Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

Blizzard's sci-fi strategy game Starcraft receives its sequel with Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty. The game features three rival factions: the terrans, the zerg, and the protoss. Wings of Liberty is the first of three planned StarCraft games, each offering a single-player campaign focused on one of the three races.The single-player campaign focuses on the terrans, led by Jim Raynor, in a story spanning 29 missions. Online support for up to eight players is offered through Blizzard's service. Also included in a built-in editor that lets players create custom maps with scripted events.

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Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

Why there is no Dark Archon in Starcraft 2?

Well the game itself is the first of a series of 3 so they have to save something for the 2 expansions that will be coming up soon. Actually, you have to combine several troops in sc. 2 but in sc. 1 there is, as you can see.

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

When i launch Starcraft 2 i cant see my mouse i can still highlight options but i can't see the cursor can some1 please tell me how to fix?

I had the same problem, turns out it was a problem with my text size (DPI). It was set to Large text, when I switched it to medium it worked. Hope this helps. Also, you can switch SC2 from Fullscreen mode to Windowed Fullscreen mode and the mouse will work again.

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

Does Starcraft 2 have a monthly fee?

No it does not. You have to pay for the game initially but after you purchase it there is no other fees. With the purchase of the game, you get all of its features including single-player as well as multi-player over

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

Can a mac play Starcraft 2 on ultra settings?

Yes, but it will be slow, and anyways, you dun need to play it at ultra

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

What mission is stank on in Starcraft 2?

It is in a Blizzard mod multiplayer map called Left 2 Die. You can download it by going on multiplayer and searching for "Left 2 Die".

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Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

Where can you buy a liberty bodice?

You can buy a Liberty Bodice from

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

How do you make locked alliances in the Starcraft 2 map editor?

I like trains

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

Which online shop to buy Starcraft 2 key?

I think fpsgames.c is good for you.I have ever bought some games key from there. A+++, Recommend you go there.

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

How do you broadcast a Starcraft 2 game?

It's not very hard. you just need a program to record what is on the screen and a mic to talk into... watch some games from Huskystarcraft, Hdstarcraft or psystarcraft...

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

How much will Starcraft II cost and where will you be able to get it?

u will be able to get it at gamestop and it is worth about $90 to $100

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

How do you make a character on Starcraft 2?

Starcraft 2 is an rts,not mmo,so you cant make your own character

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

Can you have more than one character profile in Starcraft 2?

Yes, but you have to buy additional copies of the game.

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Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

Is Starcraft the best game you have ever played you Love Starcraft?

i must say it is an awesome game you got if you have it but it is not the best sadly, im sorry but it still rocks and i think if you love or jsut like it you should still buy starcraft 2

yes, starcraft is probably my favorite game next to the elder scrolls 4 Oblivion, Halo 3, and Halo Wars(good substitute from starcraft when i feel like playing with my friends and it has way better graphics.) I can't wait for SC2. Coming out June 1'st or June 2cnd, though blizzards been working on it for 11 years now, so who knows.

I can almost agree with that. I have to say that SC brood war is the best game I have ever played. Anyone who likes RTS games should buy SC Battle Chest & SC 2 when it comes out. SC 2's graphics are beast.

Starcraft 2 is the BEST GAME ever made.

StarCraft is okay but StarCraft2 is even better with graphics and storyline

Starcraft 2 is a high tide strategic game where you build your own army and try to outgun ur enemy to win. So yah its a version of Halo Wars you could say but its better

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

Can Starcraft 2 be played on the Intel graphics HD 3000?

yes it can be played on any computer. if your computer is the intel graphics HD 3000 then you'll have HD graphics that's the only difference.

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

Can you play Starcraft 2 on a mac?

Yes I have one

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

When is Starcraft II coming out?

StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty was released on July 27, 2010. This wildly popular video game was expected to sell an estimated seven million copies, ranking among the top video games in history.

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

How do you play Starcraft 2 and how much does it cost?

You can purchase it everywhere, in store, online... for $60

You can start by playing Campaign which is very basic and it will show you step by step to play Starcraft 2 if you've never play the original one. Even if you did played the Starcraft Brood war, there is many thing you have to get use to. Then after that you can play VS AI and Challenge to build up your skill before get roll into the (you can sign up for free) to duel with people.


Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

How can you fix your Starcraft 2 stutter lag. whenever i play runling run my screen stutters every 5-7 secs. i never used to lag much until i got a runtime error when i was opening internet explorer?

as i said before, i am not sure but maybe you have an old computer. You might have barely enough memory space, or barely meet system requirments. I advise you check the requirments with your computer

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Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

Can you make trigger adjustments on a Marlin 30-30?

No, the triggers on 336 and other Marlin lever actions have no adjustments built in. Some gunsmiths and owners have worked over their triggers to make them better, but most just let them wear in. Aftermarket trigger springs, and mainspring kits are available from places like Wild West Guns, or Dave Clay, to make the trigger feel better. Sometimes this leads to lighter strikes, or misfires, so it's trial and error process. Hope this helps.

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

Can Windows XP handle Starcraft 2?

Yes they generally can However in some instances they can not it all depends on how much memory they have!

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Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

What is the release date for the video game Halo 3?

September 25th, 2007 [Released]

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Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

What is an Archon?

Archon: Greek word meaning 'ruler', although frequently encountered as the title of some specific public office. In some ancient Greek cities, the chief magistrates and the states were called Archons. In Athens, an archon was one of three offices that were filled by the aristocracy elections every 10 years.

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Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

Where could you find a code to make keys on a 1985 Cadillac Fleetwood since the manufacturer said the car is so old that they no longer carry the codes to make keys?

need locksmith for that , 270 705 1430 , i can talk u thru this or pay a locksmith their price for the work ...u got to have special tools for this job, by the time u buy the tools might as well have them do it

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

When will Starcraft 2 be out in stores?

July 27th 2010

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

What is starcraft 2?

AnswerStarcraft II is the sequel to the popular Real-Time Strategy game created by Blizzard Entertainment. There will be many new units and some old units with some new tricks. The game will also continue the storyline left off in Broodwar.

The game will not come out in 2008, this has been confirmed by Blizzard.


Today is Jan. 12. 2010

And it's still not out >.>


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