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What is jainism?

Jainism is an ancient religion which emphasies that every soul is divine and has the potential to become God (Tirthankar). They believe that one must go through many cycles of ( Full Answer )
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When was Jainism founded?

jainism was founded by first thirthankar adinath (rishabdev) times immemorial. its very wrong to intrept that it was mahaveera. the fact is mahaveer was last thirthakar (24th) ( Full Answer )
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Who is the god of jainism?

The Jain conception of God is quite different from what others fell about the same. In one way there are 24 Jain Tirthankars (God) but there are many other Jain Gods also, w ( Full Answer )
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Why did jainism decline?

\nJainism believes in extremities in physical renunciation. It \nis not practically possible for a common man to take to \nsuch extreme austerity.\nPresent day Jainism is simi ( Full Answer )
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Where did jainism spread?

Though Jainism is practiced all over the world, it is mostly confined to the Indian subcontinent due to a variety of reasons.
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What do Jainisms eat?

Jainism thought is focused on nonviolence of all kinds. For this reason, all Jains are vegetarians. Jains are also prohibited from eating honey, alcohol, root vegetables, eggp ( Full Answer )
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What is asceticism in jainism?

asceticism is the self-denial. Jains believe in an ascetic life of denying physical pleasure, putting your body through rigorous exercise and meditation. Jains also vow non-in ( Full Answer )
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Is Jainism a chocolate?

Jainism is an Indian religion that prescribes a path of non-violence towards all living beings. So the principles of the Jainism may be considered as sweet as a chocolate bu ( Full Answer )
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Who find Jainism?

Jains do believe that there is no real founder of Jainism as it is an eternal religion. They have 24 tirthankaras of whom Lord Rishabha is considered to be the first one and i ( Full Answer )
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Where is jainism praticed?

Jainism is practiced all over the world, however, most of its followers reside in India