Shawnee Indians

Considered by Algonquin nations to be Southern "cousins", Shawnee territories included Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Virginia and the Carolinas.

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Shawnee Indians

Living near the Shawnee and tuscarora in the southeast were the?

the Cherokee Indian tribe

Shawnee Indians

What does Shawnee mean?


Shawnee Indians

What food did the cahuilla Indians eat?

They ate acorns and rabbits using their good brains and their working skills to crack the acorn shell, smash the acorn shell, wash the acorn to wipe out the tanic acid, warm the acorns, and eat them. it takes a lot of hard work to smash 200 acorns and do the process every day!

Native American Languages
Shawnee Indians

What Indian tribe speaks Athabaskan language?

Navajos and the many Apache groups speak languages in the Athabascan family in the American Southwest.

Northern Athabascan languages are spoken by tribes in Alaska, Canada. There are also Athabascan languages spoken in Washington, Oregon and Northern California.

Here is a list of those languages by state or provence or territory.

  • Alaska: Ahtna, Deg Hit'an, Dena'ina/Tanaina, Gwich'in/Kutchin, Hän, Holikachuk, Koyukon, Lower Tanana, Middle Tanana, Tanacross, Upper Tanana, Upper Kuskokwim
  • Yukon Territory: Gwich'in/Kutchin, Hän, Kaska, Mountain, Tagish, Northern Tutchone, Southern Tutchone, Upper Tanana
  • Northwest Territories: Bearlake, Dëne Sųłiné/Chipewyan, Gwich'in, Hare, Mountain, Slavey, TłįchÇ« Yatʼìi/Dogrib
  • Nunavut: Dëne Sųłiné
  • British Columbia: Babine-Witsuwit'en, Bearlake, Beaver, Chilcotin, Dakelh/Carrier, Hare, Kaska, Mountain, Nicola, Sekani/Tsek'ene, Slavey, Tagish, Tahltan, Tsetsaut
  • Alberta: Beaver, Dëne Sųłiné, Slavey, Tsuut'ina/Sarcee
  • Saskatchewan: Dëne Sųłiné
  • Washington: Chilcotin, Kwalhioqua-Clatskanai (Willapa, Suwal), Nicola
  • Oregon: Applegate, Clatskanie, Galice, Rogue River (Chasta Costa, Euchre Creek, Tututni, Upper Coquille), Tolowa, Upper Umpqua
  • Northern California: Eel River, Hupa, Mattole-Bear River, Tolowa
Name Origins
Shawnee Indians

What is the Indian meaning for neosho?

In the Wazhazhe (Osage) language ne is the word for water (related to Lakota mni =water) and osho means clear, so "clear water".

Shawnee Indians

What did the Shawnee children wear?

the same thing as the adults

Indian Food
Shawnee Indians

What Indian food did the shawnees eat?

The Shawnee Indians ate soup, bread, and stew. But the men also hunted for deer and turkey and the women harvested corn and squash.

Shawnee Indians

What is the environment that an addict creates like?

It is a combination of heaven and hell. On the one hand, the alcoholic wants to make everything cheery. This is because he/she is in denial over the misery that he/she in, and also in denial over the misery caused to others. Because of this, the addict/alcoholic can be the most pleasant of people at times. On the other hand, when the pain inside comes out, there will be insults, lashing out, and maybe violence. The addict/alcoholic "needs" an enabler; that is, someone who will condone bad behavior in the hopes that the "potential" of the good behavior will win out. The proof is in the pudding: the enabler never wins this game, and the alcoholic takes full advantage.

Native American History
Shawnee Indians

Did paleo Indians live in wigwams?

Paleo Indiana's did not live in wigwams

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Native American History
Shawnee Indians
Chippewa Indians

Are there any living Quinnipiac Indians?

Yes there are many Quinnipiac living today, in spite of the oppression. See Wikipedia articles, " Quinnipiac: Population and Whereabouts Today" and "Quiripi language: Quiripi History and Culture Resources." Also see WE ARE STILL HERE! Thank you. Ruth Thunderhorse,

Native American History
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Shawnee Indians
Chippewa Indians

Are there any living Wompanoag Indians today?

About 3,000 Wampanoag survive (many of whose ancestry includes other tribes), and many live on the reservation (Watuppa Wampanoag Reservation) on Martha's Vineyard, in Dukes County. It is located in the town of Aquinnah (formerly known as Gay Head), at the extreme western part of the island. It has a land area of 1.952 km² (482.35 acres), and a 2000 census resident population of 91 persons. There are currently five organized groups of the Wampanoag: Assonet, Gay Head, Herring Pond, Mashpee and Namasket. All have applied for recognition by the government, but only the Gay Head Wampanoag still have a reservation on Martha's Vineyard. They received government recognition in 1987 from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. They currently have 1,000 registered members. Their reservation consists of 485 acres (approx. 2 km²) and is located on the outermost southwest part of the island. The official registered name is "Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head". The "Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe" consists of 1,200 registered members and owns many stores and museums. Since 1924 there has been a powwow every year at the beginning of July. The reservation is located near Mashpee on Cape Cod. After decades of legal disputes, the Mashpee Wampanoag obtained provisional recognition as an Indian tribe from the Bureau of Indian Affairs in April 2006, and then received official Federal recognition in February 2007.[citation needed] There is also still land which is owned separately by families and in common by Wampanoag descendants at both Chapaquddick and Christiantown, and they have also purchased land in Middleborough, Massachusetts to build a casino upon. In addition, a remnant of the Wampanoag reside on St. David Island, Bermuda. They are descendants of those sold overseas in the aftermath of King Philip's War by the Puritans. See "External Links" on article Metacomet.

Parenting and Children
Cherokee Indians
Shawnee Indians

What types of toys did children have in the nineteenth century?

  • The wealthier families during the 19th century had elaborate trains made out of wood and metal and the dolls would be usually from France and made out of porcelain with silk dresses and laces. Other toys that were elaborate were rocking horses, prams for dolls, etc. The middle class families gave their children toys made from wood; painted; the dolls were often made from straw and some with straw or cotton filled bodies with porcelain heads. Many children had elaborate to older sleds; played 'kick the can;' tag; sometimes went swimming (swung off a rope attached to a tree) and fishing.
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Shawnee Indians

Where did they use wigwams?

These two types served the purpose of being a permanent home in a community located close to hunting and agricultural tasks. Other similar structures served as sweat lodges and council chambers

All the buildings were made young tees bent to shape covered with woven mats of bark and grasses

The advantages and purposes were several:

  • the sweat lodges (like a steam bath) were used for treating diseases and injury
  • the council chamber was for the elders to meet
  • the wigwams and longhouses were a place to cook and sleep
  • men and women could perform there tasks like tool and clothing manufacture in comfort
  • the building served as a warm place to live in th cold weather
  • they also allowed the community to be together for singing and story telling
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Native American History
Shawnee Indians
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What did Cahuilla Indians eat?

they ate acorns,fish and deer the most important food is acorns

Shawnee Indians
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Is it sinful to make up data for school projects?

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Native American History
Shawnee Indians

What kind of house did Shawnee Indians live in?


Native American History
Shawnee Indians

Where did the shawnee tribe come from and hy did they move to Ohio?

I believe they moved because there was more food down in Ohio than where they were living.

Native American History
Shawnee Indians

Are the Shawnee tribe plains Indians?

The Shawnee were originally located in what is now Tennessee and West Virginia, moving west and north into the Ohio country and south-west Pennsylvania. At no time were they Plains Indians - they are classed as an Eastern Woodlands tribe speaking one of many Algonquian languages.

Native American History
Shawnee Indians

What was the climate like where the Shawnee tribe lived?

It was very hot and dry .

Shawnee Indians

What goods did the Shawnee Indians use for trade?

They traded furs,cloth,animal hides,bark,logs, and tobacco.

Shawnee Indians

What do Indian children call their parents?

I think they call them Amma and Appa but I'm not quite suree :/

Native American History
Shawnee Indians

What was the climate like for the Shawnee tribe?

The climate was warm in the summer and cold in the winter.

Shawnee Indians

What do Shawnee Indians trade?

gold for food

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Native American History
Shawnee Indians

Which discovery changed the lives of the early native Americans?

I'd like to say metal.

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Shawnee Indians

Who was the first president to be named a Rhodes scholar?

Bill Clinton was the first US president to be named a Rhodes scholar.


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