Formatting Citation and Documentation

A document’s format is important when writing an article. Citations, which refer to the source of the information, must be noted. Modern Language Association of America (MLA) and American Psychological Associate (APA) styles are examples of document formats.

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Academic Writing
Formatting Citation and Documentation
MLA Format

What is the heading for a MLA format paper?

Top right header: last name space page number --> Smith 1 Left hand: your name, professors name, subject, and due date. (dont write the words "Due Date")

Make sure the font for the headers are what the professor assigned (normally times new roman) and your header is double spaced.

also make sure you use 12 font or less


John Doe

Dr. Melissa Garrett

English 101

16 November 2009

Formatting Citation and Documentation

Importance of confidentiality on nursing documentation?

The major importance of confidentiality is to protect you and the patient. It protects the patient in the sense that their personal information is not getting out to random people and they won't have to be embarrassed about what ever they have (ex. STDS. Would you want random people knowing about it?). It also protects you from possible lawsuits from sharing the information.

APA Format
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Formatting Citation and Documentation

How do you cite the DSM-IV?

Here's the reference as modeled by the APA in its Supplemental Material: Reference Example (Make sure to double-space and use a hanging indent).

American Psychiatric Association. (2000). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (4th ed., text rev.). Washington, DC: Author.

Please refer to the related link for more information.

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Formatting Citation and Documentation

Can you have an example of formal letters?

Sender's address

Date [month/date/year

Receiver's address

Dear sir/madam

Subject -

[ content]

yours truly/faithfully



{leave a line after each}

Formatting Citation and Documentation

How you cite a Google doc?

If you're referencing a document created using Google Docs, you cite the title of the document and its date and author, as you would any publication.

If you want to insert a citation into a Google Docs document, you can simply insert it at the bottom of the page, with an appropriate footnote citation mark.

Formatting Citation and Documentation
Paragraph Development

Three subtopics for a perseverance essay?

  • beliefs
  • struggling through unwanted task,
  • describing the purpose of something

your essay will really be an eye catcher if you can relate it to yourself or groups of political people

Formatting Citation and Documentation

When quoting from an encyclopedia do you need to be sure to include the publisher and the page number of the article?

Yes. How you include this information depends on the "kind" of writing you are doing.

Most writers in the humanities use the MLA system, according to which the page number would be included in a parenthetical citation--e.g. (395), and the encyclopedia's name and publisher would be included in a separate Works Cited page at the end of the paper. An internet search for "MLA" should bring up many examples of proper documentation. I can recommend:

Other forms of documentation include the APA style (for writings in/about the social sciences), Chicago ("non-scholarly" works), and AMA (medicine and biological sciences).

When quoting from encyclopedias and other reference works always give details of the edition. If quoting from a website, give the date you accessed (read) the site.

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Formatting Citation and Documentation

Examples of noting details?


Academic Writing
Formatting Citation and Documentation
APA Format

Which Indian author's literary work is Sishu?

Rabindranath tagore

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Formatting Citation and Documentation

Summary of Moving Forward by Sharon Morgan?

mga animal! wa moi ayo mga lagum ug sampot! bahug tiil pweh!!!

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Formatting Citation and Documentation

Why is a deadline important?

Usually a deadline is set to insure that a time-line is met, if not, penalities can be issued.

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Formatting Citation and Documentation
APA Format

In which system are specific page numbers referenced in the text itself?

The MLA style, which is used for writings in the humanities, uses in-text parenthetical citations. (I'm not familiar enough with other styles to say whether or not they do) These citations include the page number and the author's name (when this information is NOT included in the text itself). E.g., Moby Dick begins "Call me Ishmael" (Melville 1). but, Herman Melville begins Moby Dick with the imperitive sentence, "Call me Ishmael." (1) or Melville begins the first page of Moby Dick with the protaginist's imperative, "Call me Ishmael."

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Formatting Citation and Documentation
APA Format

Which year is concidered the publishing date for an APA citation when multiple years are listed?

According to the related link: YEAR OF PUBLICATION

For edited books, include only the year of copyright, in parenthesis, then end with a period. If the book was republished, include the original date of publication and the new date, separated by a slash (/), in the text citation, but list only the publication date of the source used in the reference list. If no date of publication is listed, put "n.d." in the parenthesis. Standard form (1995). Republished book (in-text citation) (1935/1980). No date given(n.d.).

Academic Writing
Formatting Citation and Documentation

When writing title of a journal article do you underline it?

There are many different standards for how to write the title of a journal article (e.g. APA, MLA, IEEE, etc.) Journal articles will be underlined when written in MLA style. They will be italic in APA style. These styles are designed so it is easy to be consistent.

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Formatting Citation and Documentation
Oskar Schindler

What is the name of the author who wrote lists of things - in addition to their other works they also wrote lists on various topics?

The author that wrote The Pearl is John Steinbeck

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Formatting Citation and Documentation

How do you setup a bibliography? search" how to set up a bibliography"

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Formatting Citation and Documentation

What makes a good book report?

A good book report requires:

* A solid structure - introduction, summary, analysis and conclusion.

* Good writing, including spelling and vocabulary.

* It would help to use a quality book to start with - and reading it!

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How do you Write LTC Permission Letter?


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What are footnotes?

Notes placed at the bottom of a page that comment on something in the body of the text
A footnote is a note of text placed at the bottom of a page in a book or document. The note comments on and may cite a reference for part of the main body of text. A footnote is normally flagged by a superscript number following that portion of the text the note is in reference to.

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Formatting Citation and Documentation

Another name for an oblong?

"Rectangle" is virtually synonymous with "oblong."

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Formatting Citation and Documentation

What is in the bibliography?

what are bibliographies

Academic Writing
Formatting Citation and Documentation
APA Format

Which information must be included in a bibliography or works-cited list?

The name of the place where the book was published

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Formatting Citation and Documentation

What if there is no date for the bibliography?

Normally, if there is no date, that means that in your bibliography, you should just leave it blank. For more information on bibliographies, try visiting

Academic Writing
Formatting Citation and Documentation
APA Format

Sishu is the literary work of which Indian author?

Rabindranath Tagore

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Formatting Citation and Documentation

What are some new or unusual vocabulary words?

abet (v.): to aid help or encourage

abrogate (v.): to abolish usually by formal or official means

acumen (n.): 1. keen insight 2. shrewdness

affable (adj.): friendly

banal (adj.): 1. dull 2. trite 3. commonplace

brusque (adj.): abrupt rough blunt or rude in manner or speech

cajole (v.): 1. to urge 2. to coax 3. to persuade by flattery

cloying (adj.): sickeningly sweet

commingle (v.): 1. to mix or mingle together 2. to blend

curtail (v.): 1. to cut short 2. to lessen or reduce

dearth (n.): 1. a scarcity 2. a lack of something

dirge (n.): a mournful song especially for a funeral

dither (v.): 1. to be indecisive 2. a state of flustered excitement or fear

encumber (v.): to hinder or impede with obstacles

eschew (v.): 1. to keep clear of 2. to avoid

flagrant (adj.): 1. shocking 2. openly scandalous

hapless (adj.): 1. unlucky 2. unfortunate

haughty (adj.): disdainfully proud; snobbish; scornfully arrogant

hirsute (adj.): 1. hairy 2. shaggy

imminent (adj.): 1. likely to occur soon 2. close at hand

impede (v.): to retard movement or progress by means of obstacles

imperious (adj.): 1. haughty 2. commanding

inane (adj.): 1. silly and meaningless 2. lacking sense

indifferent (adj.): without interest or concern; not caring; unimportant

insipid (adj.): 1. dull; boring 2. without any distinctive or interesting qualities

knell (n.): the solemn sound of a bell often indicating a death or funeral

laggard (n.): one who falls behind

limpid (adj.): 1. clear 2. transparent

nadir (n.): 1. the lowest point 2. point of despair

noisome (adj.): unpleasant disgusting or offensive especially to the sense of smell

obsequious (adj.): 1. extreme compliance or deference to the wishes or needs of another 2. fawning

panacea (n.): a remedy for all ills or difficulties 2. a cure-all

parity (n.): equality in amount status or character

paucity (adj.): 1. scarcity 2. small in quantity

perfunctory (adj.): 1. half hearted 2. lacking interest 3. indifferent

quandary (n.): 1. uncertainty about what to do 2. perplexity

ravenous (adj.): extremely voracious or hungry

recapitulate (v.): 1. to sum up 2. to repeat

respite (n.): 1. a break 2. a rest

salient (adj.): 1. important 2. prominent 3. conspicuous

scurrilous (adj.): 1. vulgar 2. coarse 3. abusive

succinct (adj.): 1. expressed in few words 2. concise

tortuous (adj.): 1. twisting 2. winding 3. crooked

transgress (v.): to violate a law command or moral code

vapid (adj.) 1. lacking liveliness 2. dull; flat

whimsical (adj.): 1. fanciful 2. unpredictable

zenith (n.): the highest point


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