A winter sport utilizing a single wide board, snowboarding is often featured in extreme sports competitions. Many of the tricks are similar to those done by skateboarders and are quite spectacular.

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How much is a snowboard worth?

depends on the board some of the best brands of boards are Burton, forum, rome and maybe DC boards can be really expenzive some can be around 800 to 900 dollars the Burton boards are usually around 300-600 but can also get more expensive some used boards are good too you can some good deals on used ones but make sure there not junk

Depends on the snowboard brands. I heard angels and devils only $16, dont know if it is sale or what. Maybe branded boards ranges from $300 to $900. You can catch up some online store, they are sometimes offering promos and many board are sell on sale.


Is a salomon and k2 a good snowboard brand?

Yep. Well... Most of it. Generally in life, you get what you pay for. If you pay like $100 for the three B's (Board Boots 'n' Bindings) its probably gonna be kinda trashy. look up reviews on the boards/boots/bindings your interested in. Good luck!

Yes.. Both are good brands but both are kinda expensive. But I think it's more better to buy expensive brands than cheaper but trashy. I mean it's more better to buy a stuff quality wise than cheap but rubbishy.


Snowboarding wages how much do they make per year?

Well it is true that snowboarders make a lot of money each year. But is mainly come down to how much they make. They get their money from the competitions and their sponsers. If they win competitions, they get money and more sponsers. Snowboarding resorts get their money from the people that go and snowboard or ski there. If they have a good season, they get a lot of money and vice versa.

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Where did snowboarding make its Olympic debut?

Nagano, Japan


Can you use a skateboard rail for snowboarding?

Yes but you might want to wax down the rail to prevent getting scuffs on your board


What is a progressive sidecut on a snowboard?

The sidecut Radius of a snowboard is the measurement of how deeply or shallowly the boards cut is from the nose of the board to the waist (or middle of the board). This is what helps the board turn. The smaller the sidecut radius the tighter you will be able to turn. A board with a larger sidecut will make big arching turns. It is the radius of a circle that makes the hourglass shape of the snowboard. A progressive sidecut is slightly set back so a rider can ease into a turn at the contact point and get a powerful, snappy exit as the sidecut gets progressively deeper towards the tail. The sidecut there for would be reported as two numbers; A bigger number for the lead in radius and a smaller number for the exit radius.

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What are some examples of extreme winter sports?



Aerials Skiing


Freestyle Snowboarding

Ski racing

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What are older Liquid Snowboards worth?

I just bought a "Liquid 50" snowboard off a buddy. The board cost me 50$ with no bindings or boots.


Can you use a rocker snowboard on a mountain?

You could, but depending how big the rocker is and whether or not you have good edges on your board, it might not be as easy as a normal camber.


Why do people like snowboarding out of bounds?

Because when you snowboard out of bounds there is a sense of a challenge knowing that you do not know what there is out there and what sort of jumps and terrain there are.

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How do you test flexibility of a snowboard?

stand it straight up and down like a tree, hold the top and push on the middle


Who makes 5150 snow boards?

K2 makes 5150 snowboards


Are 5150 snowboards any good?

No, they're a decent board for beginners, but I wouldn't call it a good brand. If you're new to snowboarding I always suggest going used until you decide you're into the sport. You can get a used set up from a reputable brand for the same price or less than buying a "cheaper" brand new. Some good brands are Burton, Ride, Rome, Lib Technologies, Gnu, M3, Forum, and DC has also started making boards that are pretty nice. Along with Nitro, they used to make beginner boards but have upped their quality the past few years.

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What is the best stomp pad for a snowboard?

If you want a good stomp pad, get the Burton pad. Burton is very reliable and possibly the best brand of snowboards in the world. Its stomp pad has worked for me for 2 years, and it still has a lot of grip. You can't go wrong with a Burton stomp pad. However, there is a new stomp pad that is especially good for beginners called "Strap Pad," that is the only stomp pad that has a velcro strap that eases your ride on and off the chair lift. See It was considered one of the "Best New Products" at the 2009 SIA show.


What are the worst snowboard brandes?

morrow and firefly


Agree! Morrow and Firefly.

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Why do you go faster on ski's when you tuck yourself in?

The friction (the air going against you) is lessened


How old do you have to be to go snowboarding?

Generally, you can go snowboarding at ANY age. I see as young as 3 year olds zipping around on snowboards.

Most mtns actually alllow youngsters *under age 6* to ride/ski for free, with purchase of adult ticket.

It is up to the resort though for their own seperate age requirements, but according to the USASA, anyone from 3-103 can board!

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What do you wear under snow pants?

AnswerA base layer of thermal underwear, you can also wear a pair of light sweat pants that are not cotton.

Its best to not wear cotton next to your skin as cotton absorbs moisture and will not dry, so you will stay wet and cold all day.

You will no doubt get some wear on your knees and bum, I'd suspect?


Can you see through polarized snowboard goggles?

If there a good pair of polarized goggles you should only be able to see out of them and not be able to look into them

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What is Shaun White's eye color?

i think they might be hazel


I think it's light brown with a little bit of green.


How do you snowboard on flat ground?

If ur talking about backyard boarding or something like that just build a little ramp out of snow with a platform and have fun.


Where can you go snowboarding in Nevada?

You can snowboard on Mt. Rose, and Swaq Valley.


Can size 10 Burton boots fit in Burton medium bindings?

Yes. Medium boots will fit the same. But 11 size boots will not, I would go with large.


Do snowboards increase or decrease friction?

This question is unclear...let's assume you are comparing a snowboard to a pair of skis, the snowboard usually creates more friction. This is why you see snowboarders clomping along on flat sections, while a skier may glide right through the flat. When ridden specifically on edge, however, a single edge of a snowboard will create less friction than two long skis on edge. In this manner, snowboards can go from creating a lot of friction to almost instantly creating very little. Also, a snowboard ridden straight will create less friction than skis that are angled across the slope, as in a snowplow or a skidded turn. On the other hand, a snowboard turned across the fall line can create an incredible amount of friction, such as when a novice boarder turns the board sideways to go very slowly down a hill that exceeds their ability.

Also the wax on your board will change the amount of friction


Why people like snowboard?

Because it presents more of a challenge than Skiing, and it also looks cooler than skiing.

That's one opinion, but you can do jumps, grabs, and grinds on either. I like the woods so I snowboard because it bobs and weaves better (for me at least) and you're a lot less likely to slam into a tree.


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