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Please include as many of these criteria as possible in your question to ensure an accurate evaluation of a coin: the denomination, the country of origin, the year of minting and the condition.
One Shilling GBP in 1752 had the purchasing power of about £5.86 GBP today. NOTE - This historical conversion is the result of many calculations and considerations for which I cannot take credit. The resulting answer should only be regarded as an approximation.
There was never a 1950 G US $100 bill. The highest series letter,which appears by the date, was E. The "G" is almost certainly theletter code for the Chicago Federal Reserve District thatdistributed the bill; that's not the same as the series letter. Check to see what letter is next to the date. It...
A 1889 penny - aka - Indian Head Cent - in good condition (G4) is worth: $2.00; if its mint state is MS60, the value is: $65.00.
Please don't assume that every US coin minted before 1965 containssilver. US nickels made from 1866 to mid-1942 and from 1946 to thepresent are made of a copper-nickel alloy. There's more information at the Related Question.
Abraham Lincoln was the first real person to be depicted on the U.S. cent. Previous issues of the cent portrayed Lady Liberty, even the Indian Head cent was actually Lady Liberty wearing an Indian headdress.
Walking Liberty half dollars in average circulated condition dated from 1940-1945 regardless of mint marks are valued the same at $8.00-$9.00 only coins with light wear have higher values.
3 to 7 cents in circulated grades. This is not a rare coin.
The Bank of Canada sold 40-note sheets of the 1973 1 Dollar bills in 1988 and 1989. In mint condition, they are worth $250-$300.
keep it, its made of more copper than modern pennies, so it'll be worth more than 1 cent. Yes, but ... Its metal value is only about 1.7¢ AND it's illegal to melt cents and nickels. It's actually worth a bit more as a collectible but 1948 is a common date for wheat cents. Please see the...
All current issue Riel notes are self-produced by the National Bank of Cambodia in Phnom Penh.
One Shilling GBP in 1774 had the purchasing power of about £4.50 GBP today. NOTE - This historical conversion is the result of many calculations and considerations for which I cannot take credit. The resulting answer should only be regarded as an approximation.
You need to provide to me the year the coin was minted as well as its mint state - upon receiving that info, I will be able to relay its value.
The U.S. Mint has never produced a circulating $2 coin. The closest thing to the $2 coin is the $2.50 Gold "Quarter Eagle" coins which were produced between 1796 and 1929. View the source link below to view the types of coins, pictures and statistics of every $2.50 US Gold coin minted in US...
worthless its not real gold has no value this was an easy anwer
Nickels only contained silver during WW2. All other dates are made of 75% copper and 25% nickel. See the Related Question for more information.
A 1885 penny - aka Indian Head Cent in good condition (G4) is worth: $6.00; if its mint state is MS60, the value rises to: $200.
$1. It would need to be VERY old (decades) and in excellent condition to be worth anything more than face value.
32mm and 36mm are popular sizes -- there are others
While it's not usual WikiAnswers policy to respond to a question with another question, simply ask yourself what large bird is the symbol of the United States?
Each nationality has different letters on their coins. What they mean is particlular to that country.
Answer . If it's genuine, its retail value would range from about $300 if very worn up to $850 if almost uncirculated. However, the market is being flooded with counterfeit pieces mostly from the Far East. You would need to have the coin examined in person and certified. . All genuine and many...
The P means it was minted at the Philadelphia mint and the S means San Francisco. D represents Denver, CC Carson City (Long since gone). The other active mint is in West Point, NY. Charlotte, NC; (C), Dahlonega, GA (D); and New Orleans, LA (O) are also long ago US mint locations.
mmm its around one hundred 80 dollars or a lil moree =)
That question covers about 80 different dates and mint marks so your best bet it to look at a site that lists current market values. There are 2 linked below.
The value is 5 cents and it has no silver in it.
The value of a framed butterfly collection varies with whatbutterflies are in the collection. The way the butterflies arecollected also affects the value of the collection.
That would be an almost impossible error. My suspicion is that your coin is damaged or altered. If it appears not to be altered if examined under a magnifying glass, you should have it inspected by an expert collector or dealer, but it's very unlikely to be real.
Current retail value is $1,330.00-$1,500.00 for a circulated example.
it's worth about $2 in uncirculated condition
An unworn Morgan weighs 26.7 gm and it's made of 90% silver.
Current US bills weigh 1 gram each so it's much easier to performthe basic computations in standard metric units, then convert to USpounds at the end. . Three million dollars requires 150,000 $20 bills. . That number would weigh 150,000 gm. . Move the decimal point 3 places to the left to convert...
The worth of a one dollar San Francisco Clearing House Certificatewill depend on condition. It can be worth between one dollar and100 dollars.
Lincoln is on the penny, Jefferson is on the nickel, FDR is on the dime, Washington is on the quarter and JFK is on the half-dollar. Also, every president will appear on a $1 coin in the next couple of years.
1943 was the only year the US struck steel Lincoln cents. Values for average coins is 5 cents
The value of a 1982 Mexican twenty dollar coin is $2. Mexicochanged the value of its currency from 1992 to 1993 and theexchange rate became a 1 to 1,000 exchange rate.
"PL" in coin grading means "prooflike". It is used to describe a coin that has mirror fields and fine details resembling a proof struck coin but is not a true proof.
It is believed that the United States was founded on the idea that all men are free to worship their God openly and freely. It was written that it is imperative that men recognize their creator. It is not in "our trust" that our government works or was founded. It is through our recognition and...
Umm, probably one dollar since there are no countries in Antarctica.
You don't give a denomination but the only 1969 coin that is above face value is the Kennedy half dollar, its 40% silver and worth about $2.00 just for the silver.
A 1885 dime - aka - Seated Liberty Dime - in MS60 condition is worth: $200.
It stands for the New Taiwan dollar.
As with most coins, the value depends on the condition. Most highly circulated 1884-O coins dollars are worth a little over the price of an ounce of silver (recently $17). If they are uncirculated dollars, they can be worh up to $250.
on the tails side it is a maori tiki and on the head sids it is queen elizabeth II
The value of silver varies from minute to minute since it depends upon the world demand. As of February 16, 2010 at 09:47 Eastern Standard Time in the USA, it is worth $15.78 in U.S. dollars.
It's an ordinary circulating $1 coin with no added value. To clear things up, it's brass rather than gold and the bird is aloon rather than a duck. It's very much like the US "golden dollar"coins except that it's in regular use because Canada got rid of its$1 bills in the late 1980s.
The coin is a common quarter so spend it.
Please post a new question in the Coins and Currency thread stating the coin's denomination. If it's not an American coin also include what country it is from.
There wasn't a 1945 5 SEN note, the nearest would be the 1944 issue which is worth $1.50 in uncirculated condition. The 1945 5 YEN note is worth $12-$50 depending on serial number prefix.
The volume of one million pennies is about the same as a refrigerator (see related links below). One million pennies weighs about 6,000 pounds. You can fit about 3,000 pennies in a 2-liter bottle . It would weight about 15 pounds, and it would be valued at $30.00. You would need 333 bottles...
Answer . These have been very popular items on eBay. The state quarters will the missing clad on the state side have been selling in the $300-$400 range, while the ones with the missing clad on the Washington side have been selling in the $200-$300 range.\n. \nHowever, you need to get it...
An Australian 1942 Halfpenny minted in Melbourne, has no mintmark. An Australian 1942 Halfpenny minted in Perth has a dot (.) after the (Y) in PENNY (PENNY.). An Australian 1942 Halfpenny minted in Bombay has an (I) below the King's head.
Warren Fisher signed three different issues of the English 10 Shilling note. In Extra Fine condition, they are worth between $450-$600. Due to their rarity, an Uncirculated example would be worth considerably more.
A British 1790 gold Guinea (Spade Guinea)(George III), circulated but still in good condition, might fetch anything from £250 to £825 GBP. The values quoted are the best possible for the best specimens in their grades, but may be significantly lower due to varying demand for the coin and...
The coin is probably not worth much more than its silver value (0.4546 troy ounces - worth US$15.64 at March 2, 2011's silver bullion value of US$34.40 per troy ounce) unless in Brilliant Uncirculated or Proof condition, and even then it seems unlikely you'd be offered more than about US$20.
Since 1966, Australia has used the Australian Dollar (AUD). There are 100 cents to the Dollar.
The only US coin dated 1984 with Lincoln on it is the 1 cent coin.
No, they are made from an alloy of nickel and brass.
The same as all other magician's coins - a couple of bucks to buy them in a novelty shop, but no value to coin collectors because they're fakes made by cutting apart 2 genuine coins and joining the 2 heads or 2 tails sides.
The Queens Head first appeared on British banknotes in 1959.
That was the last year for 40% silver half dollars. At present, it's worth about $4.
It would depend on the size of the pail.
It's not a coin. It's a commemorative medal or token. Unless it specifically states that it's made of silver and gives the weight in fractions of an ounce, it's not likely to be worth much. If it is silver, multiply the weight times the purity (usually shown as something like ".99" times the current...
No circulating British coin contains any precious metal. All British "silver" coins minted from 1947 onwards are made from a copper/nickel alloy, giving them a silver coloured appearance.
Between $2 and $40,depending on condition. Next time, if you include more information (the coin's approximate condition, if it is circulated or not, etc.) I can give you a more precise value.
The South Africam Mint Company (Pty) Ltd. is located at: Old Johannesburg Road Gateway Centurion South Africa GPS Co-ordinates: -25.915052 28.156929
For an accurate value, 1808 US large cents need to be seen but in general are valued at $67.00-$390.00 for coins that show a lot of wear. Better grade are $500.00 or more
A very good question. All key-date collectible coins have been counterfeited for many years, that's the simple answer. As to the most, all one & three dollar gold coins struck by the US have been counterfeited and all Trade Dollars also.
The U.S. didn't print any $1 bills with that date. Please check again and post a new question. If there is a small letter next to the date please include that in your posting.
Check that coin again. The SBA dollar wasn't first minted until 1979.
The 1977 Eisenhower dollar is NOT silver, the last 40% silver collectors coins of the series were the bicentennial coins. None of the Eisenhower dollars struck for general circulation have any silver or are worth more that face value.
Augustus Saint-Gaudens was known as the master of American sculpture.
The 1870 Philadelphia issue Double Eagle is scarce in all grades, retail value in VF-20 is $1,860.00 and over $5,000.00 in AU-55 if you actually have this coin I suggest have it graded by a grading service for authenticity.
The Bank of England is the sole issuing authority for the British Pound.
A mint condition, uncirculated example would be worth $5. In VERY Good condition, it would be worth $2.
The U.S. did not print any $2 bills with that date. Please check again and post a new question. Include the bill's seal color, and what letter (if any) is printed right next to the date..
Walking Liberty half dollars in average circulated condition dated from 1940-1945 regardless of mint marks are valued the same at $8.00-$9.00 only coins with light wear have higher values.
Roughly $14 to $20 depending on condition.
50 cents. It is very common and not made out of any precious metals.
The exact dates and origins of paper money aren't known but its use can be documented as far back as 1400 years ago in China. Money was first printed in 1690 in the United States of America.
For general circulation, 1964.
The 1,000 dollar bill was discontinued in 1964.
You are asking about a 1/2 Penny coin from British West AFrica (KM#18). The coin is made of Copper Nickel, measures 25.9mm in diameter (with a hole in the center), and weighs 5.66 grams. The obverse has a crown and denomination above the center hole and the denomination in Arabic below the hole. The...
A British 1875 Half-Sovereign, uncirculated and in absolute mint condition could fetch up to £350 GBP. If it has been circulated but still in good condition, it might fetch anything from £45 to £225 GBP. A reputable coin dealer will be able to give a more accurate valuation. NOTE - The...
It's worth five cents. Gold plating doesn't add any value.
The following list presumes GEM UNCIRCULATED, ie. it is not possible to have a coin in better condition.. In descending order of value -. 1930 - $250,000 AUD. 1920 - $22,500 AUD. 1925 - $18,000 AUD. 1918 - $7,500 AUD. 1914 - $6,000 AUD. 1915 - $6,000 AUD
The US 50 cent coin has JF Kennedy on it.