Instagram is an app that allows you to take free photos and share them with friends or people all across the world. Instagram allows you to transform photos with different filters and upload directly to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Instagram was purchased by Facebook for $1 billion in April of 2012.

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Who has the most followers on Instagram?

The top 3 Instagram accounts with the most followers (as of September 2014) are:

  1. Instagram (57,848,878)
  2. Justin Bieber (21,203,100)
  3. Kim Kardashian (18,529,841)
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What does xd mean on Instagram?

When XD is in all caps it's a face smiling really big with closed or crossed eyes. Turn your head to the left and you'll see it(:


What does S4S mean on Instagram?

It means Share for Share - you share their pictures, they will share yours.

Mindless Behavior (band)

What is mindless behavior Instagram names?

Princeton : @princemisfit Roc royal : @spiffy_tho Ray ray : @raytrendyme Prodigy : @prodigy_moonwalker


What’s the “until tomorrow” challenge?

The until tomorrow challenge is where someone posts a picture (or a gallery of pictures) to their main Instagram account that’s somewhat unflattering or silly, captioning it with some version of “until tomorrow.” They then keep track of who likes the picture. After 24 hours, they delete the photo and send a message to everyone who liked it saying they have to do the same thing. And so on.

It popped up mid-March, and I doubt it will continue much longer, since everybody will soon know not to double tap any pics with this cryptic message attached.

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Can people see who viewed their Instagram pics via twitter?

Actually no, but it notifies you when someone likes your picture or comments on it though you are using to buy followers or likes.

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How do you repost on Instagram?

To repost take a screenshot and then go to Instagram if you are not already there, then you go to the camera and hit the photo gallery button. Then, pick the picture and size it as you please then you can post it.


How old do you have to be to get an Instagram?

Anyone can join starting at age 8 preferred at age 10

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Reset password of a mini SDumesh?

The SD card has the passwords enforced at the electronics level and it is hard to crack the password with software brute-forcing tools. (SD stands for Secure digital, if you are a tech person see the section about passwords in the document : )

there are hardware reset tools, and most will cost you as much as buying a new memory card.

if you have used the memory card with a phone or other devices which stores the sd password internally, [to avoid prompting for the password every time], there is a narrow chance you can recover it from the device. there is an article of this sort at

below are posts by other members, i do not think any of them will work, you can give your try and update the answer here if you are successful.

get a memory card reader and link it to you computer when you do that go search the root files and look for a file called mmc. when you find the file it will have a bunch of symbols and lines look for any sequence of numbers/letters then enter it on you phone. the other thing is you can go and format the memory stick but the only problem about this is that some phones require that you give them a pass before formatting so that might not work

buy new one...

I had this problem too, inserted in a Nokia N73 and formates it by Tool>Memory>Format memory car

me think it's the easiest way

cause I dont think there would be a program find it or with out erasing the data no result found in search


format using your computer

Taylor Swift

What is Taylor swifts Instagram username?


Buick LeSabre

Is there any way you can take the dash off of a 1995 Buick Lesabre by yourself?

It is very complicated and necessary to have a manual telling you how it's done. I would take it to an auto trim shop. First, you'll need to remove the wood trim from the dash. It is held in by a series of clips, so it's just a matter of carefully popping the trim out. Once the wood trim pieces are removed, next you'll remove the vents from the black trim of the dash. Turn them all the way to one side and pull as best as you can. They will pop out (although you might need a screwdriver to wedge in behind if they don't come right out). Removing the wood trim and vents will reveal approximately 10 (don't recall the exact #) torx head screws. Remove those, and then you can remove the black dash panel (you might need to shift the car into neutral to get the panel out).

Niall Horan

Does Niall Horan have an Instagram what is his user name?

yep! its "nialler1993" he confirmed his instagram, and that is his ONLY account though many have made fakes:) best of luck! #directioner


How do you get more followers on Instagram?

One way is by tagging commonly used words such as #igdaily #instagram #contest #winner #look #me. Also by having interesting pictures and communicating with your followers through comments.


How do you repost something on Instagram?

Take a screenshot of the picture you want to repost by pressing the power button and home button at the same time, then post the screenshot.

Or downolad InstaRepost App from iTunes - it's free and allows you to repost pics in 2 taps.

Justin Bieber

Is Justin Bieber on Instagram?

Yes. His name's @justinbieber. The link to his Instagram is below.


How do you block someone on Instagram?

First, go to their profile page. Then, touch the Settings button in the upper-right hand corner. There will be a button that says "Block user".


Where can I buy Instagram followers?

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How do you gain Instagram followers?

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Is Instagram appropriate for 11year olds?

it depends on what they are posting and seeing. They should be atleast 13 years old.


Is Instagram safe for 10year olds?

yes because you can put it on private which only you and your friends can see.

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How can you delete comments on YouTube?

You can delete youtube comments by clicking remove next to your comment, but only on your own videos.

You can delete coments on youtube if they're on your own videos by just pressing delete beside the comment but if its not on your video i think you just can report abuse or spam or whatever it is that you will like to remove.

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How can you put your home up for auction?

I think you must have to visit this link there you will found many real estate dealers and agent also thyat they will work for you.


Can people see who viewed their Instagram photos?

Not if all they did was look at it. But if they like it, or leave a comment on it, you will be alerted for that.


What happens when you block someone on Instagram?

They can't see any of your information such as bio, pictures, etc.


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