Youth Olympic Games

The Youth Olympics is a competition of various sports disciplines for athletes ages of 14 to 18. Like the modern Olympics, there are both summer and winter disciplines. The first Summer Youth Olympics was held in 2010 and the first Winter Youth Olympics will be held in 2012.

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Where to download yog Olympics for minecraft?

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You can get the yog olympics map from the yogscast forum as I can't post the link here you will need to goto one of the yog olympics videos on the yogscast YouTube channel and click on the link in the description

What does yog logo mean?

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excellence, friendship,respect

What are the roles and responsibilities of an official in badminton?

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A badminton official must do or know the following:

  • Risk assessment of equipment for the safety of participants
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion
  • Must be fully qualified
  • Must know all the rules
  • Must be fair and non biased
  • Must have positive attitude and keep calm
  • Must stay for whole game
  • Stay focused and concentrate on game

Duties of the referee

1. Manages the match.

2. Heads the official of the game.

Duties of the empire (before the match)

1. Secures the score sheet from the head referee.

2. Sees that all materials needed for scoring are in order.

3. Inspects the posts, net and court.

4. Sees to it that the service judge and linesmen are doing their task.

5. Make sure that plenty of new shuttlecocks are at hands.

6. Reports to the head referee the infringements of the rules.

Duties of the empire (at the beginning of and during the game)

1. Make sure that the tossing of the coin is properly done.

2. Implements the rules without objection among the players.

3. Decides on objections and protests before the service.

4. Informs the players as well the spectators, about the progress of the game.

5. Places or removes officials upon consultation with the head office.

6. Abides by the decision of the service judge and linesmen.

7. Receives from the head referee the appeals and protests by either player or team.

Duty of the scorer

1. He records the points scored by each player and certifies the winner or loser of the game.

Duty of linesmen

1. They decide whether the shuttle fell inside or outside the court.

*note: always have a rulebook when officiating.

What standard Olympic events aren't in the Youth Olympics?

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The only sport which I'm sure is Baseball (the US lost to Mexico in pre-qualification). Which raises the question - is the rest of the World overtaking the US at Baseball? - come to that can anyone name the 75 nations on the five continents that are supposed to have nationally recognised leagues in order for it to become an Olympic sport or was it pressure from the US Basebase associations to include a sport they thought they would be guaranteed a medal at - if so it backfired big time in 2004?

What is a shot ball made of?

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A variety of materials are used to make a golf ball, and some are natural while others are synthetic. There is a lot of "technology" in the modern golf ball, and there are a variety of designs out there. Some have two layers, while others have three or four. The best idea is to use the links below to see a short video on how they are made, and this will probably answer most of your questions. Certainly trying to write out all of what you will see in the brief clips would be demanding, and since you can see it and hear it, we'll use that "shortcut" to an answer.


Where will the next YOG take place?

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Nanjing, China.

What is a global theme?

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A global theme is one that captures the whole world. It considers aspects from different countries and cultures and then incorporates them in one way or another.

Can yog give me Speech on Indian independence day?

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independence day is a day of celebrating our independence.

Who created Youth Olympic Games?

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the youth oympic game was created by d internation oympic comitee(IOC) president-jaques rogge in 2001,but was aproved by d member of d 119Th IOC in July 6, 2007.

What is kaal sarpa yog?

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Kal sarp yog has nothing to worry about It is a myth watch the video on kal sarap yog