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Pickles are foods that have been fermented in a brine of salts and vinegar. The most common pickle is made from cucumbers.
  == Answer ==   All you really need is a lot of dill weed.  Salt, pepper, garlic and onion powders can be obtained at the grocery stores.  I have found that dry dill weed actually does the trick quite well.
30 St Mary Axe, better known by its nickname Gherkin, is one of the most eye-catching buildings in London and it stands out prominently in the city's skyline. The Gherkin is one of several modern buildings that have been built over the years in a historic area of London.   Construction  ...
you can get some from hooters, just find one in maryland.
It is unknown why sandwiches are served with pickles. Some say that they are a good combination. Others say that they are clueless. It's just a matter of opinion.
Whether pickles will taste better to you if you eat them with ice cream depends purely on your personal taste. Many people wouldn't even consider trying the combination, others might try it out of curiosity, and others might think it sounds great. As always with flavours, as with other matters of...
Cheese is obviouisly not made of pickles. If it were it would taste sour. Cheese is actually made of milk and bacterial culture. Stilton cheese perhaps would be made with milk and a special kind of mold. They flip the cheese regularly to bring out the best flavour.
It is impossible to know, but one survey showed that 2 in 5 people  enjoyed pickles.
yes, pickles lower blood pressure. if you have high blood pressure consider eating pickles(in moderation!) if you have low blood pressure pickles will make it worse.
Yes, they have a lot of sodium.
You didn't specify dill, sweet, bread & butter, etc., but I'll answer for dill pickles, the most popular type of pickle, and probably the one you meant. Besides cucumbers (the main ingredient) all dill pickles have water, vinegar and salt as primary brine ingredients, as well as some form and...
They won't make you lose weight, but at 1 calorie per slice, they are an excellent snack to tide you over between meals.
Dill Pickles have 0 WW Points
yes if you leave it out for to long you need to refrigerate it.
A pickle is just a cucumber that has been pickled (put in a brine). Cucumbers are grown above ground.
Dill pickles are the best invention ever made! If you haven't tried one you should!
some do some don't
As many as you'd want as long as you don't have problems with salt, and don't eat too many tho because you may get diarrhea.
Pickle juice is vinegar and salt. It won't burn calories, but it will put you off your food, so it could function as an appetite suppressant. I wouldn't advise it, though. It might also make you throw up, which is unhealthy.
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I think pickles rule because they have such a distintive taste that you dont get very often, and a good crunch if you get the right kind.
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Only zombie pickles.
It Really depends on if you like cherries and pickles.
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They have pickle juice because they are just small cucumbers but they put them in juice for a long time and it makes pickles.
  niether they arent healthy for you but they would be the same as a cucomber if it was a fruit or vegtible
Yes, it totally relieves muscle cramps especially in your legs.
Ingredients:   2 1/4 lbs komenuka (rice bran)7 oz salt1000ml water2 togarashi (red hot pepper)2 tbsps karashi powder1 clove ginger1 clove garlic*some vegetable leaves, such as cabbages    Preparation:   Boil water in a large pan and dissolve salt in. Cool the salted water. Put nuka in...
take ragular pickles and take u w-one
Yes. Pickles are cucumbers and cucumbers are a vegetable.
there is no harm actually. it is just like giving a grown up pickle juice
Pickles are really cucumbers, and they are pickled because they are yummy that way.
no it is not if you have call 911 immediately
INGREDIENTS . About 4 large cucumber . 2 cups white vinegar . 6cups water . 1 tablespoon pickling spice . 1 1/2 tablespoons salt . 8 cloves garlic, peeled and halved . 8 sprigs fresh dill weed . pinch of white sugar http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How can you make pickles at home&action=edit ...
yes yes they are. I say they are OK once and a while, yet they are packed with salt.
picklobia, no its not that, its tristadekaphobia i know its long but that's it Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13 not pickles
yeah they are why do you think they crunch when you bite them. When they crunch they are saying bad words in pickle language, but to Americans it is a crunch. Pickles also crunch for many other reason. 1. they do not want to be eaten. 2. they don't want to be in the cucumber family.
You eat them as you would anything else, you put them into your mouth and chew them well. so put it in the mouth and start chewing. its not that hard.
No, it is placed in Acetic Acid... AKA Vinegar
delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! try one sometime. they are actually pickeled cucumbers.
Pickles are not grown, they are small cucumbers , that are canned in vinegar, salt and sugar and some spices, they sit for a few days, and then become pickles.
  Pickle digestion is a topic that has not been covered with much depth in the available literature. The following is based on extensive research I have conducted in my own lab that resides in my bathroom. Pickles are the most potent form on acidified phase-shifted cereal granulates derived from...
No, pickles are not fruity. Unless you have fruity pickles.
You put them in vinegar.
Pickled meat is meat that has been soaked in a vinegar solution long enough to preserve it and give it a pickled taste.
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Apparently, Mcdonald's put gherkins in their burger because their burgers contain so much sugar, if they didn't put the gherkins in the burgers, they would need to class them as desserts! Maybe this is the same reason everyone else puts gherkins in burgers!!
about .50 i guess :|
No, pickles are not on the food plan presented in Pounds & Inches (p. 30). Although they are cucumbers, it is thought by many that the sodium content is what prevents them from being allowed during the VLCD (very low calorie diet) phase of the HCG Protocol. They are allowed, however, on the...
All pickles need refrigeration, once the jar has been opened.
Well like any other people who like pickles, she likes them for their taste. When she was 10, during the summer all she ate was pickles and ice pops.
You will need:Three or four large dill pickles2 cups all purpose flourSalt (to taste)Pepper (if preferred)Cayenne pepperButtermilk or egg washTwo open top containers (I prefer pie plates for this)Paper towels.Place buttermilk (or egg wash) in one open top container. Reserve 1/2 cup flour. Place 1-1...
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Christina Pickles was born on February 17, 1935.
Christina Pickles is 82 years old (birthdate: February 17, 1935).
Normally at first they cause a stomach ache after that they can be digested by the digestive system ( recommended to take an antibiotic or ask the physict ).
sour crunchy juicy green stinks
Im no doctor...but I wouldnt. I mean that is really unhealthy. I'd stick with baby food.
They do. If they don't have dill in the brining liquid they are just plain "pickles".
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Cucumbers besides cucumbers, you can use carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, jalapeno peppers, asparagus, okra, pearl onion and in some fruits can be pickled as well
An even younger cucumber!
Yes they can. You could choke on one or be allergic to one
They don't...? Cause your weird. :P Your taste buds are probably screwed. What did you just eat? Did it burn your tongue?
  yes, watering normal day plants    
Yes if you leave claussen pickles out all night they are still good
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  Cuks are placed in a salt brine and spices until flavor is complete.   Bellringer500@yahoo.com
About 3 weeks-2 months depending on the type of pickle!
yes they are making pickles endangered
You will probably not die, but, if you drink a lot of it, you will probably have to go to the bathroom. Pickle juice can give you the runs.
Pickling is a process usually involving vinegar, salt and a variety  of spices. Typically you bring vinegar and spices (coriander,  mustard seed, sugar, dill seed, garlic, etc.) to a boil, place in  your cucumbers, then cover tightly and remove from the heat.  Thicker vegetables will take longer...
I think that pickles are a fruit. Because they have seeds.
  Try this link below, there are a lot of good recipes there.
That is an English word: Gherkins and cucumbers belong to the same species (Cucumis sativus), but are different cultivar groups. Saure Gurke Means pickle in German. Pickled gherkins are served to accompany other foods, often in sandwiches. They were associated with central European and European...
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