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The teachings of Islam are very simple and based on human nature. All the Prophets (about 1, 24, 000) preached Islam. It does not bind a person in unnecessary shackles and bounds. One has to Worship ONE and ONLY Almighty God NO SON, NO Parents, NO Partner, No Associate) and fear none else. There is no priesthood are going to jungles and shirking from human beings in Islam. A Muslim spends a normal life with his spouse and children. All human beings are the off-spring of Hazrat Adam (AS). They are equal in the eyes of Almighty God. There is No Caste System or discrimination on the bases of color. These simple teachings of Islam appealed to the Africans, Asians, Europeans and all others who studied Islam to seek guidance of Almighty Allah Karim. and they embraced Islam.

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The spread of Islam led to a huge changes in Europe, Africa, and Asia. The Byzantine Empire lost over 2/3 of its territory in less than a century and making Christianity a predominantly European religion. The Sassanian Empire was completely engulfed. Spain became a battleground between Christianity and Islam for nearly 700 years. India and China had a large demographic increase of Muslims along their western frontiers. West Africa saw a golden age of imperial growth south of the Sahara. Sultanates developed in Indonesia that were able to control large swathes of the archipelago.

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Islam ideas were spread from Africa to Europe. And Christianity ideas were spread from Europe to Africa.

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Q: How might trade between Africa and Europe have affected the spread of Islam and Christianity?
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