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Cucumbers are a long, round, green seed vegetable. They are usually sliced and eaten raw or pickled.


147mg of potassium are in a cucumber.
Bettas are carnivores, though when starving, they have been known to eat plant roots, or other plant material. This is very bad for them, as their digestive system is not suited to digesting plant matter. It will clog up their system and kill them over time. Just go to walmart and shell out the $3...
32 calories are present in 2 cups of cucumber
  No, since their is no grain present in a cucumber.
It is widely accepted that cucumber is beneficial to the skin of the face. It is supposed to relieve puffiness around the eyes and reduce the appearance of 'dark' circles under the eyes. Other supposed effects are softer, smoother facial skin.
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  World record is 6'2" long.
Yes, they love vegetables, especially lettuce. Never, feed a rabbit lettuce. It can cause diarrhea and a disease that can kill them. Yes they love vegetables but you can't feed them certain things like lettuce. Cabbage can not be given in excess. It doesn't really have much nutritional value, though...
You should be worried about MSG (MSG; maltodextrin; autolyzed yeast extract; dextrose; caramel color; "natural flavor", etc) than how many calories are in a cup of cucumbers. Read more books and look up articles on MSG and just eat the cup of cucumbers. You'll be fine. Trust me.
Just like salt, to preserve meat, vinegar does the same to cucumbers.
To make pickles you wash small pickling type cucumbers, slice them  in spears, planks, or rings then place in a food safe container  (crock, large bowl, or food safe cooler), add pickling salt and  water for a period of time specified by the recipe. When cucumbers  are kept in this brine they...
Benefits are helps hair growth
Salade aux concombres
  NO NO NO - their stomachs can not handle it.
Yes, rabbits can happily eat the skin of cucumber although it should not be given in excess as it can cause gas.
yes they can, but dont try because they turn green and live till 92years of age.
yes! a lot of fish can eat cucumbers, they are a real treat for you vegetarian fish just be careful and make sure that you take out the seeds and cut them into small slices and your fish will love you.
There are many different variates of cucumbers that each take a different time to grow. As an average it can take from 45-70 days.
yes they can if small
A cucumber is the fruit of a vine which grows from the ground upwards, using any available support; cultivated plants are grown on trellises. The plant is from Asia, originating in India, where it has been cultivated for at least three millennia; it's believed the Romans introduced it to Europe. ...
In a "brine" that usually consists of vinegar, salt, water, but can  also contain garlic and if you want your pickles sweet, add sugar.  Proportions are kind of depending on your taste. I like mine like  Clausen, which is about 50/50 vinegar & water, lots of garlic  & heavy on the salt....
Since a cucumber is not in itself a measurement, it is impossible to know how many would make up a single cup.
Yes they can, give them small amounts - the little circles that people eat!My guinea loves it!
Depending on how much cucumber you'd like in your salad, you can  use anywhere from 8 to 15 cucumbers for a salad serving 30.
A pickling cucumber is a variety of cucumber that is smaller than the regular cucumbers you find at your local grocery store. When mature, they have smaller seeds, have thinner and lighter skins, and are often used to make whole pickles, therefore the name. Gherkins are immature pickling cucumbers...
Idle pickling size depends on the jar you are using for pickling. My grandmother (surely a pickling expert; she survived the Great Depression) says that for the best tasting results, they should be between 5 inches and 12 inches. Anything larger dilutes the flavor of herbs in the brine.
Yes, it is vegetable. It can be eat raw, but it belongs to vegetable, not fruit. Vegetable means an edible plant or part of a plant, but usually excludes seeds and most sweet fruit. This typically means the leaf, stem, or root of a plant. In broad terms, a fruit is a structure of a plant that...
There is 1 calorie in 1 average slice (0.25 or 7g) of cucumber without peel. Therefore, 10 calories in 10 average slices without peel.
Yes, but not a lothope i helped ;)
A pickle is a cucumber that has been cooked in vinegar. It is not salted, and once it cools down, it is packaged in a jar.
Whole pickles in about 2 week.
mix cucumber juice and water?You use real cucumbers
Deer generally do not eat fruit like cucumbers and becasue of their very complex stomachs should not eat any fruit that could ferment in their senstive digestive track. I suppose a very hungry deer might eat anything though.
In peeled there are: . Approx 6 calories in 2 oz of cucumber In unpeeled there are: . Approx 8 calories in 2 oz of cucumber.
Not really, cucumber is mostly water, when it freezes the ice crystals destroy the delicate cucumber cell walls, as it defrosts the cucumber turns into a green mush which you would not want to eat.
No, the ocean doesn't act like vinegar. -- Hey, but you can pickle in brine, too, which is salt water. So yes, it might.
Yes it can give you enerdy it gives you 175 energy
it kind of sours up as it grows and it get bumpier and a darker of a green.
No, it is a vegetable.
The cucumber is a tropical perennial in zones 10 and warmer. In colder zones, it is grown as an annual.
When peeled there are:approx 7 calories in half a cup of sliced cucumber.When unpeeled there are:approx 8 calories in one half cup of sliced cucumber.
After maybe 24hrs the cucumber slices would shrink and spring out water.
No it wont because a pickle is already cooked
4-6 days depends on temperature of ice box
Yes, it can be good for you.
There is 2 mg of sodium per 100 grams of cucumber
Yes. They, like watermelon, cantaloupe and others have a main stem  and 2 prominent leaves. They look identical till the fruit  develops.
the cucumber family
between a cucumber and what?
There will be less calories peeled, but more vitamins and nutrients with the skin on!
They can I think I'm almost certain they can
We get most of our pickles from India. There are only 3 big producers here in the United States
Yes, hermit crabs are scavengers and can eat all fruits, veggies, egg shell, egg yolk, egg white, SEA salted nuts, lean (not fatty) meats (NO seasoning), ect. . .do NOT feed your hermies human food like pizza, twinkies, table salted foods, seasonings like on meat, ect. . .
A Cumber is a vegtable
you can cut it into little chunks or bits
First, the cucumber needs washing to remove any pesticides that could harm your beardie. It should then be cut into small chunks, preferably with the skin removed. The chunks should be no bigger than the space between the beardies eyes. Sprinkle the cucumber with a calcium supplement if needed, if...
No, Cucumber is a dicot.
In peeled there are: . Approx 3 calories per ounce of cucumber In unpeeled there are: . Approx 4 calories per ounce of cucumber.
  Cucumbers and other melons contain a substance that causes flatulence.
NO. A pickle is a pickled cucumber. :Pso yeah. they are!Though technically anything that has been pickled (soaked in a brine or vinegar solution for long keeping) is a called a pickled.but in layman's terms a pickle is a cucumber.
Climbing beans are planted 6-8 seeds around each pole which are later thinned to 3-4 plants if using that method, and 8 inches apart in rows. Dwarf beans are planted 4-6 inches apart. Watermelons should be allowed 36 square feet in which to grow. Cucumbers need 4-6 feet each way.
courageous cucumber. super cucumber
Yes in fact they do XD I have an 3 month old hedgehog named qwillow but she doesnt like it :/ shes very picky.they likelettucecarrots but im not sure about cucumber. stick to lettuce and carrots and hedgehog food lol.
I have herd several times that there's 1g of fiber per cup
Cucumber seeds germinate in soil that is 70 to 85 degrees for proper germination, which occurs in a week to 10 days. Once sprouted, the young plant grows into a vine. There are varieties that will grow snake-like along the ground if not trained on a trellis.
The U.S. produces the most cucumbers! Well cucumbers originated in India. In United States Florida produces the most cucumbers.
The flowers may be male since cucumbers have sexual distinct flowers i.e. either male or female!Climatic or nutrient deficiencies can also result in flower abortion prior to or after pollination.
== Buy a fresh cucumber at your local supermarket ==== Slice it to how thick or thin you would like your cucumbers ==== take a air-tight container and put ALL the cucumbers in it ==== add water to the cucumbers ==== add some salt ==== add some vinegar ==== mix it then stick in fridge until chilled =...
You can sauté it and cook it in many other deliciously scrumptiousways You can cook cucumber like any other vegetable. I'm sharing onesuch recipe here for you: . Peel cucumber and cut into large chunks. . Heat oil in pan, add cumin seeds and curry leaves. . Once it start crackling, add cucumber...
Cucumbers are popular summer beauty products as well as diet.  Several qualities make them beneficial health wise.
    Cucumber comes from the Medieval French coucombre, in time derived from the latin word cucumer and cucumis.     Cucumer is the latin sub-word for Green (Cuc) Grower (Umer)
No, you do not have to soak it, but I would wash it. You can also grind a little in a blender with 1 tsp. fresh honey for a mask. The honey is a natural moisturizer and it is said to have healing properties.
Yes, most don't particularly like them though.
a pickle is a cucumber, but you can pickle anything. To pickle means to preserve.
Certain varieties of cucumbers have been bred specifically for use in pickling. By using these varieties, the home pickling enthusiast will end up with a crisper and more flavorful result. If growing cucumbers at home, be sure to select seeds that are labeled as "pickling" or "good for pickling" on...