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The states decided to send representatives at the request of Virginia, acting on James Madison's urging, to meet and amend the Articles of Confederation. There had been rebellions in the countryside (Shay's Rebellion most prominently) and some states (Rhode Island for example) had their state legislatures flooded with farmers who passed debtor relief laws. The 1780s are known as the Time of Troubles, because the Articles of Confederation were too weak to work against the power of a spiteful British Empire. The states did not send representatives to draft a new Constitution, but rather to amend the current Articles of Confederation. The delegates that were sent decided to make a whole new document without the permission of their states.

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Q: Why did the states decide to send representatives to a constitutional convention in 1787?
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What were the states' representatives to the Constitutional convention known as?

These reps were called delegates.

What did the constitutional convention decide to call the leader of the country?

they gave to much power to the states

Number of states represented the Constitutional convention?

there were 12 states that were represented in the constitutional convention

What was the meeting in Philadelphia in may of 1787?

The Constitutional Convention, where the modern day Constitution for the United States was written.

How can there be a Constitutional Convention of individual states?

If 3/4 of the states decide to hold a constitutional convention, there will be one. There have been a number of attempts made to hold such a convention but each attempt has contained a caveat. That way states could vote for one without any danger that one would actually happen.

Why did the Constitutional Convention of 1787 agreed to create a bicameral legislature?

The framers agreed to create the United States Senate and House of Representatives as a compromise. During the Constitutional Convention, framers disagreed on whether or not the legislative branch of government should represent the states equally or based on population. As such, the Senate has an equal number of 2 representatives for each state, and the House of Representatives has a certain number of representatives for each state depending on population.

In 1787 representatives of the states got together at the Constitutional Convection. what was done at this convention?

The delegates at the Constitutional Convention were able to create a Continental army. They also drafted the Declaration of Independence and created a bicameral legislature.

What happened at the Constitutional Convention?

Delegates wrote the United States Constitution (APEX)

The Constitutional Convention was held in the city of?

The constitutional convention helped lay the framework on which the United States of America was built. The convention was held in Philadelphia.

What states did not attend the Constitutional Convention?


What compromise adopted to the constitutional convention permitted slave holding states to partially count slaves in order to increase representation in the house of representatives?

three-fifths compermise

A proposed law or constitutional amendment the legislature ask voters to decide on?

In some states, an automatic ballot referrals allows voters to decide at regular intervals whether to hold a convention.