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What a difference an extra chromosome can make. Here we explore the misconceptions -- as well as the ups and downs -- of Down Syndrome, a congenital genetic disorder that is caused by the presence of an extra 21st chromosome. The affected person is mildly to moderately handicapped, short in stature, and has a flattened facial profile.

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Should you hit kids with Down syndrome?

== == * Experts on child care almost unanimously agree that physical punishment should not be used to discipline children. Children with Down's have limited understanding and logistical skills. It would not be acceptable to administer physical punishment at any age. In every study done on child discipline -- regardless of the child's mental capacity -- it has been found that "hitting" is counterproductive and immoral. The parent(s) or child's caregiver should seek professional guidance in this matter. == == * You shouldn't hit ANY child. Actually, you shouldn't hit anyone at all!! == == * I fully agree you should not hit anyone... ever. I just want to throw something into the equation. My 6-month-old went to a childcare center for just a few hours of playtime for a while. They had mixed age groups and also a mix of "normal" and Down-syndrome children.

I then realized that out of political correctness, ANY behavior of the Down syndrome children was tolerated. There was one girl who deliberately stomped on my son's and another crawling infant's hands when the moms were not looking. I removed my crying son, but if I were the parent, I would also remove the Down syndrome toddler from the scene. So, no hitting; but yes, limits. == == * There is nothing wrong with a child getting a spanking if he/she needs it. But with a Down syndrome baby it is different, I guess. I do not know a whole lot about it. But I would think you probably should not because he/she does not understand like a normal child. == == * You do not hit kids. Doing so is teaching them to use violence to solve problems. If you hit your kid... what will be your answer when you see them hit a friend or others? It is not nice to hit people, only mommy gets to do that?

For those in favor of hitting kids: What age do you stop hitting them, and begin using other methods? Or is your mom still spanking you as an adult? == == * I completely believe in corporal punishment. It doesn't matter if they have Down syndrome or not. Kids with Down's can understand just like any normal kid. Normal kids are not born with the knowledge of how to behave or what is right and wrong; we as parents have to teach them and Down's kids can learn just as well. My daughter has Down's and one of the things that Down's kids have a problem with is their tongue always protrudes from their mouth. Well, I taught her at an early age not to do this, but it took many spankings in order for her to understand to keep her tongue in her mouth. So, yes, I think kids with Down syndrome should be spanked.

Also, there is a difference between hitting and spanking. Spanking should be done on the buttocks -- not anywhere else. When you say HIT then I think of any place on the body with any object. == == * To the person who spanked their daughter with Down syndrome for sticking out her tongue ~ you are obviously a sick person ~ I have two children with Down syndrome and to think of hitting them for something that they can't help is appalling ~ if you knew anything at all about your daughter you would know that children with Down syndrome have small oral cavities and normal-sized tongues. It is not that they want it to hang out; it just doesn't fit. Were you less embarrassed by her after you had taught her, through your corporal punishment, how to keep her tongue in her mouth even though that is more uncomfortable for her? You're sick!!!!! == == * No, as frustrating as it can be, a parent shouldn't hit a Down syndrome child. They act out the only way they know. However, for healthy children you bet, I believe in "Two warnings, 3 strikes you're out" and a spanking on the butt ONLY.

I can't believe some of you parents who think spankings for healthy children isn't acceptable. It is your children (at least most of them) that the rest of us have to put up with (screaming their lungs out in restaurants; flailing around on the floor in a mall; throwing things off shelves, etc. My mother spanked my brother and me (we grew up in the 40s and 50s) as a last resort and it sure didn't bother our intelligence one bit. That's simply a myth! The problem with some parents today is they don't realize just how smart children can be and they are ready, willing and able to push your buttons. It is those children who are allowed to get away with whatever that end up being the bullies in school or hit, slap and bite! By the way, the spanking law is back in British Columbia yet once again and there are new laws being instilled to make parents more responsible for their children's behavior! Finally! == == * I am a mother of 2 children, 1 with Down syndrome, 1 without. My answer is NEVER hit any child (if you're absolutely losing control, turn away from the child and hit the wall -- or whatever). I would like to hark back to a previous answer, where the behavior of a child with Down syndrome seemed to be ignored, adults scared of seeming non-PC etc. Children with Down syndrome need absolutely rigid guidelines which must be adhered to whenever possible! I am a very laid-back person, I like to let situations develop their own impetus, so this is proving murder for me -- but it's the only way to help my daughter cope with the world. Nearly all parents of children with a disability want their children included as an integral part of society -- for this to happen, the same rules have to apply to EVERYONE. Obviously there are situations where factors have to be taken into account -- are you sure that girl is stamping on your child's hand out of pure aggression, or does she have such difficulty controlling her body that she's not even aware she's doing it? == == * I get hit by my dad and it sucks, so nooooooo, you shouldn't hit a kid with Down syndrome -- or any child for that matter.

* While I am not totally against reasonable corporal punishment, I do believe that since a child with Down syndrome is severely mentally deficient, that any form of hitting will serve NO purpose, and therefore is totally uncalled for, and qualifies as inhumane and abusive.

* I am disgusted by the fact that anyone would hit a child at all. The fact you think it's okay to hit a child with Down syndrome is even worse. Trisonomy 21 had affects of their physical and mental features. Children with Down syndrome DO NOT understand like kids without disabilities. Whoever said that above was clearly ignorant of the actual topic of Down syndrome. They DO NOT understand about keeping their tongue in their mouth, and if I was your husband or mother, I would be ashamed to know you. You need to teach your kids the right and wrong way. TEACHING is not Abuse. That is exactly what you're doing. Abusing your child. Does that make you feel good? Are you feeling righteous now? It's quite obvious the person about who spanked their child is embarrassed about them. It was your choice to have a child of Down syndrome. There is a plethora of resources to tell you beforehand how your child will be. Spanking them or hitting them will NOT solve the problem. If anything, it will scar them and just confuse them.

* The person asking the question did not say they hit the Down syndrome child, but asked a question only. Anyone with a Down syndrome child knows how difficult it is to control a child such as this. It would be more advisable to take a program on handling a Down syndrome child and also a group with parents with Down syndrome children. If anyone should be blamed for this question it should be the doctors treating this child. Programs should be set up to help the parent(s) deal with this problem. It's a long road to haul way past 18 years of age and hard on parents.

For those of you who are smug enough to lash out at "No spanking" (which there shouldn't be in this case of Down syndrome) then you yourselves are being dishonest. You may not have spanked your child, but my bet is you have done other things such as yelling at them, yanking on their arm, etc. Dealing with Down syndrome children is very taxing and extremely hard on the parent(s) and patience is sometimes not a virtue if you are drained and emotions are running high.

* I have a child with Down syndrome and he will be 13, and I don't know WHAT you are talking about when you say they are hard to control. My child is just like any other 13-year-old; he may be a slower learner of things, but all in all he is the all-American boy. And I don't look at taking care of my child as taxing at all; it is my privilege. I can honestly say I have never laid a hand on any of my kids -- I don't believe in it and I would never do it.

So the answer to the original question is "NO, YOU SHOULD NOT HIT ANY CHILD!!!!!"

* I have a daughter with Down syndrome, and yes, I spank her. It doesn't matter whether the child is mentally handicapped or not, in my opinion. My daughter can be a handful at times, and the things she does that result in her getting a spanking, she knows she's doing wrong.

* It is incredible how little understanding there is out there about people with Down syndrome! First of all, people with DS fall within a large range of mental and physical disability levels -- from mild to severe. A child with DS who is relatively high functioning can understand a lot of what "typical" kids understand and can often be disciplined in the same ways. (By the way "typical" is better than "normal" when describing others without DS -- so we don't imply that people with DS are "abnormal".)

I have a daughter with DS and I agree with the parent above that spanking is different than hitting -- and that spanking is sometimes called for when children misbehave. This is done in a controlled and measured -- yet firm -- way, not out of lack of control or anger on the parent's part! It is followed with reassurances of love and forgiveness.

I am also appalled, however, at the parent who spanked their child with DS for letting her tongue protrude! That is horrible! It is like spanking someone for the way they walk or even for the color of their eyes! I am afraid that poor child will be emotionally scarred for life! Please don't ever do anything like that!!! == ==

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Down Syndrome

How a person treat himself for Cheyletiellosis?

Use any pet flea treatment, adjusting dosage for your weight, for 2 months.

Down Syndrome
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What is another name for Parsonage Turner Syndrome?

PTS, also known as brachial plexus neuritis or neuralgic amyotrophy

Down Syndrome

Can people with Down syndrome cry?

Yes, they can.

yes i can cry becuz i hav dwn syndrme and peopl dont lik me becuz i hav dis syndrm i git really sad and cry alne

Down Syndrome
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Are children of Down Syndrome parents normal?

That would mean that the mother is the one with Down syndrome, since men with Down syndrome are sterile. There is a 50% chance that the child will have Down syndrome and 50% chance that child will be born without.

Down Syndrome

Can a monkey have Down syndrome?


Down Syndrome

Would a 14-year-old Noonan-syndrome girl show a high reading on a tova test for ADHD?

Sarah Noonan is a singer. she has wrote songs in Melbourne recording studio. dah.....

Down Syndrome

What is the average life expectancy of someone with Down syndrome?

The life expectancy of someone who has Down syndrome is generally lower than the average person and is heavily dependent upon a number of factors, but they can be expected to live for about 55-60 years.

A large number of people with Down syndrome exhibit heart defects, some treatable to varying degrees. Down syndrome sufferers are usually more vulnerable to infection, and prone to gut, thyroid, sight, and hearing problems. They may also be more likely to suffer from any number of other conditions, including epilepsy, cataracts, and a higher-than-average likelihood of developing leukemia.

All these things are a factor in the life expectancy of sufferers of Down syndrome, but advances in treatments and care have yielded gradually higher life expectancy (hence 55-60 years). Unfortunately, by this time many will develop degenerative dementia.

Down Syndrome

Is down syndrome an acquired disease?

No, it's a genetic disorder.

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Down Syndrome

If you have Down syndrome can you become a mother or a father?

== == * I did some research and learned that men with Down syndrome are usually sterile. Most women can get pregnant and have children. Since there is a high risk of Down syndrome in the baby (35%-50%), many times the pregnancy would end in a miscarriage. But many Down syndrome people have had children.

* Technically yes, but it's unlikely. Fertility is greatly reduced in both males and females with Down syndrome, although there have been a few cases of males fathering children and females bearing them.

* Actually, there has only been 1 case of a male fathering a child. A women with Down syndrome can have children, but there is a 50% chance that the baby will be born with Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome
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Whys is GSB a syndrome and not a disease?

GBS is termed a syndrome rather than a disease because there is no conclusive evidence to support the possibility that a specific disease-causing agent such as a bacteria or a virus is the direct cause of the malady.

Down Syndrome

Does down syndrome affect any organs?

It Could Do.

Down Syndrome

What are the possible causes of Down's syndrome?

When a baby is conceived, it receives genetic information from its parents in the form of 46 chromosomes: 23 from the mother and 23 from the father. In most cases with Down syndrome, the child receives an extra copy of Chromosome 21 - for a total of 47 chromosomes instead of 46.

It's this extra genetic material that causes the physical features and developmental delays associated with Down Syndrome. This form of Down syndrome is called Trisomy 21.

Down syndrome is caused by nondisjunction of this chromosome in a parent who is chromosomally normal.

It is one of the most common chromosomal abnormalities in live-born children. The extra chromosome causes problems with the way the body and brain develop.
Down syndrome or trisomy 21 is caused by nondisjunction of chromosome 21 in a parent who is chromosomally normal and is one of the most common chromosomal abnormalities in liveborn children.

Down's syndrome is caused when there is an extra chromatin present in chromosome 21 when an child is born.

Down Syndrome

How many people have turned down Oscars?

George C. Scott refused in 1970, saying he was not in competition with the other nominees. Marlon Brando refused an Oscar, making a political statement about Native Americans, in 1972. And, in 1936, Dudley Nichols refused the Best Screenplay Academy Award due to a union conflict.

Down Syndrome

Can you catch Down syndrome?

no, it is caused by a triplication of the 21st chromosome. its not contagious in any way.

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Is there any cure for Down syndrome?

== == No, there is no cure -- as of yet.

Down syndrome is caused by having three of Chromosome 21 instead of the healthy two. There is no way to remove an extra chromosome, especially not from every cell in the whole body! The older the mother is, the more likely this is to occur. If the mother is 40 or older when she conceives, her chances of having a baby with Down skyrocket. Actually most cases of Down Syndrome occur in women under the age of 35.

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If an older sibling has Down syndrome will a newborn baby also be born with Down syndrome?

No, this is not necessarily the case.

Down Syndrome

What is Gigi's playhouse?

A Down syndrome awareness center.

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Is 'Trisomy 21' a disease?

== == Trisomy 21 is more of a chromosome abnormality/birth defect than a disease. It is also called Down syndrome. You cannot "catch" it; it is not infectious. According to statistics, women over 35 have a higher chance of bearing a baby with Trisomy 21 than do younger women. The theory is that, as we age, our chromosomes become "sticky" during the process of division. The amount of the chromosome that breaks off determines how functional or affected the offspring will be.

Although I have a bachelor's degree in genetics, you may want to get a more in-depth answer from a doctor or a genetic counselor.

Down Syndrome

Can you have down syndrome twins?

that's a 1 in a million thing but in this world anything is possible

Down Syndrome
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Does Eva Longoria have a sister who has Down syndrome?

No, she does not. She has a sister with an intellectual disability, but not Down syndrome. Here is a transcript from an interview with Piers Morgan:

MORGAN: You set up Eva's Heroes which was -- in a tribute to your sister really, is this -- certainly courageous young lady. Tell me about her.

LONGORIA: Yes. She's the oldest of four girls in my family, Lisa. And she's mentally disabled. She was premature child and her brain didn't finish developing. And so --

MORGAN: She's a Down syndrome child.

LONGORIA: She's not Down syndrome.

MORGAN: Right.

LONGORIA: But it does fall in the same category. Eva's Heroes handles 90 percent of Down syndrome kids.

Down Syndrome

Syndrome in which there is an extra copy of chromosome 21?

Down's syndrom has trisomy 21.

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What is Wilkes Syndrome?

Wilkes syndrome is a rare congenital anomaly where your superior mesenteric artery lies on top of your small intestine instead of behind it. If you are a normal weight, you may not notice any problems except for occasion pain and constipation. If you lose a lot of weight and you have this syndrome, the mesenteric artery can flatten your small intestine making it impossible for food, water or even your own bile to get through. If this happens, it can be corrected by having an anastomosis. The intestine is cut and put back together in front of the mesteric artery. This completely corrects the problem. Diagnosis of this problem can be made with push upper endoscopy and nMRI imaging.

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What is Moses Syndrome?

I found this: "Moses syndrome (1) A delusion characterized by uncritical belief in the promises of others to lead one to the Promised Land, e.g., to beauty, youth, wealth, power, peace of mind, or happiness. (2) A delusion characterized by the belief that one has been chosen by God, destiny, or history to lead others to the Promised Land, e.g., some goal such as "putting the sciences on a firm foundation" (Descartes) or belief in such things as "the eternal law of nature that gives Germany as the stronger power the right before history to subjugate these peoples of inferior race, to dominate them and to coerce them into performing useful labors" (Hitler)." Here:

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What is Marsden Syndrome?

synonyms-Dystonia, familial, with visual failure and striatal lucencies, Leber optic atrophy and dystonia, LDYT Dystonia-a neurological movement disorder in which sustained muscle contractions cause twisting and repetitive movements or abnormal postures. The disorder may be inherited or caused by other factors such as birth-related or other physical trauma, infection or reaction to drugs.


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