The British alternative rock band Coldplay consists of four members - Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion. The band currently has seven Grammy awards. Coldplay has released four albums - 'Parachutes', 'A Rush of Blood to the Head', 'X&Y' and 'Viva La Vida'.

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What is chris colfer's vocal range?

In the Episode "Wheels", Kurt (Chris Colfer) sings a high F (F5).

In the episode "Funk", he sings in an extremely low voice at the beginning of a song.

In interviews Chris used the term "counter-tenor" to describe his range when asked.

Music Genres

What style of music is the song Viva La Vida?

Not even Coldplay can decide, but it is most listed as Alternative- other options are Soft Rock, Indie Rock, etc.


Where is Chris Martin of Coldplay's mother from?

Although of british heritage, she was born in zimbabwe

Song Meanings

What does the song trouble by coldplay mean?

Im not 100% sure on this but its what i think

basicly every thing he has done has been wrong and hurting other people but he did mean for it to be "Oh i never meant to do you harm" i think the spiderweb part is saying that he is like trapped and can't get away. if you have seen the alternative video chris is tied to a chair the whole time and get get free.

i think that "they spun a web for me" is that its not his fault he is trapped but he is so he need to figure out how to get out

wow that's a tad confusing sorry

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What does viva la spania mean?

It means Spain (obviously) in spanish


How long did it take to make the Coldplay video Strawberry Swing?

far too long according to the director


What genre of music is Coldplay considered as?

Alternative rock


What instruments are used in paradise coldplay?

The keyboard,drums,electric guitar,mic,sound effects and violin.


Is Chris Martin's brother in Coldplay?

No, the band members met during a year in a London University.


Why can't i download coldplay leftrightleftrightleft?'s LeftRightLeftRightLeft download page has crashed. Hopefully it will be restored later today.

It's on their website:


Are coldplay pop?

Coldplay are probably best described as "alternative." However, their work spans several genres - from alternative rock to electropop (though their rock influences are most predominant.) Coldplay's pop influences are most obvious on their 2011 album Mylo Xyloto, in songs such as "Princess of China."

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What instruments are in the song clocks written by Coldplay?

Piano, electric guitar, bass, drums orchestra arr., And Synthesizers.


What nationality is chris martin from coldplay?

He's British. He was born in Exeter, Devon, England.

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Meaning of coldplay lyric life in technicolor ii?

The "main character" in this song, is the point of view the song is told from. At the start of the song, he talks about death, and about how he is not ready to let go of life ('Oh love don't let me go'). Later in it, he seems to let go and accept it ('Gravity release me; And don't ever hold me down; Now my feet won't touch the ground').

Also it seems the main character is telling the story as if he is looking down upon himself, and is in a state of calm.

****Please note that music is often interpreted differently from person to person based on experiences, thoughts and memories.


Where can you find sheet music to Lost acoustic version by Coldplay?

Check out this site.

It has all of Coldplay's best songs in Pdf. form. It's Great!

Or alternatively, instead of looking at a dead-end site, go here:

There's a small download button on the right side, but it has it. If you don't want to download it, then you'll need to look for another. The music itself is not perfectly like the acoustic version, but it's good enough that you can improvise it to.

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What are recorder notes for viva la vida?

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What does 'viva la Espana' mean?

"Viva la España" literally translates to "Live, Spain". You could take this to mean something along the lines of "Long live Spain"


What is Chris Martin's eye color?

Coldplay's Chris Martin has blue eyes


What is the name of the latest coldplay album?

Viva La Vida (live your life)

Clocks and Watches

Who sings 'Clocks'?

Chris Martin

Clocks was a 2002 release by the English band Coldplay. It won Record of the Year at the 2004 Grammy Awards.


How do you play clocks on keyboard?

The piano notes are VERY easy!

Its just:

D# A# G D# A# G D# A# C# A# F C A# F# C# A# C# A# F C# A# F C# A# C G# F C G# F C G#

Repeat it a few times... The last times you play it, get quieter and quiter...


And you got it!!! Hope this helped :)

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What is Coldplay's song green eyes about?

Their Guitarist Jonny Buckland!


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