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The tumblers in the key cylinder have most likely become stuck in the wrong position and you will have to replace the ignition key cylinder.

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Q: Why escalade ignition switch does not turn?
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Ignition switch will not turn Replace?

Ignition switch 2002 Chrysler sebring. Original key will not turn? Is there a fuse or replace the switch?

Your grand am ignition wont turn off?

change ignition switch and/or tumbler

Why won't my ignition switch turn back into lock position after changing the ignition switch?

Ur life suck that why

Do you have to turn on the switch to reset the tire pressure light?

Yes, the ignition switch must be in the ignition position -not- the accessory position.

My 1995 F-250 will not turn off when I turn the ignition key off what could be the problem?

Defective ignition switch.

How do you reset oil maintenance required on a Toyota Avensis?

Set the multi-information display to TRIP A. Turn the ignition switch off. Press and hold the ODO / TRIP switch, and turn the ignition switch on (IG). After turning the ignition switch on (IG), keep holding the switch for at least 5 seconds.

What causes ignition switch to not turn an engine over?

A bad connection inside the ignition switch will keep it from turning the engine over.

99 Jeep Cherokee Laredo stay running after turn off the ignition switch?

99 jeep Cherokee Laredo stay running after turn off the ignition switch?

Your 1999 Grand Am will not turn over when you turn the key on?

BAttery?, starter? ignition switch?

Key turn truck on but will not turn truck off?

Probably a bad ignition switch.

How do you turn on the Honda Accord?

Turn the ignition switch clockwise until it starts, then release.

Why can you turn your ignition on and crank but when you turn the ignition off the ignition lights stay on?

Could be either a bad ignition switch or a bad voltage regulator (not opening circuit on shut-down)

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