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Audio Editing and Recording

Audio editing and recording software is any software which is used to create and manipulate audio files. Questions about editing and recording techniques and applications belong here.

Asked in Audio Editing and Recording

Is there a franchise recording studio?

Yes. The Franchise Recording Studio is located in Miami, Florida.
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What does synchro dubbing mean?

Synchro dubbing was a feature found on dual cassette decks that allowed the copying of a tape quickly. The playback deck's transport would control the recording deck, and syncronize the copying of a tape. ...
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How can i convert audacity files to MP3?

To convert the files, you first load them in Audacity. Then in the file menu there should be an option saying Export to MP3. CLicking that will save it as an mp3 encoded file. However, this requires the LAME library available at sourceforge - ...
Asked in Audio Editing and Recording, Dubstep

What software is best for creating dubstep?

FL Studio. As for one opinion. But many use Logic, Pro Tools, Reason, Abelton Live, Garage Band, Sonar X1 and many others. Logic and Garage Band have large followings. ...
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How can you make dirty music clean by yourself?

Cover your ears and cry while the singer may say any "naughty" words.
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What are C4 Premiums or Premiums as referred to in an artist recording contract?

If you are in a position where you ''need'' to know this, you should consult an entertainment lawyer or, ''at the very least'', get yourself an agent to look out for your interests. Premiums are similar to promotional items. (You know what promos are, right?) But determining whether something is a premium or promotional item can get a little sticky. Record labels will almost always argue that a specific "project" is promotional, but if the label gets any money for it then...
Jayde Bins asked in Billboard Music Charts, Music, Music Awards and Events, Audio Editing and Recording

In music, what is a Diamond certification?

When an album or single by your favorite artist is said to have gone "gold," "platinum," or even "diamond," that means it's definitely popular. Each of these certifications signifies an achievement in the number of units sold, and in America, they're are awarded by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Gold is 500,000 units sold, platinum is 1 million, and diamond is 10 million. But in the modern age of streaming, how do they...
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How do you convert DAT files to JPEG files?

DAT file are binary files with text. They can be opened in Word. They aren't pictures that can be converted into JPEGs. ...
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What is the best audio format?

Today there are a variety of different digital audio formats to choose from. Enough to cause confusion amongst new users who wish to convert their CD library into digital form for easy listening on their computers or portable audio device such as the iPod. This guide is designed to help newer users on deciding on a format to rip his or her music to. The first thing you should consider is what you need from an audio format. Compatibility? Quality? Playable on...
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What do bass drum woofers do to the sound of a bass drum?

They add a low subsonic fundamental to the usable tone of the drum. They also allow the main bass drum to be tuned completely separate allowing differing combinations in tone to be captured. For instance, a bass drum with a lot of attack and a lot of bottom end at the same time. ...
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What is the difference between virtual dj pro and virtual dj basic?

Virtual DJ's website has a complete comparison of all the version of the software. See the related link below. ...
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Who is Thug Drama?

Thug Drama (aka 23 Drumz) is a music producer for a label called BTM Music Group Inc. (formerly known as BTM Platinum Entertainment also associated with the sub-label, Chrome Edition Music and the newly added production label, The Network Music). His real name is Terrance Hopper, he was born in 1980 in Trenton, New Jersey and now resides in North Carolina. He is known mostly for sampling R&B soul music over deep basslines. He is also known as a "Ghost" producer, meaning...
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Is there a garageband equivalent for windows?

Yes there is a GarageBand lookalike for Windows. It's not exactly like GarageBand, but it's as close as you can get because Apple will never make a GarageBand for Windows. The app you want is linked in the related links below, called Mixcraft. It includes many of the key features you'd expect from GarageBand, like loops, music creation, live instrument recording, an on-screen piano, and auto-tune. Windows also offers applications like Pro Tools, Sonar X1, FL Studio, Reason, Ableton Live, and others. ...
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Download driver sound creative EMU10K1-JFF?

The model number you have stated is the main chip on the card, not the model of the sound card. This card is a Creative card. Go to Creative's website to get the drivers. ...
Asked in Radio, Audio Editing and Recording, Record Labels

What is the best way to write a radio program proposal to convince a producer to buy it?

Go to the Writer's Digest web site & look arount for books on or near that subject. ...
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How can you convert a Windows media audio file or real audio file to mp3-wav file format and write it on a CD to play in a home music system?

Download Free software AV Media Player morpher to convert audio from one format to another and burn it into CD as well. Here is a free audio converter ( ) can help you convert audio to mp3/wav, and then you can use iTunes or windows media player to burn the music to CD to play in your home music system. ...
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What is the serial number for Virtual DJ?

Where Is Your Serial Number The serial number would either be on the back of the CD case or within the documentation that came with your software when you purchased it. You will know it is the serial number because it is a mix of numbers and/or letters separated by dashes, usually 20 characters long. Install Without Serial Number You can't install this software without the serial number. Follow the on screen instructions during installation. One of the instructions will come up asking you to...
Asked in Audio Editing and Recording

Can a blue snowball mic screw on to a regular mic stand?

Yes, the base of the Snowball is a standard 5/8" thread and will fit on to a standard North American microphone stand. Note that the pivot of the base of the Snowball is limited, so it really only works with vertical microphone stand shafts, not horizontal booms. ...
Asked in Microsoft Windows, Audio Editing and Recording

Is 16 bits are better than 32 bits?

not normally, 8<16<32<64<256<512<1024<....
Asked in Microsoft Windows, Audio Editing and Recording

How do you isolate sounds in audio tracks?

You can do any number of things, from cutting around the sound you want inside your audio editing software, then using equalisation to try and remove frequencies not related to your sound. Another possibility would be if the sound is panned center in a stereo recording, you can use a tool like Adobe Audition or other audio app or plugin to extract the center channel information from the stereo signal. This is often used to pull voice samples from say a movie, for...
Asked in Hindi Language and Culture, Video Editing, Audio Editing and Recording

How do you convert English movie audio into Hindi audio?

Here you can find Hindi audio track for your English movies mkahindi.blogspot .in/ and by merging it in your english movie video file you will be able to convert it in hindi or dual audio movie You can find the How to merge tutorial Here. ...
Asked in Mac OS, Audio Editing and Recording

Where is the password save on mac garage band?

Garageband itself has no Password functions. If you are the Administrator of the computer, you can allow or prohibit others from running this program with your Administrator password. These are set in the System Preferences window. You can also set individual permissions for each file. Select the Garageband file in the Finder (don't open it) and choose Get Info (Option-I). ...