Two of the US Constitution gives the eligibility requirements for serving as President of the United States:

"No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

The Congressional Research Service has stated that "the weight of scholarly legal and historical opinion indicates that the term [natural born citizen] means one who is entitled under the Constitution or laws of the United States to US citizenship 'at birth' or 'by birth' which includes any child born 'in' the United States, even to alien parents (other than to foreign diplomats serving their country), the children of United States citizens born abroad, and those born abroad of one citizen parent who has met U.S. residency requirements."

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Yes he is. Like his father Fred, Donald Trump is a native New Yorker. Donald was born in Jamaica Estates, Queens, New York on June 14, 1946. His mother Mary, however, was not born in the US: she came here from Scotland, and is a naturalized citizen.

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Yes, The US president is a US citizen.

In all other countries, No. Most presidents in other countries are forbidden from holding citizenship in Another Country.

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Yes, it is one of the Constitutional requirement to be President.

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you have to be born a us citizen to be president

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Q: Do you have to be an US citizen to be the president of the US?
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Which US President is not an American citizen?

To become US President you have to be a born US citizen.

Does a us president have to be us citizen since birth?

Yes, the president must be born a US citizen.

What if only father is US citizen and in the military. Is child a US natural born citizen and be able to run for president?

If one of the parents is a US citizen, the child is a natural born US citizen. Yes, they can run for president.

How long do you have to be in the US to be president?

You have to be a natural born citizen in the US to be President.

What is a US president born in the US?

A native-born US citizen. This is not necessary to be president however, you need only be a natural-born US citizen.

Is President Alejandro Toledo a US citizen?

No, he is a citizen of Peru.

Can a naturilize citizen be president of US?


Does the president have to be a native of the US?

He has to be a citizen.

Is Melania Trump a US citizen?

No such criteria exists, nor does the husband of a US President have to be US Citizen.

What is the citizen relationship to the president?

I think you want to hear that the president must be a native born US citizen.

Do you need to be an American citizen to run for president of the US?

Yes, you do. But you can't be a citizen of any American nation. You have to be a citizen of the US.

Can a naturalized citizen become a senator?

A naturalized citizen can be a US Senator, although not the US President.