Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge that connects San Francisco to the North Bay. It took 4 years to build, one of the fastest constructions for a bridge of its size.

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Golden Gate Bridge

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Golden Gate Bridge

How is the Golden Gate Bridge like a Parabola?

Yes it is a parabola because in the architectural blueprint the equation y=x^2 was shown. Another obvious way to tell its the curve that the suspension ropes make in the middle and two outsides. I happen to know this question because I live only a few minutes from the bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge

Why is the Golden Gate Bridge called golden when it is actually orange?

Actually, the term Golden Gate refers to the Golden Gate Strait which is the entrance to the San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean. The strait is approximately three-miles long by one-mile wide with currents ranging from 4.5 to 7.5 knots. It is generally accepted that the strait was named "Chrysopylae" or Golden Gate by Army Captain John C. Fremont, circa 1846. It is said it reminded him of a harbor in Istanbul named Chrysoceras or Golden Horn.

Golden Gate Bridge

What do you call the golden gate bridge at 5pm?

The Car Spangled Spanner

lmao i had it for a maths puzzle =)

Golden Gate Bridge

Why is the Golden Gate Bridge green?

It's not.

Golden Gate Bridge

Do trolley cars go over the Golden Gate Bridge?

no they don't because there only of the city not the bridges.

Golden Gate Bridge

How many workers did it take to built the Golden Gate Bridge?

There is no accurate way to answer this question, since unfortunately, many of the records from that time have been lost. We do know that it took four years (1933-1937) to build the bridge, and that there were ten major contractors who were involved; they also made use of sub-contractors. Nearly all of the workers came from Bay Area labor unions. Local historians have estimated that several thousand workers were involved in such a massive project, a welcome opportunity during the era of the Great Depression, when jobs were scarce.

there was about 50 people who worked on the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

What state or country contains the Golden Gate Bridge?

The Golden Gate Bridge is in San Francisco, California in the USA

Golden Gate Bridge

How long is the Golden Gate Bridge?

4200 Feet (0.8 miles), or 1280 meters (1.28 km)The bridge is 4200 feet between the towers, which is 60 feet shorter than the Verrazano-Narrows bridge in New York City. The total length of the bridge is 8981 feet. Other figures: Height: 746 feet; Width: 90 feet; Clearance underneath: 220 feet at mean high water.

The Golden Gate Bridge was opened to vehicular traffic on May 28, 1937 at twelve o'clock noon...over 70 years old. The Golden Gate Bridge took more than four years for construction at a cost of $35 million.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt pressed a telegraph key in the White House announcing the event and bridge was opened for the traffic. According to the announcement, the bridge was completed before the schedule time and was under budget.

Golden Gate Bridge

In which state is the Golden Gate Bridge located?

The Golden Gate Bridge is located in San Francisco, California. The bridge was completed in 1937 and spans the San Francisco Bay. San Francisco (LEFT (western) Coast USA )

Golden Gate Bridge

Did the golden gate bridge break if so why?

yes. nobody knows exactly why. some people say it collapsed because of a rusted bolt

Golden Gate Bridge

How many people died during the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge?

11 men as a result of falls from the Golden Gate Bridge whilst it was being built.

During the bridge's construction, a safety net was set up beneath it, significantly reducing the expected number of deaths for such a project. Whilst 11 men were killed from falls during construction, approximately 19 men were saved by the safety net. 10 of the deaths occurred near completion, when the net itself failed under the stress of a scaffold fall.

The men who died were: Kermit Moore; O.A. Anderson; Chris Anderson; William Bass; O. Desper; Fred Dümmatzen; Terence Hallinan; Eldridge Hillen; Charles Lindros; Jack Norman; and Louis Russell.

Golden Gate Bridge

Why is the golden gate bridge so popular for suicides?

Golden Gate Bridge

Why do people commit suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge?

It's the same reason for any other type of suicide, the feeling of self-depreciation

Golden Gate Bridge

How strong is the Golden Gate Bridge?

Live load capacity per lineal foot: 4,000 lbs. = 1,814.4 kg (see link)

Golden Gate Bridge

How much did it cost to build the Golden Gate Bridge?

over 171 billion dollars

Golden Gate Bridge

What technology is used on the golden gate bridge?

If technology you mean "materials"that was used for the bridge, then I found a good answer on Yahoo! answers, just type in this: "What materials were used to make the golden gate bridge?" The question is answered by Horatio, and he had a pretty good answer.

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Golden Gate Bridge

What are the dimensions of golden gate park?

San Francisco's largest park, Golden Gate Park covers over 1,013 acres and is 3 miles long by 1/2-mile wide.

Golden Gate Bridge

What is the body of water under the Golden Gate Bridge called?

The Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge

What continent is Golden Gate Bridge is on?

it's on AMERICAN continent that is NORTH AMERICA.

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Golden Gate Bridge

What is the plant snakeroot?

a poisonous perennial herb in the family asteraceae native to the eastern North America

Golden Gate Bridge

Is the golden gate bridge a wonder of the world?

Yes. The Golden Gate Bridge has been declared one of the modern Wonders of the World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Golden Gate Bridge

What is the Golden Gate Bridge made of?

Steel and concrete and is made out of 27 572 strands of wire on each cable NOT

Golden Gate Bridge

How much does the golden gate bridge weight?

about 30,000 lbs

Golden Gate Bridge

What would happen if the golden gate bridge collapsed?

Well it definatly wouldn't be good. All the cars on the bridge would have a chance of being crushed by falling supports, as for cyclists.........well I'm sure you can imagine. It would probably be featured on the news, blamed on another country, and be considered a national tragedy. People would grieve over the ones they've lost, and the survivors would probably be happy to just be alive.


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