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You are getting a feedback voltage from somewhere. Take it to a garage that has a good electrical mechanic as this purbably will be a hard one to find.

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Q: If your tail lights stays on when the car is on or off you have no brake lights and you have to remove the fuse to turn it off what should you do?
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When vehicle is off the brake light stays on?

=I don't know about the brake lights. I know that most cars, when you turn it off and get out, the head lights and main backlights stays on for a while but then goes off. The brake lights? Maybe it's the way that car is or something is wrong with the brake or you have it on wrong.=

HONDA 1994 brake light in dash stays on checked brake lights there are okay?

check brake fluid

Why the brake light stays on with out keys?

The brake lights work without the key on, so you have a problem with your brake light switch.

1992 Chevy caprice brake light stays on but the brakes are off?

brake light plunger switch on the brake pedal maybe faulty, remove it and connect the two wires together and pull apart and see if lights go on and off

Where is the rear brake oil input in a 2006 Yamaha v star?

my brake lights stays on wile driving how can i fix it

2001 chey blazer brake lights dont work third brake stays on?

The 2001 Chevy Blazer brake lights may not work and the third bake stays on because the current light needs to be replaced. A replacement brake light can be purchased at an Auto Parts store like Pep Boys.

Why is the epc light showing on vw polo 05 and brake lights have failed?

abs light stays on

What if your brake light stays on on your Mazda Protege?

there is a brake switch under the brake pedal. This is a button that pretty much controls the break lights. you might need to replace this or look through the fuse box under the hood. (blue 15) is the fuse that powers the brake lights.

Park lights stays on after car turn off on my 2001 elantra?

If parking lights stay on after the car is turned off on a 2001 Hyundai Elantra than the brake switch is malfunctioning. The brake switch turns off when pressed in and if it does not work the lights of the vehicle will stay on.

How do you reset the brake warning lights on 325i BMW?

The brake indicator light tests continuity to your brake lights and activates if continuity is broken. This means one of the bulbs is out or there is a problem in the wiring to the lights. The light also comes on when you start your car and stays on for a few seconds along with the flashing "check" signal on your dash. If you wait or push the check button above your rear view mirror the lights should go out. If the brake indicator light doesnt go out check your brake lights and make repairs if necessary. The light should function correctly after the bulb is replaced or wiring is repaired. If not you may have a malfunction in your active check control system wich is behind the panel of lights above your mirror.

Brake lights are working but light stays on in a 91 acura legend dash. How can I turn it off?

Check BRAKE fluid level. Or is it a "tail lamp" warning? Y-THINK-Y

What does it mean when your brake light stays on?

if you mean the brake light on the dash... fill your brake fluid as it's probably low If you mean the brake lights outside the car, your switch is shorted and needs replacement, or you need to lift your foot off the pedal

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