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Stage Names and Real Names

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Stage names are pseudonyms adapted by performers that choose not to use their real names.
actually its 1. Harold "Strap" Ducan 2.Donquez "Quez" Woods 3. Lakeem "Ali" Mattox
Dappy from N-Dubz's real name is Costadinos Contostavlos
Irwin Reyes Johnson
Rita Hayworth's maiden name was Margarita Carmen Cansino
Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr
Janelle Martinez and Jessica Martinez it was on the news.
Aunt Jemima is a fictional entity first used in 1889 by the Pearl Milling Company to sell pancake mix (the first ready-mix). Over the past 121 years, for advertising purposes, there have been three actresses hired to portray Aunt Jemima: Nancy Green, Anna Robinson, and the last, Aylene Lewis, who,...
Jennifer Lynn Lopez.
  A cool way to choose your stage name is to make your middle name your first name, and you street your last name. For example my middle name is Elizabeth and my street is rain so i could be Elizabeth Rain.
His full name was Martin Luther King Jr.
"Little Rascals" (1994):Travis Tedford as Spanky - "He-Man Women Hater's Club" presidentBug Hall as Alfalfa - Spanky's best friend and Darla's boyfriendKevin Jamal Woods as Stymie - club's vice-presidentJordan Warkol as Froggy (voice dubbed by E.G. Daily) - club member with a croaking voice and a...
The Wright brothers, are Orville (August 19, 1871 - January 30, 1948) and Wilbur (April 16, 1867 - May 30, 1912),
Rebecca Rolfe is what they gave her in England when she was taken  there
miss honeys real name is Embeth Davidtz
Shannon Claire Spruill is Daffney's real name.
Shekhinah alizah
Algernod Lanier Washington
Umaga's real name is Eddie Fatu.
Of course it is!! Atlaease that's what she told me!! I remember one day she told me (kan i telll u something) n i said sure!!! So she was like ok don't tell no body bt "my real name is mustach!!!!!!!! Wow i was amazed!!!!!!!! So ya i think it is....well im sure it iz!!
Former MLB player and current MLB manager Dusty Baker's real name is Johnny D. Baker.
Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter
Bruno - Asa Butterfield Shmuel - Jack Scanlon Gretel - Amber Beattie Ralf - David Thewlis Elsa - Vera Farmiga
no that is his actual name :) <3 :) <3
Aliaune Badara Akon Thiam
The real names of the Organization XIII members are: Xehanort; "Ansem" [used for the anagram] (Xemnas) Braig (Xigbar) Dilan (Xaldin) Even (Vexen) Aeleus (Lexaeus) Ienzo (Zexion) Isa (Saïx) Lea (Axel) Sora (Roxas) No.i [Number i] (Xion) Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia and Larxene are not listed...
You go to the EA locker and then MEDIA CENTER
nobody will know its a mystery i tryed it on google so i dont think you guys will get it
The undertakers name in real life is Mark William Calaway. Try wikipedia search on the superstar you wanna know their real name. Mark Henry's real name is just mark henry.
In the comedy film "Superbad", Christopher Mintz-Plasse plays the  part of "Fogell McLovin".
Woof, lily,Abba,Badger,and Bailey
yea it is atraya and she is the baddest. NO LIE
Katy perry ,lady gaga, chipmunk
To represent his American and Jamaican background.
Llandel Veguilla Malavé Salazar (Yandel) and Juan Luis Morera Luna (Wisin)
what's the real name of nilufer from ,,binbir gece"?
Sabertooh's real name is Victor Creed.
Aamir Khan - Aamir Hussain KhanAjay Devgan - Vishal DevganAjit - Hamid Ali KhanAkshay Kumar - Rajiv BhatiaAmitabh Bachchan - Amit SrivastavAshok Kumar - Kumud GangulyBobby Deol - Vijay Singh DeolDev Anand - Devdutt Pishorimal AnandDharmendra - Dharam Singh DeolDilip Kumar - Yusuf KhanGovinda -...
His real name is Saul Hudson
no it is not i checked at the website and her name is kesha rose sebert
Matisyahus real name is umm matisyahu duuuhhh dont play stupid
miley cyrus= miley stewart/hannah montanaemily osment= lily truscott/lola luftnagle (hannahs friend)mitchell musso=oliver oikenbilly ray cyrus= robby ray stewartmoises arias= riko (said- reecko)
Rodney Le Blanc
Edge- Adam Copeland Big show- Paul wright Cm punk- Phil Brooks HHH- Paul levesque Taker- mark callaway The Miz- mike mizanin R-truth- Ron killings John morrison- John hinnigan Rey mysterio- Oscar Gutierrez Christian- william reso Kane- Glenn Jacobs Wade Barrett- stu Bennett If u need...
Ally Barone (Madylin Sweeten) Michael Barone (Sullivan Sweeten)Geoffrey Barone (Sawyer Sweeten)
Born Macaulay Carson Culkin in August of 1980 in Manhattan, New York, USA, the actor is the nephew of Bonnie Bedelia. The impish rascal also studied ballet, in his youth.
Glenn Jacobs and Mark Calloway
his name is zac efron   he is so hot   i wat to kiss him   xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
The conker is the fruit of Aesculus hippocastanum the Horse Chestnut.
== Answer ==   According to her myspace profile it's not.
The word or name stonewall can refer to more than "Stonewall"  Jackson. It can also refer the the Stonewall Riots. This is badly  worded question, but the questions themselves apparently cannot be  edited.
James MaslowKendall SchmidtLogan HendersonCarlos Pena
There was a WWE Diva named Kaitlyn.
  There is probally someone with that name.
Earl Simmons
The role of Ben Cartwright was played by Lorne Greene.
yes it is because my moms name is blixy and she was named after a poem and a story named blixy
Ponyboy Curtis is his real name. The book says a couple of times that it says so on his birth certificate.
Their real names and ring names are as followed: (Left side is their ring names, right side is their real names) The Big Show - Paul Wight, Jr.Carlito - Carlos Colon, Jr.Chavo Guerrero - Salvador Guerrero IVChris Masters - Chris MordetzkyChristian - William ResoCody Rhodes - Cody RunnelsEvan Bourne...
Most people would say Jason whereas some would say Jay-see-on but Game himself pronounces it as Jason
There are too many to name.
Norville "Shaggy" RogersFredDaphineVelmaScoody Doo
aj styles real name is alen Jones and alex shelleys is patric
   The Real Names of   the People in “The Secret Annex”: Anne Frank, Otto Frank, Edith Frank, Margot   Frank, Hermann Van Pels, Auguste Van Pels, Peter Van Pels, and Fritz Pfeffer. 
Logan Henderson James Maslow Carlos Pena Kendall Schmidt
Andre Sutherland
  Bobby Beale   Played by Alex Francis   Christian Clarke   Played by John Partridge   Ian Beale   Played by Adam Woodyatt   Jane Beale   Played by Laurie Brett   Lucy Beale   Played by Melissa Suffield   Peter Beale   Played by Thomas Law   Branning Family  ...
He uses his own name.
Lady Gaga's stage name came from a old Queen song "Radio Gaga".
Mumzy Strangers real name is Muhammad Mumith Ahmed
Marshal Mathers
Roybn Rihanna Fenty
It depends on why you need it. Acting? Singing? Stripping? Performing magic tricks?
PrincessTard-Avia ButlerBabyTard-Emmie ButlerRockTard-Brock ButlerSonTard-Gavin ButlerI'm pretty sure their last name is Butler like Shay :)
The real names and nicknames of the main characters of the novel Holes are as follows: Stanley Yelnats, the main character (Caveman), Hector Zeroni (Zero), Rick (Zigzag), Jose (Magnet), Theodore (Armpit), Alan (Squid), Brian (Twitch), and Rex (X-Ray, Pig Latin for Rex).
Sontard: Gavin Princesstard: AviaBabytard: Emmi Rocktard: Brockthis show is so awesome i luv it and all the names r right they say it all the time in the videos watch them if u dont believe me
Saber toothed cats were a subfamily of cats called Machairodontinae. There were many species, and each one had its own scientific name. Some scientific names of saber toothed cats include Smilodon fatalis and Xenosmilus hodsonae.
name of skylar fratmen
Brie Bella - Brianna Garcia. Nikki Bella - Nicole Garcia.
sian is a real name! sian is a welsh name, it means Jane in English