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This category description is for questions about the Alex Rider book series. It was written by Anthony Horowitz, and has been adapted into a screenplay.

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How many words in Stormbreaker novel?

I counted 179 words on one page, so times it by the number of pages in my copy, which is 236, makes an estimation of 42,244.

Alex Rider

What are all the Alex Rider books?

The books are Stormbreaker, Point Blanc, Skeleton Key, Eagle Strike, Scorpia, Ark Angel, Snakehead, Crocodile Tears and Scorpia Rising.

Here is a list of characters:

Characters Who Are In Most Of The Books:

Alan Blunt : Head of MI6 Special Operations.

Alex Rider : The main character. An MI6 agent.

Derek Smithers : Creator of the gadgets that MI6 use.

Helen Rider : Alex's mum. Died when Alex was a baby.

Ian Rider : Alex's uncle. Killed by Yassen Greogovitch.

Jack Starbright : Alex's carer.

John Crawley : Office manager for MI6 Special Operations.

John Rider : Alex's dad. Died when Alex was a baby.

Tom Harris : Alex's best friend.

Mrs Jones : Second-in-command for MI6 Special Operations.

Sabina Pleasure : Alex's friend. He meets her at wimbledon.

Yassen Gregorovitch : An assassin who meets Alex several times during the books.

Stormbreaker :

Plot : Herod Sayle is planning to kill all the children in England by giving every school a super computer (called a Stormbreaker) that is actually has the virus "Small Pox" hidden in it. Alex must go to Herod's factory and stop him.

Ben "Fox" Daniels (good character) : Meets Alex at SAS camp.

Herod Sayle (bad character) : Planned to kill all the children in England. A fat, rich American.

Mr Grin (bad character) : Herod Sayle's right-hand man and butler.

Nadia Vole (bad character) : Herod Sayle's female German assassin.

Wolf (good character) : Meets Alex at SAS camp.

Point Blanc :

Plot : Dr Hugo Grief is planning to take over the world by cloning himself and then giving plastic surgery to the clones to make then look like rich people's children. He knows what the rich people's children look like because he is running a school for rich people's sons (called Point Blanc). He locks the sons in a cellar so they can't go home. Then he sends his clones to the rich children's parents, and gets an assassinator to kill the parents, leaving all their billions to him. Alex must go to Pont Blanc school and stop him.

Dr Hugo Grief (bad character) : Headmaster at Point Blanc school. Planned to take over the world.

Eva Stellenbosch (bad character) : The co-directed at Point Blanc. She is also very strong and muscled.

James Sprintz (good character) : A pupil at the Point Blanc school.

Skoda (bad character) : A drug seller at Alex's school, that Alex tries to arrest, but it goes wrong.

The Gentleman (bad character): An assassin who works for Dr Hugo Grief.

Wolf (good character) : A member of the SAS team who raid Point Blanc.

Skeleton Key :

Plot : General Alexei Sarov is planning to blow up Russia. He has recently purchased lots of nuclear material. Alex must go to his island (called Skeleton Key) near Cuba with Belinda Troy and Tom Turner (CIA agents) and stop him.

Belinda Troy (good character) : A CIA agent who goes with Alex to the Skeleton Key Island near Cuba.

Conrad (bad character) : General Alexei Sarov's personal assistant.

General Alexei Sarov (bad character) : Planned to blow up Russia.

The Salesman (bad character) : He sells weapons and drugs.

Tom Turner (good character) : A CIA agent who goes with Alex to the Skeleton Key Island near Cuba.

Eagle Strike :

Plot : Well-known popstar Damian Cray is planning to board Air Force One and use its missile room to launch nuclear missiles at major drug-running countries to stop the drug trade (this plan is called Eagle Strike). Alex must go to his nuclear missile making factory (which everyone think is just a game making factory) and stop him before he gets aboard Air Force One.

Sir Damian Cray (bad character) : A popstar. Planned a nuclear attack to destroy drug-producing countries.

Scorpia :

Plot : Scorpia is the biggest terrorist group in the world. They are planning to murder children aged 12 - 14 in Great Britain and destroy the friendly relationship between America and Britain. Alex must stop them, but that means he has to join Scorpia.

Dr Three (bad character) : Works for Scorpia.

Hideo Mikato (bad character) : Works for Scorpia.

Jean Picoq (bad character) : Works for Scorpia.

Julia Rothman (bad character) : Head of Scorpia. Planned to destroy the alliance between Britain and America.

Levi Kroll (bad character) : Works for Scorpia.

Major Winston Yu (bad character) : Second in command for Scorpia.

Max Grendel (bad character) : Works for Scorpia.

Mr Five (bad character) : Works for Scorpia.

Nile (bad character) : An assassin for Scorpia.

Yuri Grand (bad character) : Works for Scorpia.

Zeljan Kurst (bad character) : The Chairman of Scorpia.

Ark Angel :

Plot : Nikolei Drevin is a Russian multibillionaire and he is planning to destroy Washington by dropping his Space Hotel (called Ark Angel) on it. Alex must stop him, but that means he has to go to Nikolei Drevin's house, and then he has to be shot into space.

Kaspar (bad character) : Leader of Nikolei's terrorist organization, called Force Three.

Nikolei Drevin (bad character) : Russian multibillionaire. Planned to destroy Washington.

Paul Drevin (good character) : Son of Nikolei Drevin. Invited Alex to come and stay with him.

Tamara Knight (good character) : Works for the CIA, and saves Alex from drowning.

Snakehead :

Plot : Major Winston Yu (who works for Scorpia) is planning to assassinate eight celebrities, by using his Asian gang (called Snakehead) to start a tsunami to destroy Australia's west coast. Alex must stop him, by dressing up as an Asian boy, along with his godfather, Ash. But the plan goes wrong and Alex ends up in Major Yu's illegal organ harvesting clinic. He must escape before he has his organs chopped out of him, and the whole of Australia's west coast is destroyed.

Anan Sukit (bad character) : Head of Snakehead, the terrorist group owned by Major Yu.

Ash (bad character) : Works for Scorpia. Was Alex's godfather.

Ben "Fox" Daniels (good character) : Rescues Alex when he escapes from Bill Tanner's hospital.

Bill Tanner (bad character) : A surgeon at Major Yu's illegal organ harvesting clinic.

Major Winston Yu (bad character) : Planned to start a tsunami to destroy Australia's west coast.

Zeljan Kurst (bad character) : Supervises Major Yu when he is executing his plan called Reef Encounter.

Crocodile Tears :

Plot : Desmond McCain is planning to start a huge disaster in Africa, and keeping all the money from that people send to his charity (this plan is called Crocodile Tears). Desmond McCain has hired Leonard Straik to create a poison for him, that he will spread over all of Africa's food supplies, and will kill half of Africa's population. Alex must stop him, but the plan goes wrong, and he ends up in Desmond McCain's home in Kenya. Alex must escape and find a way to get the poison out of the food supplies, before it is too late.

Desmond McCain (bad character) : He created a charity, and then makes disasters and gets all the money.

Dr Myra Beckett (bad character) : Works for Desmond McCain. A scientist with no emotions.

Harold Bulman (bad character) : A journalist who found out about Alex working for MI6.

Leonard Straik (bad character) : Scientist who creates the poison for Desmond McCain.

Rahim (good character) : An Indian spy who saves Alex from Desmond McCain's home in Kenya.

Ravi Chandra (bad character) : Worked for Desmond McCain. Was killed by his own bomb.

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Alex Rider

What happens after crocodile tears?

In order to find out what happens to Alex rider after Crocodile Tears you need to read Scorpia Rising. it came out already.

Alex Rider

How many chapters are in scorpia rising?


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Is alex binder going to be a dad?

Yes! His 17 year old girlfriend had a baby girl, Maria Grace Binder, on Nov 2, 2007.

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What books in the Alex Rider series won awards?

no.3-Skeleton Key and no.6-Ark Angel

Alex Rider

How did snakeheads get to the US?

They were being sold on the black Marget. they were being flown across the US when the plane crashed, spreading them everywhere.

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What influenced Anthony Horowitz to write his books?

Anthony Horowitz was inspired to write by his childhood.

He grew up in a rich family and had a miserable dull life with few friends.

His father was always away on business trips which he never talked about, Horowitz tells in some interviews that the people his father was meeting was shadowy and secretive. He recalls that he once had to take a moneybag to one of his fathers contacts, he never knew why he had to do it or why he was getting the money. His mother always told horror stories to Horowitz, she was out a lot and saw new horrors in the cinemas and then retold the story to Anthony.

He was a very lonely child and he spent most of his day in his fathers library reading his books. (He was also a huge fan of the James Bond movies) This inspired him to make stories of his own.

Anthony wrote multiple children's books, but none of them became a success.

He figured that children would like to read "children's fantasies" not a grownup's words, so he sat down and thought about his childhood and let it inspire him to write the Alex Rider series which was a huge success and made him a famous children's novel writer.

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When will Point Blanc come out?

Up until very recently producers were unsure if Point Blanc would be made, because despite being an accomplished and entertaining film, Stormbreaker did not 'storm' the box office. That said, author Anthony Horrowitz has reportedly produced a film script for Point Blanc. Most significantly though is that the movie is registered on revered movie database as an 'In Development' project with a scheduled release date of 2008. Some people say some time in November!!!

Well apparently it didn't come out because now its July 2009! =( Now its September i don't think its coming out :( i wanted 2 see it :(.

its now also January 2010 so the movie will never come

It's now May 2010 so im pretty sure the movie wont come out~ I'm soo sad, point blanc would have been such a cool movie!!-Askthepro

Now it's June 2010 nearly July and people are pretty sure it won't come out. :(-Davidrules86

It's now March 2261 (we've got the technology) and it's still not come out :/ Maybe next month... -Pevalwen

The day 5236 BFP (Beyond Future Period) has come and I don't think it will come out :( maybe next millennium..... - brisbane99

It is now 13:55 PM, Augustus 45th 16 and the film was completed, however it was banned on release due to the violent content. The only viewings now are in Delliah on Neptune. - Official Galaxy Media Information Centre

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What is Alex Zanardi's birthday?

Alex Zanardi was born on October 23, 1966.

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What kind of watch does Alex Rider wear in the movie Stormbreaker?

I think it's a sector 210 series 3251905025.

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What is the order of the Alex Rider series?

the order is of which to read is:

  1. Storm breaker
  2. Point Blank
  3. Skeleton key
  4. Eagle strike
  5. Scorpia
  6. Ark angel
  7. Snake head
  8. Crocodile tears
  9. Scorpia Rising
Alex Rider

What is the setting of alex rider stormbreaker?


Alex Rider

Is Sabina in the Alex Rider movie?


Alex Rider
Alex Pettyfer

Who did Alex Pettyfer play in Stormbreaker?

Alex Rider

Alex Rider

Where is scorpia rising chapter one?

Online if you can solve the first clue given to ou on the Alex Rider website.

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What is the ingredients to alex riders zit cream gadget?

The book doesn't mention. there is a book called "Alex rider: the gadgets" but that does not mention the zit cream either.

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What book does Alex Rider get knocked out in most?


Alex Rider

What is the fourth Alex Rider book?

Eagle Strike

Alex Rider

What is the order of Alex Rider books?

The order is:

1. Stormbreaker

2. Point Blanc

3. Skeleton Key

4. Eagle Strike

5. Scorpia

6. Ark Angel

7. Snakehead

8. Crocodile Tears

9. Scorpia Uprising

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What are 5 traits that describe Haoyou from the book the kite rider?

Obedient, naïve, resilient, nice, artistic and caring

If this is for an essay it is easy! I know cuz i have one right now about this

Book! I hate it.

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What is Anthony Horowitz's address?


Alex Rider

Is there going to be a tenth book in the Alex Rider series?

There will be ten books, however, the ninth will be the last with Alex in it. The tenth book will be about Yassen and how he became an assassin.

Alex Rider

Does Alex rider kill MrsJones?

no he does not. he shoots her but a glass wall blocks the bullet, then Alex is taken away. later calculations were made that said the bullet would have missed anyway. (Alex is not a murderer, even in his wrath!)

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When was scorpia published?

Scorpia was published in 2004.


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